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What Women Are Saying About DSC's Jumpstart Program

Next week we will be kicking off our January 30-Day Jumpstart Program for Women.

This program is specifically designed to help women jumpstart their health and fitness and feel their best in 2020.

We have combined our Women's Group workouts and online nutritional guidance into one program just for you! 

We know you have big goals this year when it comes to your health, weight loss, and fitness and we're here to help you reach them!

Thinking about joining? 

Nervous or intimidated to get started?

You are not alone! 

We recently asked some of the women who joined our last Jumpstart Program about their experience with our program including:

  • Their goals in joining

  • The nerves they experienced before their first class

  • Their overall experience with our Jumpstart Program

  • Advice for those thinking of joining


Meet Emily - "Overall, this has been the BEST experience of my life!"

When I decided to join, my main goal was to drop weight and become healthier. I’m young and have not taken care of my body the way I should have. Simply put, my body hated me and I wasn’t very fond of it either. 

I needed to make a change and the typical gym wasn’t working so I put on my big girl pants and signed up. As most people are, I was initially very nervous to start a new thing and worried that this wouldn’t stick and I’d be a lost cause forever, but boy was I wrong. I didn’t know what to expect and I am so out of shape it isn’t funny. When you’re young, people expect you to be able to get out there and do things right away but that absolutely was not the case with me. 

Overall, this has been the BEST experience of my life! 

I’m learning self acceptance, confidence, and how to push myself when I didn’t think I could anymore. The workouts are easily adaptable for any ability level and the coaches are more than happy to change some things and show you how to properly do it. 

The coaches have been the best part of this journey though. They knew my name on day one and every day since then they have a smile on their face when they see me walk in for a workout. They’re always helping where they can and readily available to modify and assist. The coaches at DSC have set me up for success, continue to motivate me, and have this uncanny ability to build trust and rapport with everyone.

The nutritional guidance has been HUGE!

I was over eating, eating the completely WRONG foods and again, treating my body poorly. I’m learning how to give my body what it needs to thrive and forgoing the absolute agony of the stomach issues I’ve experienced in the past because of what I was putting in my body. Even if I don’t get a workout in and I’m just simply eating better, my day is 1000% better than when I was eating total and utter junk. 

As Nike wisely put it; JUST DO IT! 

It will be the best choice you’ve ever made. Don’t be too hard on yourself and expect not to modify for the first few weeks (or possibly months if you’re anything like me). If you’re interested in not just a physical change, but a mental one too, this is the place for you. It’s a commitment, that’s for sure, but it’s WORTH the commitment. You’re going to have days you don’t want to do it, but those are the days where you may need it the most. 

It’s been a month and I’ve already committed to doing this for six more months. I can already tell that it’s going to go way beyond that because this is a family that I want to be a part of. 

Meet Michelle - "I am just over the moon happy with the workouts and coaches!"

First, I can’t stop talking to anyone about this program!

My main goal in joining was to get support and help in regards to creating a consistent program for myself that could get me on the right path to better health after a tumultuous few years of medical issues. 

I wanted to start feeling better physically and mentally and needed to improve my overall health. 

I was completely nervous – took me months to finally walk in and try a class. Nervous because only “fit” people join gyms and my weaknesses would maybe not allow me to complete some of the workouts that were required, or at least that's what I thought.

I am just over the moon happy with the workouts and coaches! The support and encouragement no matter where you are in your exercise needs is so motivating. I am ready to start pushing myself more now that I am comfortable within the gym and with the compassionate coaches. In a 5 star rating, I give it “infinity stars”!

Join! Sign up! You won’t regret it. 

You have nothing to lose but fat and lots to gain – confidence, strength, courage, better health, and a happier mind!

Meet Brooke! - "I have lost 25lbs!"

I joined to lose weight and because I wanted to get in shape so I could keep up and be more active with my family. I was very nervous to start. My husband started a couple weeks before me and couldn’t stop talking about it. I hadn’t seriously worked out since I was a teenager and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep up or I would look silly and uncoordinated.

After I emailed and said I would like to come in for my first class, I spoke with Sara on the phone and she talked me through the options. She explained what the Woman's Group was like and we thought it would be the best fit for me so I decided to try it. 

When I went in for my first class I was so nervous… actually terrified, but I pushed myself to just try it. After about 10 minutes I had met all the coaches and they made me feel so welcome and included. I have learned correct form for so many exercises I wouldn’t have even attempted by myself at a “regular” gym. I love how positive and upbeat and genuine all the DSC employees are. I feel like they really care and want you to succeed. The workouts can all be scaled back and no one makes you feel bad if you can’t do the hardest version on any exercise, they just help you master the one your currently at and encourage you to keep pushing.

I've lost 25lbs in 7 months, and I feel really proud of the strength and endurance I have gained since starting! I wasn’t able to do one full modified pushup when I started and now I can do multiple “real” pushups in a row. I've been able to hike a few mountains with my family and went on a 35 mile bike ride in October.

So just try it! People are at all different levels and everyone is rooting for you to succeed there. Even if you're nervous, just try one class and you’ll be hooked!

