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What People Are Saying About Our Online Summer Ready Challenge

A few months ago, when DSC temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we shifted our entire fitness and nutrition coaching program online.

In the beginning there were certainly concerns that our members had.

What if they lose all the progress they made at DSC? How would they continue to workout from home? How would they stay motivated and accountable? Especially with summer coming, how would they continue to work towards their fitness goals?

Most members had zero experience with online home workouts and nutrition coaching before joining our Summer Ready Online Challenge. 

We are incredibly proud to say that our DSC members didn't skip a beat. 

Even though our facility was closed down and our members did not have access to our physical classes, in-person coaching, or equipment they, have been able to stay more committed to their goals than ever even from home!

One thing we know is that your and our member's lives, schedules, and routine was quickly turned upside down in a matter of days. Even with a new home routine and the unknown of the world, through the simplicity of our online challenge they been able to stay motivated and build a home fitness and nutrition routine. They have been able to stay motivated to improve their health and fitness, shred fat, build strength, and look and feel their best this summer. Many of our members are working out now more than ever. They are working out more, eating better, and losing more weight than ever in a situation they thought the opposite would have happened!

Next week we will be kicking off our 6-Week Summer Ready Challenge.

This program is specifically designed to help you get into the best shape of your life and summer ready in just 6-weeks...right from home. 

We have combined our DSC coach-led online workouts (perfect for all levels), easy to follow diet guide, fat-loss meal plans, and unlimited support into one program just for you! 

We know you have big goals this summer and beyond when it comes to your health, weight loss, and fitness and we're here to help you reach them! 

Thinking about joining? Nervous or intimidated to get started? Unsure if a home routine will work for you and your schedule?

You are not alone! 

We recently asked some of our members about their experience with our Summer Ready Challenge including:

  • How they felt about DSC temporarily closing and what concerns they had about an at-home program

  • Their overall experience with our Online Summer Ready Challenge

  • Their results since quarantine and joining our program

  • Advice for those thinking of joining

Lets get into it!

Meet Julie! "I am speechless when it comes to the online support DSC has offered!"

I am speechless when it comes to the online support DSC has offered! To have the COVID-19 outbreak cause DSC to close and a gym step up in so many ways was beyond anything I have ever seen with an immediate move to online offerings (and they are GREAT!)  I have found with the at home option, I actually work out more -- increasing from going to the gym 2x/week to 4-5 DSC workouts per week and then other exercises on the non-DSC days (yard work, walks). I will also say I love the flexibility of the at home as there are so many options and we can do them at whatever time works for us.

I love the nutrition piece and learning more about recipes and food alternatives. I personally am not a junk food or fast food person, but have my cheats like the rest. I find that living in "COVID" also keeps me from buying bad items at the limited grocery trips I make, so these are positives!  I do like wine a few times a week, so I like that DSC's approach is not stringent, but it's "grow to adapt to what works for you".  

The virtual family has also been a huge advantage. Life is so limited socially now. The DSC coaching emails all keep us united, supported, and not alone. We have a virtual camaraderie that is so important right now.

Thinking of joining? DO IT!  You will have no regret except for why you did not do it sooner. You will be supported and people (coaches and members) WANT you to succeed at whatever your definition of success or progress is. You are INSTANTLY part of a family. Not just in the word, but in its truth of what a family truly is. You really don't fully understand until you are part, but you will know it quickly.  

Meet Pam! "I am losing about 2lbs per week and down 15lbs overall!"

After coming back to the gym after my “gap year” I was a little nervous about going into an online program.  I was in a good groove being back at the gym 3X a week, looking to add a 4th day. Once it was decided the gym would be temporarily closed and move to an online format I was unsure about it all.

How will it work??  Workout in my home?? I have some gym equipment but not to the level we are accustomed to having there. And not see my gym crew for the push? There were many things going through my mind.

Instead of backing off I dug right in! I felt I owed it to myself to embrace it. I made the commitment to come back. I was not going to let this stop me. The support online has been amazing. Each day they push us just a little more. In addition to the workouts I have added trail running. This program pushed me out of my comfort zone in the best possible way!

