Our 6-Week Fall Fitness
Challenge starts October 3rd!

Get motivated and into the BEST shape of your life in 6-weeks!

Our 6-Week Fall Fitness Challenge is perfect for 
beginners and 

✔️Unlimited Coach-Led Workouts (perfect for all levels)
✔️Healthy Eating Nutrition Guide

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With summer coming to an end, it's time to get into a consistent workout routine and feel your best!

...no more wondering how to get started

...no more wondering what to do for workouts

...no more wondering what to eat to and not to eat to lose weight

...no more holding on to that stubborn weight

Our coaches are here to guide you every step of the way.

Here's how our 6-Week Fitness Challenge works:

We've combined the three most important aspects of getting into the best shape of your life this fall:

1. Your Coach-Led Workouts

2. Your Nutrition Plan

3. Your Motivation

Let's get into it!

1| Unlimited Coach-Led Workouts

It's time to say good-bye to fitness frustration forever.

Over the course of your 6-Week Fall Fitness Challenge you will have unlimited access to our wildly popular DSC fitness classes. With close to 60 classes per week here at DSC, making time for your fitness has never been easier.

Get ready to sweat, burn calories, build strength, and have a blast!

The best part of your classes is that once you arrive at DSC or start your online class, there is no more thinking on your part. Our coaches are here to take you through every single step of your workout as we work on exercises to build total-body strength, burn calories, and improve your cardio. You're going to LOVE how you feel after each class!

Never done anything like this before? Perfect. Our friendly coaches will be working directly with you to meet you where you're at, slow things down, get comfortable at DSC, and improve your technique with each movement. There's no keeping up with anyone or any competition. Each workout is all about you!

Live too far from DSC? No problem! Our 6-Week Fall Fitness includes unlimited online home workouts for those that live too far from DSC or for those who's schedule doesn't allow them to get to DSC that day.

2| Your Nutrition Plan

The area that is going to have the biggest impact on your fat-loss and overall results will be your diet. Your diet refers to the foods you eat on a daily basis and how much of those foods you eat. Welcome to your 6-Week Challenge nutrition plan.

Over the course of the challenge, we are going to arm you with the most important diet habits during this program to get you looking and feeling your best. These habits include:

  • How to build balanced meals

  • Eating for fat-loss

  • Avoiding stress and late-night snacking

  • Meal prep and planning ahead

  • Grocery shopping 

  • Portion control

  • Hydration

  • How to eat before your workouts

  • Healthy snacking

3| Your Motivation and Results

One thing we hear from members before they join DSC is that they just couldn't seem to get or stay motivated. They'd try different forms of exercise, join various gyms and start a new diet, just to lose interest and quit a few weeks later.

They couldn't stay consistent or motivated long enough to see results.

Then they join DSC and everything changes. For the first time ever, they stop spinning their wheels, skipping workouts, or quitting altogether. They start to see and feel real changes. 

They become more motivated and disciplined than ever. That's where the real magic happens. And that is the mission of our 6-Week Fall Fitness Challenge.

Our challenge gets you motivated by:

1. Tracking your progress

A key ingredient in boosting motivation is tracking your progress. In fact, research shows you are 2x more likely to reach your goals when you track your progress.

Progress tracking keeps you consistent and helps you see the improvements you're making. This is HUGE for motivation and keeping you focused.

With our 6-Week Fall Fitness Challenge we will teach you exactly how to track your progress throughout the challenge.

We will start with baseline measurements you can do right from home that you can compare to once the challenge ends to see your amazing transformation.

Over the course of the program you will be tracking your progress around areas like how your clothes are fitting, improvement in your strength & fitness, your sleep, your daily energy, nutrition, and overall consistency.

2. Taking daily action

The BEST way to improve your motivation is to focus on taking ACTION.

What you will find is that action and doing even the smallest of things drives your motivation.

Our 6-Week Challenge provides you with incredibly simple, yet wildly effective action steps to take each day. These action steps move you each day closer to your goals and keep you both engaged and motivation.

We will be working on action steps like building balanced meals, drinking enough water, including protein in your meals, and exercising. 

3. Keeping you accountable

In the typical gym or at-home fitness experience, you're just a number. 

If you show-up, great. If not, does anyone care?

This lack of accountability is a major driver of inconsistency. There's no pull from any outside force to keep you on track and getting to your workouts.

Here at DSC, accountability is the name of the game for helping our members stay consistent. 

First, our group atmosphere keeps you coming back for more. There is certainly strength in numbers. And the research agrees. One study found that 95% of people who joined a group weight loss program finished the program compared to 70% of people who did it alone. The group atmosphere at DSC creates an incredible amount of community, camaraderie, and fun between you and the other members, leading to a massive increase in consistency.

Secondly, over the course of your program our coaches are your fitness support guides. We will be checking in with you to see how things are going, answer questions, provide coaching, and keep you on track.

When you combine fun coach-led workouts, an easy-to-follow nutrition plan, and 6-weeks of motivation, you get RESULTS!

Our 6-Week Fall Fitness Challenge starts October 3rd!

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How Our 6-Week Fall Fitness Challenge Works

We combined the aspects of DSC that have made our members so successful into 6-weeks of support, direction, fun, and results!

Coach-Led Workouts

Healthy Eating Nutrition Guide



Get into the best shape of your life in just 6 weeks!

Our 6-Week Fall Fitness Challenges starts October 3rd!

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