Meet Brenda - "I was totally nervous to start...Now I enjoy it so much, I signed up for the next 6-months!"

In joining DSC's Jumpstart Program I wanted to get back into shape, and starting a fitness routine with all women was something that really interested me. 

I was totally nervous to start, as I had no idea what to expect. 

I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of already really in shape people, but it was nothing like that I came to find out.

The workouts are killer, but you go at your own pace. 

The coaches are right there at all times coaching you, asking how you are doing and making sure your form is correct. After all, if your form isn’t correct, you are not getting the benefit of the workout. This guidance is exactly what I was looking for!

The coaches are one of the reasons I signed up again. They are totally there to help you and make you feel like you can do anything.  

Just stick with it. I really have enjoyed the entire experience! In fact, I enjoyed it so much, I signed on for the next 6-months! 

Meet Deana - "What’s amazing about DSC is the quality, care and encouragement you receive from your coaches in each and every class."

My goals for starting DSC were to get in better shape and stay consistent with my workout plan. When working out at other gyms, I didn’t push myself and didn’t know the right exercises to be doing so it was easy for me to fall out of routine from going. At DSC it’s totally different from any other gym I have gone to. The coaches are amazing and keep me motivated through my workouts. Keeping consistency isn’t an issue for me because the DSC environment and energy is so positive it makes working out fun and something I look forward to.

When starting DSC I was nervous about being so out of shape that I wouldn’t be able to keep up and didn’t want to stand out. I was at ease immediately when DSC coaches Delaine and Renee came over to greet me before the class began. They were both so welcoming and encouraging and attentive to my workout  needs. 

What’s amazing about DSC is the quality, care and encouragement you receive from your coaches in each and every class.  

If you are thinking about joining DSC... DO IT!!! I wish I had joined earlier. 

The overall improvements physically and mentally for me took no time to notice. Joining DSC was the best thing I have done for myself in years! 

Meet Angela! - "I feel amazing and strong when I complete a class!"

My goals when walking in the door that first day were to lose weight, get into better shape and meet new people that wanted to do the same. I was very nervous walking in the first day as I wasn’t sure I was in shape enough to complete the class or keep up with everyone. 

Heck it took me weeks of talking to current members to convince myself just to start. I have been going to a gym for years now where I was on my own and was bored. I had no idea what I was missing until I started at DSC. 

I have never loved working out as much as I did when I started at DSC. I feel amazing and strong when I complete a class, especially when the coaches “encourage” me to step up the weight. To be convinced you are capable of more and just lacking the confidence to try is amazing when you actually accomplish the goal. 

All of the coaches are super friendly and make sure you are doing the movements properly. You truly feel like you are part of a family when you become a member and that is a great feeling. Most of my classes have been with Renee or Delaine and they both make that extra effort to talk to everyone individually and you truly feel like you being there matters. 

I also love the knowledge I gained from being part of the nutrition program. I have learned so much and changed how I look at food. Just to know how little vegetables and protein I was eating changed my focus to how to get more in when I am hungry vs making bad decisions just to fill the void. It is truly amazing how you can notice a change in you digestion and how you feel when changing up what you are fueling your body with. 

I can and do recommend to anyone that will listen that this is where they need to be. My daughter is going to school for sports nutrition and exercises and eats very healthy and she jumps at the chance to take a class with mom and I love that we're able to share that. We can both come to the same class and each feel like we get a great workout in the ladies group. 

You just need to try one class and see what you are capable of. You just might surprise yourself. I know I did.

Meet Sheri - "It’s the PERFECT environment to start in!"

My goals were to lose weight and to get stronger. I was nervous to get started because of the “unknown” -- I didn’t know anyone in the group, I didn’t know if I could get through a session, I didn’t know if I would feel embarrassed, and I didn’t know if I could stick with it and feel good about myself. That all changed quickly! 

The coaches are terrific! All of them! They are supportive and they are always sure to check in with me about my form, whether I’m feeling okay/need a break, whether I need a modified exercise, whether I have what I need and to offer encouragement.  

The group itself is also fantastic. Everyone is very supportive and welcoming. I never feel as though anyone is watching me or judging me. Everyone in the group is in a different place in terms of how long they have been going to DSC and their fitness level, but no one forgets their journey and where they started. That is huge when you’re just getting started - being surrounded by women who share your journey and encourage you is a great reminder that we all start somewhere and we can definitely achieve our goals. If she can do it, I can do it!

It’s the PERFECT environment to start in, no matter how much you’ve worked out in the past or what type of workout you’ve done. It will be physically challenging, but it won’t be long before you’ll really notice an improvement and changes in how much you can do. It’s worth it!

Meet Casey! - "From the moment I walked in the door the first day everyone has been great!"

My goals for joining were to get healthier and stronger! DSC is definitely helping with that! Things may have fell by the wayside with holidays and young kiddos being home for a 2 week break. But I am definitely back at it! 

I was very nervous to start! I was afraid I wouldn’t know what to do and look foolish or that I wouldn’t be strong enough to do the workouts! Both of those things were 100% wrong! 