I have consistently lost weight during the challenge! I am losing about 2lbs per week and down 15lbs overall! I took advantage of the online nutrition program as well.  It was a perfect bridge to keep my momentum going. This program is easy to follow and the support has been equally good. I encourage anyone who is thinking about it or unsure to just do it!!!

Meet Ian! "I have lost 17 pounds and this has been by far the healthiest 6 weeks I’ve ever had!!" 

The DSC Summer Ready Challenge is what really got me headed in the right direction. It is funny how just a little accountability can help get me going in the right direction. It wasn’t just the workout part though, the information on building a balanced meal is what helped me to start losing weight, which was my goal from the beginning. The constant motivation from coaches, both during workouts and their online interaction, builds a different type of “hey we’re all in this together” mentality.

I started to see and FEEL the results. I started losing weight, I was improving each week with my stamina during the workouts, and challenges at the end of each workout. I went from barely finding time for 2-3 workouts during the week before the shutdown, to doing at least 5 per week! That is what has kept me motivated, and feeling like I’m on the right track. I see the changes happening, and have a long way to go, but feel like I’m headed in the right direction!

Since we started these online workouts towards the end of March, I have lost 17 pounds and this has been by far the healthiest 6 weeks I’ve ever had!

Meet Tara! "I've lost 30lbs with DSC's Online Challenge!"

My overall online experience has been exceptional! When stay at home orders were issued, my work went from full-time in the office to full-time at home. I realized quickly that this would allow me a lot more flexibility and time to focus on me. I also knew that we had to find the silver linings in this COVID-19 situation and for me, it was the ability to have the flexibility of time to go all in on working out and nutrition - when would I have such a gift again?

I love all the online workouts! The coaches have a great way of talking you through each exercise so although I’m not with them in person, I’m still checking my form and making corrections when needed. The nutrition program was already largely online so the adjustment wasn’t as dramatic. However, the wealth of information that is shared through emails, videos, articles, etc was invaluable! But believe it or not, my favorite part was accountability days. DSC is ALWAYS in touch with us and that level of commitment from DSC automatically makes me put in a similar level of commitment to the program.

I have lost 30lbs with DSC's Online Challenge! 

I know I lost much more in inches but unfortunately I never did measurements when I started! However, my body is noticeably smaller. My clothes from last summer are loose, I’ve gone down 2 pants sizes and my double chin took a hike. I have a ways to go but I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

Advice: drop the excuses and try it. Trust me, I have a lot of reasons in the last 8 years why I should have stuck my head in a gallon of ice cream and never came up for air. But I told myself to try it for 30 days and I set a small goal for myself. I not only exceeded the goal but I fell in love with the program!

Meet Paul! "Once you join, I guarantee, it will change everything!"

When DSC closed, I anticipated spending this period of self-quarantine, working out on my own equipment in my basement.  But the past erratic results of working out on my own (e.g., lacking accountability, encouragement, education, proper exercise tactics) was a key reason for my joining DSC. I skipped the first week of DSC online, yet joined week two to check out what was happening. And I was impressed! It was a pleasant, yet surprising realization, to experience the impact and the power of DSC online workouts. While it was now virtual, the DSC family members weren’t working out alone after all. So, I was surprised that it was so energizing. 

The online support of the coaching staff has been nothing short of extraordinary. DSC has made it easy to set monthly goals with meaningful, challenging, yet achievable targets. The Online Challenge kept me motivated and focused to stay on track. It helped me keep my eye on the ball, the end game, staying attentive as I was competing with myself to own each workout. Because DSC incorporated a solid nutrition program, putting more attention on healthy eating habits is a strong complement to the conditioning program. 

The coaches provide important reminders throughout each workout, to breathe, how to breathe, to pace oneself, how to hold oneself during exercises, telling us where we should feel the tension, encouraging us to go at our own pace, periodically switching between aggressive and modified workouts, to drink 64 oz of water. As such, I often feel like I am actually onsite. The daily circuits are creative, seriously challenging and fun. The online exercise circuits are excellent, offering a whole-body workout. There is no skimping here.  I’ve been able to noticeably strengthen my arms, abs, back, legs, chest. I am stronger, built muscle, have more tone, and feel more confident than I expected at this point. My clothes are fitting better (even though I am mostly in gym clothes these days).

