Our COVID-19 Safety Guidelines and FAQ

Our mission here at DSC has always been to provide the most supportive and safe workout environment imaginable. 

Now more than ever, DSC is here to do just that as your safety is our number one priority. We’ve made some major updates to DSC, our policies, and our procedures to keep you as safe and comfortable as possible. We have heavily invested in better technology, equipment, and cleaning & sanitizing services. Today, we will be taking you through the exact steps we are taking to keep you, our community, and our employees safe and strong. We cannot wait to see you!

Part 1: Preparing For Your DSC class

Your safety starts well before you enter the gym at DSC. Because we are taking extra precautions for your safety, we are limiting the occupancy inside DSC well below the state guideline of 50%. This is to promote the ultimate level of safety, comfort, and social distancing. To ensure we have a safe number of DSC members in each class, we are going to have you schedule your classes ahead of time through the new DSC app.

Keep in mind that to enter DSC for a class, you must be pre-registered for that class through our app and have signed our new COVID-19 liability waiver.

Once you’ve scheduled your class, we ask you to arrive at DSC at least 10 minutes before your scheduled class time. During this time, your DSC staff will be hard at work cleaning your workout area and equipment in preparation for your arrival.

What should you be wearing?

You must wear a face covering into the gym and take it off once you’re in your personal workout pod.

Please be dressed ready to workout and kick butt!

Restroom use and safety.

Due to state guidelines, we will not be allowing any members at this time to bring bags into the gym. We also will not be allowing members to change in the restrooms or use the showers, until further notice. 

Restroom use will be available but we will only be allowing 2 members in the restroom at a time and social distancing must continue to be practiced. We do recommend if using the restroom is needed that you wear your face covering to, from, and while using the restrooms but this is not mandatory. 

Both restrooms will be equipped with touch-free soap, paper towel dispensers and faucets. 

If you do not want to touch the door handle, we’ve installed foot openers, at the bottom of the restrooms doors so you can open the door using your foot.

Members must wash their hands thoroughly, and use hand sanitizer once they return to the gym before returning to their pod. 

What do you need to bring into the gym?

First, make sure you have a mask. Everyone must be wearing a mask to enter DSC and our classes. The mask will be used to enter and exit DSC, as well as anytime you leave your workout pod to fill your water or use the restroom.

Pleas, ONLY bring your filled water bottle, a towel (optional), and small personal items such as your keys, phone and inhaler. No bags, food, or other personal items will be allowed.

Once you arrive at the gym 10 minutes before class, you can make your way to the side of the building and line up at a socially distanced cone or marker. If all spaces are taken, please wait patiently towards the back of the building for one to open, while maintaining social distance. As the person in front of you moves up a spot, you do the same, until you’re checked in.

On rainy days, you can wait in your car until you see the glass door open, which is your indication it is time for class check-in and entrance. 

From there, a DSC team member will be waiting for you at the garage door to check you in with the iPad and ask you your COVID-19 safety questions including:

  1. Acknowledging that you will practice social distancing with your fellow DSC members and staff inside DSC.

  2. Have you been tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 2 weeks?

  3. Have you had a fever or symptoms of COVID-19 such as sore throat, cough, or shortness of breath in the last 2 weeks?

If you answer yes to testing positive for COVID-19, you will be asked to refrain from coming to DSC for 14 days or until you test negative. If you have symptoms or a fever, you will be asked to head home and rest until you’re fever free for 3-days and symptom free.

Your (socially distanced) DSC personal workout pod

Your next step is to enter DSC, use our hand sanitizer and then you will be guided by your DSC team to your personal DSC workout pod. Your 4x7’ workout pod is specially designed for your safety and for some incredible summer DSC workouts! Between each workout pod is a 6+ foot buffer so you can workout in maximum social distance and comfort!

Your entire workout pod will have already been completely sanitized by your DSC team before you arrive but you will notice a personal bucket of disinfectant wipes just for you that you’re welcome to use. Keep any wipes you use with you as you will throw them out after class. Your pod will also be equipped with your personal mat that’s also been fully cleaned on both sides. 

Once you get to your pod we ask that you please stay there for the entirety of your class. Place your personal items like your water and keys in the corner of your pod and get excited! It’s time to start your class!

Part 2: Workout Format

Now it’s time for the fun to begin!

Your lead DSC coach will be on the microphone and start by leading you through our warm-up. As this happens, a DSC coach will be coming by to ask you what weight or med ball you would like for the workout if there is any involved. Our coaches will be wearing masks but will still be keeping their social distance from you.

Wearing new & clean gloves, they will retrieve the already fully sanitized weight, band, or med ball, and place it at the top of your workout pod.

Our coaches (your fitness tour guides) will then be coaching and motivating you through your entire workout from start to finish. In typical DSC fashion, it’s going to be a blast!

Social distance

We ask that all DSC members maintain a distance of 6 feet or more from everyone, including our DSC team, in and outside of the gym. 

Due to state guidelines and your safety, our workouts will start out at 40 minutes in length to give proper time to you, your DSC team, and professional cleaning services to get DSC clean and ready for the next class. With guidance from the state, we will be reassessing this length each week to increase class time as soon as appropriate. 

Once your class is done, you will clean all of your equipment using our CDC approved gym sanitizing wipes and leave your equipment in your pod as your coaches will be re-sanitizing your equipment and pod once you leave. Your coaches will then guide you out through the back garage door where you will dispose of your wipes and can use our hand sanitizer. 

