Introducing DSC Strong

From day one here at DSC, our mission has been to provide the ultimate level of support and guidance when it comes to reaching your health and fitness goals. 

This rings true now more than ever.

Welcome to DSC STRONG

Your online fitness and nutrition coaching program and community. 

The past few months have been incredibly challenging on a number of fronts. COVID-19 came and completely turned our lives and daily routines upside down. We spent months in quarantine with the uncertainty of what was to come. This took its toll in many cases on both our physical and mental health. 

One thing we know is that our health is more important now than ever.

When we temporarily closed, we immediately shifted our programs online to support our members and their health with online home workouts, diet plan and meal plans, tips and coaching to make the most from home, and an awesome online community. 

What we found was that our members didn't just do well from home, they thrived.

Members like:

  • Tara who lost 30lbs during quarantine

  • Stephanie who lost 21lbs

  • RJ who lost 24lbs from home

  • Ally who drastically improved her workout consistency from home and lost 16lbs

Then there was the countless stories of DSC members who once thought they could never be consistent working out from home or motivated enough, ended up making DSC home workouts a regular part of their week. 

Their health improved. Their diet improved. Their energy improved and they made incredible progress towards their goals. They did it with the support of our coaches and amazing online DSC community. 

Right now we have an opportunity to turn our health around. It’s a great time to get into a consistent workout routine and build some lasting healthy habits. It’s time to feel better, gain energy, lose those unwanted pounds, and improve both our physical and mental health.

We understand many of you aren’t ready to get back into the gym. Many of you live with loved ones that are older or immunocompromised, therefore the timing to get back to public places isn’t right. 

DSC STRONG has your back and that is exactly why we’ve taken our widely successful program and made it 100% accessible online.

We exist to create the home fitness and nutrition environment you need to reach your health and fitness goals.

Our DSC STRONG mission is to provide you with the support, coaching, and community to help you get started and into the best shape of your life right from home!

DSC STRONG is built upon a few key elements:

1. Coaching

At the heart of DSC is our coaching. One thing we know about improving your health and fitness is that it can be incredibly challenging to do on your own. Our mission is to remove that challenge and make getting into the best shape of your life easier.

Think of our team as your health and fitness tour guides. We are here to support, guide, and motivate you, as well as hold you accountable throughout the process. We are going to meet you where you’re at and help you build some incredible fitness progress and lasting healthy nutritional habits. We are going to support you during tough days, keep you motivated, and push you to get better. 

2. Community

The research is very clear surrounding health and community. Those surrounded and supported by like-minded, positive people, thrive. They live longer, stronger, happier and healthier lives. 

This rings true when it comes to fitness success. We believe no one should have to do it alone. In fact, trying to get started on your own with improving your health, fitness and diet, rarely works. Instead, DSC STRONG is all about doing it together. And the research agrees. Studies across the country as well as countless accounts from DSC show your workout consistency, intensity, and motivation soar with the support and encouragement of your fellow members and coaches.

Now more than ever we need community. We need support and positivity. We are so excited to have you join our online STRONG community! We are in this together.

3. Progress & Results

The success of our program and members lies simply on progress. Here at DSC we believe small, manageable changes and wins add up to incredible results. That is what DSC STRONG is all about. 

Getting into the best shape of your life shouldn’t be overwhelming or frustrating. Our mission is to provide you with the simple, yet incredibly powerful skills and daily habits to create tremendous amounts of momentum. We’re going to help you continually move forward towards your health and fitness goals.

How exactly does DSC STRONG work?

We’ve taken the exact plan and coaching that has led to our biggest member transformations and brought it online, right to your home.

Checkout our top Women's and Men's transformations, HERE & HERE.

Everything you need to be successful in this program, from your home workouts, to your diet plan, to your weekly one-on-one nutrition coaching will be accessed at your convenience, 100% online.

Here's what to expect:

1. DSC Online Home Workouts

Get ready to transform. Our wildly popular fitness classes, that have made us the #1 gym in N.H are now available right from your living room. All you need to do is hit play and our coaches will guide you step-by-step through your entire workout. We will work on a variety of fitness areas like warm-ups, flexibility, core & total-body strength, and cardio. Get ready to sweat, shred fat, improve your fitness, and feel your best.

These workouts are perfect for all levels and require little to no equipment. We show the beginner, intermediate, and advanced version of each exercise and coach you how to work at your own pace. Do you have any past or current injuries, aches, or pains? We will also take you through the low-impact version of each movement and show you how to modify around areas like bad knees, backs, and or shoulders.

2. Diet Plan

Step one of your nutrition coaching is starting your DSC diet plan. 

Our mission is to make eating better, easier and sustainable. Your diet plan is going to teach you how to properly and consistently build balanced meals and snacks each day with healthy foods. Our balanced meal approach to eating helps you get enough of the foods (carbs, proteins, and fats) you need to burn fat, energize your day & workouts, and improve your health.

Get ready to learn exactly how to eat to reach your goals. You’re going to love the way you feel!

3. One-On-One Nutritional Coaching

Get ready to have a personal nutrition coach rooting you on, helping you eat better, and keeping you consistent. Think of your nutrition coach as your personal diet tour guide and support system. They will be working directly with you to create a customized plan to improve your diet and get you looking and feeling your best. 

Your nutrition coaches will check in with you weekly via email to see how you are doing and provide individual support, coaching, motivation, and accountability.

4. Weekly Nutrition and Fitness Guidance

Each week we will be providing nutritional guidance to help you make the very most of your DSC STRONG program. We will be emailing and using our private Facebook group to provide weekly diet tips, skills, and habits on various subjects like what to eat before your workouts, how to avoid overeating, proper hydration, cooking tips, and how to plan your meals in advance.

We will also be providing sample fat-loss meal plans to use as a guide for the week. It will include healthy recipes and ideas for building your balanced breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks.

5. Private Community Page

One of our member's favorite parts of our online program during quarantine was our private online community page where they could stay connected with their fellow members and coaches. We will use our community page to do the same and provide an awesome supportive place to answer questions and share ideas, recipes, educational webinars, accountability check-ins, motivation, and more! Your coaches and DSC STRONG community is here to support you, motivate you, and help you transform your health and fitness.

We cannot wait to have you join us!

Ready to get started with DSC STRONG?

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