What would I say to anyone thinking of joining the online program? Honestly? I’d say, “what are you waiting for”? The most effective way to successfully manage change is to create the change you are looking for. Just do it. Try it. And do it now. The sooner you start with an honest, no bull program, the sooner you’ll be able to achieve your physical goals. Going into this summer, you’ll be healthier, feel better, look better, feel more confident and develop a more positive mindset. While things today seem so lout of our own control, owning your workout is something you do control. With DSC’s coaches (who really DO care) you have your trainer, your “Yoda” to motivate, inspire, support and encourage you. Once you join, I guarantee, it will change everything!

Meet Amy! "The online challenge and coaching has been nothing short of amazing!"

I am beyond amazed at the support and dedication of the DSC staff! Once I accepted that this closure was continuing, I realized that it would be best for me to continue working out first thing in the morning. Keeping this routine and schedule has been essential for me. While I don't wake up quite as early as I used to, I still get up by 5:30 and head to the basement to do the live workout from the day before. Starting my day with a workout, even at home, always puts me in a better mood for the day. Between working from home and remote learning for my boys, I know I need this hour for myself before anyone else in the house is awake. I have also been trying to walk a few miles most days as well, and I hope I can find time to continue this activity when life returns to "normal."

The online support from both the DSC coaches and the DSC family has just been terrific! We all want each other to succeed! I find myself commenting on the posts of other members, some of whom I've never met in person, and I receive the same on my posts. Before the closure, posting a selfie was not really my thing. But the encouragement and positive comments are so motivating that I keep doing it.

I have continued on my weight loss journey, and I have lost another 5 lbs or so since March. My energy for exercising remains high, and while I'm not really putting on "work clothes" much these days, overall I feel good!

To anyone thinking about joining the online program. The online challenge and coaching has been nothing short of amazing! People are blown away whenever I actually list all of the things that DSC has offered to its members during the closure.

Lastly, the best advice that I can offer is to just take life one day at a time, especially during this uncertainty. It is so easy to get overwhelmed and let your thoughts race if you start to think too far into the future. I know I am guilty of this. But when I stop and focus on, "What do I have on my plate today," I find myself calmer and more focused.  This includes exercise and nutrition. Thank you so much DSC for your constant presence and support!

Meet Vanessa! "Since quarantine, I have lost 15lbs! I feel more confident and have so much more energy!"

I was really nervous at first that I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to workout from home or even be motivated to try. The online classes that DSC has provided to keep us all crushing our goals and motivated have been amazing! The coaches do an incredible job with making you feel like you are right there with them! They go above and beyond to give tips for just some quick exercises or if anyone has any injuries. There are always modifications if you need them so that you can still keep moving no matter your circumstance!

At the very end of each workout the coaches put together a fun challenge that I believe helps you push yourself a bit more! It’s a great way to see what you can achieve after an amazing workout! 

I have also been following DSC nutritional program which has really help me start to hit my goals! This program is amazing with helping you see what you are actually fueling your body with to get you through the day. It’s really amazing to see what you are eating and how much. I have now found that I’m choosing much better options while still allowing myself to have food that I really enjoy just in moderation. 

The support at DSC is incredible! Each day I see myself being able to push harder and gain strength in each exercise! Since quarantine I have lost 15lbs with the help of continuing the workouts and tracking my food!! I reached my a goal of 20lbs and some more! Now working towards my next 20lbs! I feel more confident and have so much more energy! I’m down a pant/shirt size and love seeing the toning that’s happening!

Some advice I would give anyone wanting to join DSC online program is do it! It is a great way to see what this gym is all about and you won’t feel intimated by the workouts. The amazing thing about these workouts is that you don’t even need any weights to begin with. Just using your body weight will be enough for these classes and you will be leaving each class sweaty and feeling energized! There are plenty of modifications to keep you moving! That's the important part! No worries this program is for all levels and there is never any judgment! 

DSC is a family and community that you want to be a part of! There is so much good in all the members and coaches you will not be disappointed! Don’t hesitate and join this family today!!!

Meet Andrew! "DSC's Online Challenge is for all levels!"

