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Why All Women Should Focus on Core Strength

Over the years we've had the great pleasure of helping thousands of women get into a consistent workout routine and transform their health and fitness.

One of the key foundational areas of our program that has lead to such great success with our female members is developing core strength. Checkout out some of our incredible female transformations below!

Your core makes up the center of your total-body strength, fitness, and performance. Every movement you do and the efficiency of that movement starts at your core.

It covers all of your ab muscles as well as the muscles that run all the way from your shoulders to your hips. 

Today I am covering the huge role core strength plays in our lives and overall success with our fitness and results.

Hint: the stronger your core is, the better your workouts and results will be.

I've even included 20 awesome core exercises to complete right from home along with a sample core workout. 

Let's start with why you should focus on core strength.

Reason #1: Workout Performance

Ready to take your workouts and your results to the next level?

It all starts with the strength of your core and those core muscles that support your rib cage, shoulders, spine, and hips.

When we think about fitness, many of us think about the fundamental movements which produce the greatest returns on our results.

These are movements like squats, push-ups, lunges, planks, chin-ups, deadlifts, and burpees.

They allow you to use a great amount of resistance and all work through a large range of motion, helping you to burn calories, shred fat, and build strength.

If your core isn’t as strong as it needs to be though, your performance will suffer with all of these movements.

A strong core locks your spine and posture in place and allows you to use your large muscle groups like your lats, chest, shoulders, glutes, and quads.

As soon as your core cannot handle the stress of the exercise, you will start to compensate and get less out of the movement. 

Another great feature of improving your core strength is that it actually improves the range-of-motion at your hips and shoulders.

This means you will be able to get into better, stronger positions during your exercises. Also, larger ranges of motion during your exercises stress your muscles more, burning more calories and building more strength!

Simply put: If you want to improve your fitness and take that next step, strengthening your core is a must!

Reason #2: Injury Prevention

When new women join our program, we are sure to first talk about their injury history.

Most women come to us with a history of low-back pain.

We specifically design our program to combat this.

Something magical happens when we get our Women’s Group Members core’s stronger.

They start to move and feel so much better.

Most women come to us thinking their low-back is weak and that is why they’re having pain.

The truth in most cases is that their back has just been overloaded and is doing too much work because their abs and core aren’t strong enough.

Strengthening your core, especially your abs, will take pressure off your low back and actually improve your posture.

From a fitness standpoint as well - whether it’s running, weight training, cycling, or a combination, the stronger your core is, the less likely you are to get an injury.

The muscles of your core attach to your spine and hips.

Therefore the stronger those muscles are, the better they work to keep your spine in a safe position.

Think about picking up a heavy weight or bag off the floor.

When you pick the object up, your abs need to work to keep your low-back in a safe position.

If the object is too heavy, your back rounds as you lift the object and potential injury can occur.

Reason #3: Improved Activities of Daily Life

Think of your core as the foundation of your house.

The stronger the foundation is, the stronger the overall house is.

This strength is going to make your daily activities easier.

Picking up your groceries, your children or grandchildren -- easier.

Going up and down the stairs -- easier.

Doing yard work or even the laundry -- easier.

Not only will it be easier because you're stronger, you'll feel so much better doing it!

Let's get into our favorite exercises to strengthen your core and our sample core workouts.

First, click below to watch our video covering our 20 favorite core strengthening exercises to do from home.

Second, let's get into designing your core strengthening workout.

Beginners Ab Workout 

Complete each exercise for :20 and rest :40 before rotating to the next exercises. Complete each exercise in order and complete 3-4 rounds. 

  1. Front Plank (regular or modified)

  2. Side Plank (right side) (regular or modified)

  3. Side Plank (left side) (regular or modified)

  4. Dead-Bugs

Intermediate Ab Workout

Complete 10 reps of each exercise before moving right to the next exercise. Complete as many rounds of each exercise as possible.

  1. Elbow Touches (each side)

  2. Side Plank Oblique (right) 

  3. Side Plank Oblique (left)

  4. Jack-Hammer

  5. Straight Leg Sit-Up

Advanced Ab Workout

Complete each exercise for :40 and rest :20 between exercises. Complete 3-5 rounds.

  1. Seated Twist

  2. Sit-Through

  3. Plank Jacks

  4. Toe Touches

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