From the moment I walked in the door the first day everyone has been great! Both staff and fellow gym goers! The jumpstart was a great way to get me in the door and try it out for a month! I was hooked right way and signed up to continue coming. Everyone knew my name right way took their time to explain every workout. They took the time to answer any questions I had, they corrected form when needed. 

My only regret is that I creeped on DSC on instagram for about 6mo before joining. But I convinced my mom and sister to give it a go with me!  We are all so thankful that we finally came in we all love DSC!! 

Meet Kirsten! - "I’m stronger than I have ever been!"

I started in July of 2019 in the Women’s group. I was recovering from having my spine fused in 2018, and was nervous because I hadn’t been allowed to exercise to the level I had been used to for almost 2 years. DSC was a place I had always wanted to try, but was afraid to, as I was really intimidated. I didn’t think I could keep up! I’m usually exclusively a runner, but had always wanted to give DSC a try.

{as a aside note, I had finally gotten up the nerve to enroll in the fall of 2017.  I had won a free month, and could never use it because of my back injury and subsequent surgeries. Whah!} 

After I started, I was so happy I did. The staff was attentive to my restrictions, and checked in with me often to make sure my form was good and that I understood what I could and could not do. At times I was apprehensive, but everyone was so warm and welcoming-the coaches and the people! As I began feeling stronger, ALL of the coaches have been supportive and encouraging to help me challenge myself without hurting myself. Even now-over 6 month into going-coaches check in with me, make sure I’m feeling okay, and pushing me a little to do more. I’m stronger than I have ever been. I’m even doing an obstacle course race in January with some of the women I have met and made friends with through DSC. This is something I NEVER would have imagined myself doing 6 months ago.

If anyone is thinking about signing up, they should do it NOW! Honestly, it’s not just the workouts.This has become a place where I have met and made friends who I know I will be working out with, supporting, and socializing with for a very long time. The coaches aren’t just ‘coaches’.  They are great people too. The men and women that work out at DSC are also pretty amazing. When we call ourselves the DSC family, they REALLY mean it.

Meet Melissa! - "I absolutely love the coaches at DSC. They are so supportive of everyone's individual abilities."

At first, my short term goal was to establish a routine. I guess my long term goal is to reduce my cholesterol and increase my strength.

I was nervous to start. I was nervous because I had not worked out for 2 years. I was in a great routine, then then there was a staff change at my last gym. I was not comfortable with the instructor who took the class over so I left. Also for last for the last year I was dealing with a personal family crisis. I had to be everything for everyone and I lost sight of my own health, and my needs in the process. I have always been a people pleaser. I was definitely anxious that I would now have to say no to people so I could do something for myself! I will tell you saying no is so very liberating! 

I absolutely love the coaches at DSC. They are so supportive of everyone's individual abilities. They are always checking in to see how I am doing. They are super knowledgeable and explain everything as we go along. They also offer an alternative way to do an exercise based on your individual needs without judgment.

I really like that there is flexibility to pick and choose what women’s class times to attend. If I know I have a commitment on a Saturday I know I can get my workouts in during the multiple times that are offered  during the week. I also love working out with all women. It is definitely less intimidating working out with all women than in a mixed class. Although in the mixes classes the people are just as supportive, and challenging, but way less intimidating in the women’s class

Don’t hesitate to start and don’t be intimidated! This is the best gym family around, and it is a family.

Meet Pam! - "From day one I LOVED it!"

When I joined DSC I was looking for a way to get back to exercising and hopefully stay motivated enough to stick with it. I know that you can't out exercise a bad diet. I know what and how I'm suppose to eat but sometimes it's good to have reminders so that you can start over with better choices, so it was nice to have the nutrition piece in there too. 

Being an asthmatic and having some other minor health issues...along with recently turning 50...I was a little intimidated about starting a new concept with new people in a new space. I didn't know anyone who was going to the women's group so I was walking in on my own and just felt exposed and insecure. From day one I LOVED it! The trainers and staff were all very welcoming and the ladies in the group were, and continue to be, very supportive. The workouts change from day to day and month to month so I'm not bored with the routines and since the moves are always demonstrated, I always feel like I know what I'm doing. When I'm not doing things quite right though I have my trainers correcting my form and giving me tips.

I recently suffered a back injury and was unable to work out or even drive for extended periods of time without pain so I took a break. I could not wait to get cleared to come back! Since coming back I have been pushed where I need to be and my workouts have been modified to accommodate my injuries. I may not be doing all of the same things that my group is doing but I'm still getting a great workout and the support has been wonderful. I feel like the trainers take an interest in my well being and really care that I'm getting what I need out of the time spent in the gym. It's also nice to see my lady friends in the class and I love being able to cheer for them as they do for me. I would recommend anyone looking for a challenging workout done in a fun and supportive setting to try it out. You'll be greeted by name and made to feel like part of the group as soon as you step into the gym. This is the best gym I've been to and it just makes me feel so much better when I work out so that has kept me motivated to stick with it.

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