To be honest I had my doubts at the beginning, but decided that this is the situation we are in and I’m gonna make the best of it! What DSC has put together online is nothing short of amazing. Week after week it’s been better than the last. The effort from all the other coaches to make the workouts fun and engaging keeps me motivated and wanting more! I love the variety of the workouts. 

Everyone at DSC, coaches and members have been so supportive. Coaches reaching out personally to see how you’re doing and offering their time to chat online is awesome. Since starting the online program I have been motivated to stay consistent and join a minimum of 4 workouts a week. (Most weeks 5 workouts) 

I have have recently lost 5-6 pounds but more importantly I’m down a pant size and feel great! 

Advice I would give someone thinking about joining the online program would simply be, give it shot! DSC’s Online Challenge is for all levels, it's fun, and makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something when you’re done! Thank you DSC!

Meet Karen! "DSC online is the magic of DSC without having to leave your home!"

My time at DSC is extremely important to me, and if anything threatens to prevent me from getting to the gym I panic! This is how I take care of myself; the only time of the day I devote only to me. It is my sanity and my health. Needless to say when it was looking like DSC would need to close due to COVID-19, I was heartbroken. I understood DSC absolutely needed to close, but what was I going to do? How would I stay in shape? How would I not lose the progress I had made to my physical fitness over the last 2 years? I need the community, the camaraderie and the coaching that DSC provides. 

Cue DSC Online Challenge! I have loved the online classes, they are challenging, fast paced and fun. Coupled with the social media interaction and support from the other members and coaches, I have stayed consistent in exercising daily. Not only do I feel like I’m maintaining my fitness level, but also continuing to progress. The challenges are exciting, and connect me to the other members and coaches through the friendly competition they bring with them. I’ve also benefitted significantly from the online nutrition coaching, which I had not had the opportunity to tackle prior. This has been helpful in keeping me focused on eating healthy and finding ways to incorporate that ever so important protein daily. I’m definitely more mindful of my eating habits throughout the day, which has helped keep me energetic and my workouts effective. 

Everything we know and love about the coaches is there, and their support keeps me coming back every day. Whether it’s a comment on a sweaty selfie, a motivational video, nutrition tips or movement breaks, I find the presence of all the coaches keeps me accountable. They are showing up for us, so I am showing up too. When I’ve reached out directly to any of the DSC coaches they respond to me right away and are always so helpful. It still feels like personal coaching, and they are there in the same way for ALL the members.

I am getting in more workouts than ever with DSC online. Typically I would get to the gym 3-4 mornings per week depending on my work schedule. Now I complete at least 5-6 DSC workouts per week since all I have to do is walk downstairs. I truly feel this consistence with exercise and diet has kept me healthy and full of energy through these trying times. While I can’t wait to be back in the gym, I also love the security of knowing if I can’t get to the gym I can do a home workout that is equally as challenging.

DSC online is the magic of DSC without having to leave your home. You can get in shape and stay in shape with minimal equipment and minimal disruption to your schedule. The workouts are as challenging as you want them to be, with plenty of guidance and instruction as you go. The coaches will keep you laughing, and keep you working hard. The second you start to feel fatigued somehow they will say… "I know you’re tired, don’t quit now, fight those demons…" and you’ll know you can finish! If you can find a little space, some weights and a youtube account…you’re in!

Meet Cathy! "Since quarantine started I have lost over 9lbs! I am working out more than ever! I have never felt or slept better and my arthritic knee is feeling great!"

I have LOVED the online workouts. Because of my life schedule getting to the gym has always been a challenge. When your husband travels and you have a 13 year old and your office is in Woburn, it doesn't leave much time for anything else. I have been able to get my workouts in at my time schedule. It's been wonderful and has given me the ability to workout more.

The support has been amazing!  All of us rallying together and saying good job to one another is great. 

Since the quarantine started I have lost just over 9lbs! I started the May nutrition program and in the 2 weeks, I have lost 4.6lbs. I am working out more than ever with the online program. I have never felt or slept better and my arthritic knee is feeling great. I contribute this to the workouts and the good foods I'm eating. I love cooking again. I'm not rushed. I'm making well balanced meals. Thinking about joining? DO IT!!!!!!!!! You would be crazy not to. The online workouts and challenge have been a lifesaver for me.