Part 3: Equipment & Pod Cleaning

Here is how we will keep our equipment and pods safe, clean, and sanitized throughout the day:

  • All members will use hand sanitizer upon entering the gym

  • At the end of each class, members will fully wipe down all of the equipment they used using our CDC approved sanitizing wipes

  • Once members exit their class, your DSC team will then put on fresh gloves and disinfect all equipment and workout pod (turf and rubber floor) area using CDC approved disinfectant spray and paper towels and return the equipment to their rack

  • At the end of the night all equipment and pods will have an additional cleaning before being put back to their rack 

Part 4: Facility Cleaning & Improvements

Here is our daily facility cleaning improvements schedule:

  • Doubled the hours of professional restroom cleaning (added morning and afternoon shifts to professionally deep clean between classes)

  • Multiple daily deep cleanings of our break room and lobby

  • Deep cleanings of our restrooms 4x per day

  • Two full deep cleanings of our gym (late morning and evening)

  • Full cleaning of high-touch areas like door handles and countertops throughout the day

Here are additional cleaning and consulting services we’ve added:

  • Regular turf steam cleans

  • Regular rubber floor machine washes

  • Doubled the amount of hospital grade disinfectant fogging

  • Consulted with nurses, doctors, local police, disease prevention and control specialist, and the top fitness business consultant in the country, Thomas Plummer on our exact plans

Here are improvements we’ve made to the facility:

  • NEW! State of the art air purification system (kills COVID-19)

  • Entire facility fresh paint job

  • New restroom stalls

  • New restroom vanities and sinks

  • Touch-free restroom faucet

  • Touch-free gym sink faucet

  • 2 touch free water bottle filling stations

  • Touch-free door foot openers

  • Excess equipment moved out to make room for social distancing

  • New exercise mats

  • All equipment deep cleaned

  • Turf steam clean (x2)

  • Rubber floor machine clean (x2)

  • CDC approved gym and equipment fogging

Part 5: Employee Safety

Our coaches’ safety and health is a top priority. Keeping them safe, strong, healthy, and energized allows them to do what they do best and provide you with a world class workout experience.

Here is how we will keep our employees safe:

  • Daily temperature checks upon arrival

  • Daily acknowledgement they will practice the safety guidelines of the State of N.H and the steps of this DSC Safe and Strong Guideline 

  • Daily questionnaire asking:
    1) Have they been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19?
    2) Have they had a fever or felt feverish in the last 72 hours?
    3) Are they experiencing respiratory symptoms including runny nose, sore throat, cough, or shortness of breath.
    4) Are they experiencing any new muscle aches or chills?
    5) Have they experienced any change to their sense of smell or taste?

If they reply, “YES” to any of these questions, they will need to be symptom free for 10 days from their first symptom and fever free for at least 72 hours before returning to work.

  • PPE for coaching (coaches will wear masks throughout classes and use clean gloves to hand out equipment and clean)

  • Social distancing with staff and members

  • Proper hygiene: hand washing and sanitizing and not touching their face or eyes

Part 6: Moving Forward & Extra Precautions 

We certainly understand this is very different and feels a bit overwhelming but there is no better gym family and community to get through this like the DSC family. Once that first warm-up starts, and the music gets going you'll go back to that familiar DSC and the place you LOVE!

We are taking every precaution necessary to keep you all as safe and comfortable as possible and well on your way to reaching your fitness goals. We are going to take a week by week approach to this and make adjustments over time to improve all areas including your safety, experience, our classes schedule, class size, equipment use/variety and more. 

Thinking ahead we are already making plans for a potential second wave of COVID-19. Hopefully this will not occur, but we will be prepared.

Furthermore, if an outbreak of COVID-19 were to impact DSC and our community you will be notified immediately. From there, we will take all the steps necessary to get DSC closed down and fully cleaned from top to bottom. 

We will be reassessing all areas of DSC and your safety at the end of each week to see what adjustments we will make to improve and communicate those to you immediately. 


What do I need to wear to my DSC classes?

Come to DSC wearing your mask and be ready to workout in your workout clothes. At this time, no members are allowed to bring bags or a change of clothing inside DSC.

Can I use the restrooms at DSC?

Yes, we allow 2 members inside the restroom at a time. Our showers and changing rooms are not open at this time.

Are masks required inside DSC? Do I need to workout with a mask on?

Masks are required when entering, when outside of your workout pod. and exiting DSC. They are not required during your workouts as we keep all members socially distanced.

Is the gym and equipment cleaned between classes?

Yes. Between each class your DSC staff fully disinfects the facility, workout space, pods, and equipment in preparation for the next class. Two times per day, we do deep cleans of high-touch areas and the restrooms. 

If I travel outside of New England, do I need to self-quarantine for 2-weeks?

Yes, we ask that all members quarantine and avoid DSC for 2-weeks if you travel outside of New England. If you do travel, email us at Info@Dynamicsc.com and we will send over home workouts to complete during quarantine.

What steps will DSC take if an employee or member tests positive for COVID-19?

If a member or employee tests positive for COVID-19, we will complete a full cleaning and hospital grade sanitizing fogging of the entire facility. That member or employee will need to stay away from DSC for 2-weeks and need a negative COVID-19 test to return.

Will I be closer than 6 feet from other members or sharing equipment with other members?

No. We socially distance all members inside of DSC. You will have your own socially distanced pod and will have your own fully cleaned equipment to use. There will be no sharing of equipment with other members.

Disclaimer: These are unprecedented times and there is an adherent risk of contracting COVID-19 in public. At DSC, we have committed to going above and beyond the recommended COVID-19 safety protocols recommended by the NH Department of Health and Human Services and the CDC. In consulting with the NH Department of Health and Human Services, our practices comply and exceed the recommended guidelines. Therefore, please be advised that to protect the privacy of our members and employees, we will not notify all DSC members if we learn that an individual contracts COVID-19. 

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