Meet Jen

"Over the course of my personal fitness journey and the DSC Women's Group Training, I have lost a total of 85lbs!  The results are evident throughout my every day. I am sometimes shocked at how strong I am and the things I’m able to do!" - Jennifer (Women's Group Member)

Meet Ron

"Right now I’m at a 30 pound loss and feeling really good.  I am stronger than I ever thought I would be!" - Ron (Adult Group Member) 

Meet Deb

"I have lost over 90lbs and over 30 inches and have gained more strength, stamina and confidence. This is what I have been looking for all these years!" - Deb (Women's Group Member)

Meet Beth

"I have lost over 30lbs and have gotten so much stronger!" - Beth (Adult Group Member)

Meet Barbara

"I can look in a mirror now and feel confident about how I look! With a combination of diet and exercise, I've lost 30 pounds and feel healthier and stronger than I have in years" - Barbara (Women's Group Member)

Meet Lisa

"As of today I have lost a total of 75 pounds! I feel stronger than I ever have and my energy is at an all time high. I am so happy with the results from working out at DSC!" - Lisa (Adult Group Member)

Meet Linda

"I’m already down nearly 50 pounds! " - Linda (Women's Group Member)

Meet Steve

 "I am in the best shape of my life at 45! After having three months off after my second hip replacement I weighed 252 pounds. After, three and a half months back at DSC I weighed in at 215 pounds so I lost 37 pounds after surgery." - Steve (Adult Group Member)

Meet Filomena

“I am 44 years old and I feel rejuvenated!  I have lost over 30lbs and have more energy and feel better than I did at 30.  DSC is my second home and I can’t imagine working out with anyone else!" - Filomena (Adult Group Member)

Meet Laura

"When I first started at DSC, I didn’t just step out of my comfort zone, I walked a mile out of it. I’ve gone from a size 12 to a size 8, and for the first time in a long time, feel so much better about the way I look and feel in my clothes." - Laura (Adult Group Member)

Meet Colleen

"I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight and feeling stronger and healthier than ever!" -Colleen (Adult Group Member)

Meet Karen

"DSC has been a life changer! I have gained so much strength!" - Karen (Adult Group Member)

Meet Claudette

"I can honestly say joining DSC was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself! I have lost the 20 pounds I put on 2 years ago!" - Claudette (Adult Group Member)

Meet Mike

"After four months at DSC I had my department physical. My blood pressure was back to my normal range around 116/70, pulse in the 50s,  and a huge drop in my cholesterol from 215 to 165. My only regret is not joining sooner!" - Mike (Adult Group Member)

Meet Kathleen

"In 10 months at Dynamic, I am down 51lbs and 4 pant sizes! I have more energy than I can ever remember having. I have come off of my high blood pressure medication and was told at my physical in June, I was in the best shape I have been in, in the past 20 years!" - Kathleen (Women's Group Member)

Meet Cheryl

"I just started my 8th month, I have lost close to 25 pounds and have gone down 2 pant sizes. The work I have put in has been paying off. My body and core strength has improved so much! I honestly just feel better physically and emotionally!" 
- Cheryl (Women's Group Member)

Meet Andrea

"After one class I knew that the Women's Group was the perfect group that was going to help me get fit and help me gain confidence and strength on my journey.
I am down 111 pounds!"
- Andrea (Women's Group Member)

Meet Justin

"Over the course of a year I have already shed 40 pounds!" - Justin (Adult Group Member)

Meet John

"I went for a physical and my Doc said about my blood pressure, “Whatever you’re doing, DON’T STOP!” I knew exactly what it was…DSC!"
  - John (Adult Group Member)

Meet Rachael

When I joined DSC almost 9 months ago, I was so nervous, to the point of almost not walking in because I was so scared of being judged. I kept thinking "what if I can't keep up or do what everyone else is doing?"  

I feel so accomplished and proud of myself after every DSC workout because I know I've worked my butt off and improved in some way, even if it's in a small way. I'm down 30 pounds and have lost countless inches too!" - Rachael (DSC Women's Group Member)

Meet Kelli

"My body has changed in so many ways. I feel better in my clothes and I feel stronger and more confident overall. I LOVE feeling strong, being strong!"
- Kelli (Adult Group Member)

Meet Jeff

"A 20 year old Army injury manifested itself requiring surgery. Five years and five surgeries later, I was 30lbs heavier and 5 years removed from working out. 

At the time, I felt depressed. I knew working out was a big part of my life and not being able to do so really brought me down. 

Since joining DSC I have lost 25 pounds and gained so much strength and endurance!"
- Jeff (Adult Group Member)

Meet Sara

"I had heard about DSC because I was friends with Matt from school but whenever I saw the posts he shared, I always thought there was no way I could do what "those people" were doing.
Fast forwarding to now, I go to DSC four times a week, have lost 35lbs, gone down pant sizes, gained muscle and I am the happiest I've been in a long time!"

- Sara (Adult Group Member)

Meet Priscilla

"I am down 20lbs in just 9-weeks! I am more determined than ever to be strong and build endurance through their guidance. 
My cholesterol is down 15 points, I am stronger and I am confident that this is where I belong!"
- Priscilla (Women's Group Member)

Meet Karin

"I am now 30 lbs. lighter, healthier, stronger, happier and more confident!"
- Karin (Adult Group Member)

Meet Christie

"I was definitely nervous for my first class without a doubt. I hadn’t worked out in over 2 years, was out of shape and had no idea what to expect.My second class, I was greeted by first name by every single trainer there.  I. WAS. HOOKED!
I am already down 15 pounds!"
- Christie (Adult Group Member)

Meet Kevin

"In 2013, I had multiple medical issues with the worst being a two level cervical fusion due to severe issues with my right arm.  For years following the surgery, I was going through various physical therapy routines and although I was getting better each year, I was not progressing enough to get back to some of my prior normal activities: golfing, hiking and backpacking. The inability to return to normal activity left me in a progressively worsening depressed state.

Matt, Renee,  Kurtis, Lucas, Tommy, and Chris will correct my form which is very important when you have major issues with your back like I do. Finally I've been able to get back to golfing and some of my other physical activities." - Kevin (Adult Group Training Member)

Meet Rebecca

I’ve lost 15lbs and have gained a whole heck of a lot of muscles! I have gone down 2 pants sizes and sometimes I even have to size up in shirts because of how big my biceps have gotten!
- Rebecca (Adult Group Member)

Meet Kelly

"At the age of 38, I'm in the best shape of my life! I am officially down 20 pounds from my highest weight and I’ve lost two dress sizes!"  - Kelly (Adult Group Member)

Meet Ross

"In six months I lost 30lbs! 
But I know I've gained some muscle weight. 
My overall body strength is as good as it's been since the military including areas I always neglected including legs (which i thought running took care of) and hips. 
Having toned up my legs and abs I learned that had significantly reduced my chronic lower back pain I've had the last few years due to being over weight." - Ross (Adult Group Member)

Meet Jeff

"The combination of awesome workouts and DSC's Nutrition Coaching Program I have crushed my 20lb weight-loss goal and have lost over 40lbs!" - Jeff (Adult Group Member)

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