Meet Ally! "Since going online I have lost 16lbs! I feel stronger and healthier than I ever have before!"

My DSC experience online has been awesome. The workouts have been challenging and fun! I really enjoy the coaches doing the workouts with me. The coaches and the DSC Community page has really kept me motivated. Seeing everybody work so hard at home motivates me to work hard, too! I look forward to doing the videos at home and checking off my DSC Challenge calendar each day.

Most importantly my nutrition has changed drastically since going online. The nutrition calendars have been really been keeping me accountable. The nutrition program has taught be so much about how to build balanced meals and snacks and all about portion sizes! I learned so much about how to make healthier choices! I love to cook so the meal plans have also been really helpful!

Since going online I have lost 16 pounds! I moved up my weights during the workouts and can do most of the advanced exercises now! I also picked up other fitness habits like biking and yoga in my time at home. I feel stronger and healthier than I ever have before! The nutrition program has had the biggest impact on my results from home. The challenge calendar has also been great! Seeing it on my fridge every day reminds me of all the hard work I have put in!

My advice for those thinking of joining is to do it! Once you take that first step you won’t look back. I’ve tried a couple of other gyms before DSC. The community here is like no other out there!

Meet Jen! "Joining got me motivated! And I have not stopped... in fact, I have worked out more than ever before! I am seeing great results!"

At first, when I heard the gym would be closed, I became super worried about how I would maintain a workout routine on my own. The whole reason why I joined DSC was to have a group atmosphere because I do not do well exercising on my own. After the first week of procrastinating, I realized that I had worked too hard for 2 years to let it all go now. So, I put my mind to it and got to work.

I'm happy to say it's been great! By the time the program started, I was in a great mindset and was pumped! Drinking water has never been a strong suit of mine, but just knowing we were all working together on this goal gave me more incentive. At the end of the first week, my jeans were loose again, and I lost 1.2lbs, which is what DSC coaches said is a healthy weekly goal. I knew that the online support from DSC was going to be incredible; it was just a matter of me plugging in and keeping a routine. Joining got me motivated! And I have not fact, I have worked out more than ever before! 

I am astounded at how the DSC team has kept in touch with us; they haven't skipped a beat. I don't know too many other gyms that have provided their members with what DSC has provided us with. 

The most important goal I had for this time in quarantine was to NOT gain weight; I didn't necessarily aim to lose weight. Yet, with the increased frequency of workouts and the nutrition program added this month, I am seeing great results- more energy, looser clothes, and an incredible amount of sleep! Last week, I experienced a slight setback with meal planning after both parents were hospitalized, but I was determined to keep working out, even if I could only do a half hour at first. It's so important to me to stay health and strong during this pandemic so that I can be there for those who need me. DSC has helped me do just that!

Meet Ana! "The guidance and motivation from the coaches has been amazing and contagious!"

When DSC announced it was going to start online classes after closing due to the pandemic, I was happy to have some sort of organized exercise that I could follow at home but I have to admit I struggled to make it work and fit into my “new” routine at the beginning. I work in the Biotech/Pharma industry and it has been incredibly busy and once we were ordered to start working remotely in mid-March, it’s been even busier. My daily routine was to get on the computer first thing in the morning and work into the night without many breaks… just to keep up with all the emails. I could not figure out when to do the online classes, so for the first couple of weeks I did very little and my body suffered… the physical movement and mental refuge that I came to rely on for the last 4 years seemed impossible to grasp. 

I needed to find a new “balance”! I decided to block time in my calendar and schedule a 2-hour daily meeting from 8:30-10:30am and called it “Physical & Mental Strategy” and it’s been the best strategy ever!  A meeting I now look forward to every day.  I start my day with a sense of accomplishment and it sets the tone for the rest of the day. feeling better, less stressed, and sleeping better.

The structure of the online class is great with one coach doing the advanced versions and the other doing modified versions to fit everyone’s needs… brilliant! I love the humor (or when coach Kurtis screams really loud during his workouts) and the positive mindset of all the coaches. I enjoy hearing the coaches call out to members and motivating everyone to do their best and “keep moving” even when it gets hard… always emphasizing to do what “works for you”! It’s almost as if we are all together. The guidance and motivation from the coaches has been amazing and contagious!

Since starting online and getting into my new “routine”, I have been able to consistently join classes every day for over a month now. Something I’ve never been able to do before, with my work schedule. I really look forward to spending an hour with all of you, as I feel it brings some sort of normalcy, as well as much needed release to our daily routines that are not so normal anymore. 

I’ve created a new daily habit of prepping my breakfast the night before, so I can be sure it includes protein pre and post workout… something else that’s new for me. Beth and Matt’s nutrition coaching videos are pivotal for me. I learned so much and have so much more to learn. Although I consider myself a pretty healthy eater, I never paid attention to my protein intake… I’m definitely not getting enough, which I suspected but didn’t realize how deficient I have been. That night I was feeling pretty sore and tired and went to bed with a new resolve to start the following day with a new goal of getting more protein throughout the day, starting with breakfast. Well, to my surprise, that day I had a great workout and the soreness went away as the day went on and I felt really good at the end of the day. The only thing I could attribute it to is that I really focused on eating my recommended dose of protein 4 times that day and 64 oz of water. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy for me to make sure I get protein with every meal and snack but I am working on it. 

 I was already grateful for everything but the knowledge the coaches are sharing with each and every one of us so that we can feel more empowered, perform better and ultimately feel better is just a true testament to about each of you is all about and the DSC principle stands for!!!

I’m a big fan of DSC and talk about it every chance I get and even convinced my husband and daughter to join me in some of the workouts. The flexibility to do a class on your own time later when it’s more convenient is great. The coaches doing the entire workout along with us is so helpful and inspirational. If we forget or are having a hard time with an exercise, we can stop and watch and get back into it with the correct form. This is key! Being able to go at your own pace and fitness level is so helpful for us to not get discouraged and give up. The variety of exercises as well as the instructional guidance and modification provided every step of the way is unlike anything else out there. I’ve talked to a few friends whose gyms are offering something and it doesn’t even compare to what DSC has put together for its members. The level of support you get with DSC is unprecedented! DSC's Online Challenge is truly magical environment for members to succeed! It’s working wonders!  

Meet Angela! "Since I started the online workouts I’ve lost 9lbs and I can feel the difference in my clothes! I have more energy and I’m feeling more confident!"

Although I really couldn’t motivate myself to exercise at home prior to the stay-at-home orders, the structure of the online workouts actually has me looking forward to working out at home! The challenges really spur me on. I love a challenge and find the desire to attain the goals keeps me on track. And the members are encouraged to share our successes on the DSC Family page so we can cheer each other on. The April challenge included a nutrition ‘check’, which was a great start to paying attention to making good choices for meals and snacks. Adding the nutrition program to the May challenge really helps refine meals and snacks. I am sure the focus on the right percentage of carbs, fat, and protein is making a difference in my energy, strength, and is helping me make the right kind of progress with my weight/fat loss. 

The support from the DSC team is incredibly comprehensive. Each online workout always includes:

  • Coaches who are engaging and do all they can to make it fun, while also making sure we get a well-rounded workout

  • A demonstration of all of the versions/modifications of each exercise for a variety of options 

  • The option to follow a coach executing one of the advanced versions or one of the beginner/modified versions of each exercise – and reminders that we can switch back and forth and/or choose the version that works best depending on the exercise

  • Continuous check-ins to remind us to pay attention to proper form

  • A challenge at the end of each workout and inviting us to post a sweaty selfie on the DSC Family page, along with the results from the challenge. It’s so motivating and so much fun to get feedback from the coaches and fellow members

In addition to the workout videos, the supportive emails – mindset, demonstrating proper form for intricate exercises, movement breaks we can take during the day to take care of ourselves when we’ve been sitting too long, and 30 minute workouts in case we’re short on time - are also helping me take my workouts to the next level.

I am now consistently participating in the online workouts 4 times per week. All of the aspects of the challenge – fitness, nutrition, sleep, hydration – build upon each other and I’m sure the combination is what is helping me make progress so quickly. I find I’m willing to try a more advanced version of an exercise and it doesn’t take long to progress to that next level. I’m stronger – I’ve had to add more weight to weight-bearing exercises – and I feel more fit. Since I started the online workouts I’ve lost 9lbs and I can feel the difference in my clothes! I have more energy and I’m feeling more confident. 

My thoughts for anyone thinking about joining the online workouts: DSC is the most supportive environment you will ever find. The DSC team is dedicated to helping you with your specific goals. You can start from any level and know the team will help you progress at a proper and safe pace. You can reach out to them to ask questions or for guidance and know you will receive a prompt response. And, the members of the DSC Family are the best cheerleaders!

Meet Maggie! "I loved the structure! It kept me on track. I am down 15lbs since quarantine!"

My progress is keeping me on track. I am down 15lbs since quarantine! The real catalyst for "organizing" my workouts, food, and walking was the Challenge Calendar. I love that ! I put it on my fridge and started checking it off. I loved the structure, but was forgiving. It kept me on track and fed into my seriously competitive nature. I read when someone asks you what you did when the world stopped for Covid, be proud of your answer. It should not be that you binge watched Netflix, or maybe you don't have an  answer at all. Mine is getting fit. And, if I am being honest, I have been learning to bake. I know it is strange, but it has kept me on track, and taught me balance. I actually think that Covid has helped me stay on track. I can manage my time well. I can workouts on my time or one day behind, and it works. I also love having more options for food while I am home. In the past, I always said summer was harder for me. As a teachers, I am like pavlov's dogs, bell rings...snack....bell rings lunch etc. Summer has always been kind of a free for all for me. I think what I have learned will get me through summer without falling on old habits!"

Meet Terry! "I never would have believed I’d be working out 6 days a week. But here I am 61 years old and I am in the best shape of my life!"

My story is like all of yours. My daily routines have been disrupted as COVID-19 has entered our lives. I never realized how much I appreciated my “normal “ activities such as going to the store, visiting family, and just going out in public in general. One of those things I looked forward to most was going to DSC 9 am CO-ed class. This was my time to stay healthy and a place I have made great friendships.

I started my self-quarantine around the second week of March. I remember thinking I should stay home since I was supposed to leave for Key West for two months and thought I didn’t want to get sick before our much-needed getaway.  Then everything changed dramatically. Like most people, I think this was the beginning of an overwhelming period in my life. Started cleaning, packing (okay I was still hopeful we were going to the Keys ) and trying to keep busy during this time. One thing I was missing was the gym. Not only for my physical health but also my mental health.

When Matt started the online workouts, I was very excited. I felt this would be a great way for me to have part of my” normal“ routine back. I decided then I would MAKE myself do this every day. Much to my surprise, it didn’t feel like a “must-do” but something I really looked forward to participating in. To see Matt, Renee, Luke, Kurtis and the rest of the coaches was a big plus for me. I find these workouts to be an excellent way not only to stay in shape but to feel energized and motivated. I love that there are advanced versions and modified ones. I am able to bounce back and forth between the two just like before. They are always explaining the right techniques and it is very easy to follow along. I have some limitations and was struggling with a few of the exercises but a simple message to Matt and he gave me a list of things he knew I could do. The support of Matt and the other coaches makes it possible for me to continue on this journey. Having the ability to work out every day from my home has been such a blessing for me. I even look forward to the challenges every day.

An added bonus has been the nutrition program. Although I was working out my eating habits were suffering. I am not a cook but being stuck home I have had to adjust to that as well. Grocery delivery is a wonderful thing but to be honest buying “ comfort “ food was a big part of our grocery list. (My husband actually bought Twinkie’s! Which is actually pretty funny since I never bought that for my children and I am gluten-free.)  I have participated in the nutrition program before and found success in it. But the pandemic brought out my unhealthy eating habits. This program got me back to eating healthy and drinking water again. Reading all of your posts about the program, sharing your food ideas have also been so helpful.

The online program has helped me continue my journey of better health. I believe I am making progress and gains in my overall strength. I am feeling much more energetic. This program has allowed me to keep moving forward. I would encourage anyone who’s is struggling with working out at home just try it. I never would have believed I’d be working out 6 days a week. But here I am 61 years old and I am in the best shape of my life!

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Our 6-Week Online Summer Ready Challenge starts May 25th!

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