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What People Are Saying About Our 14-Day FREE Trial!

What we know is that most people are more ready and eager than ever to get into a consistent workout routine and feel their best.

We also know they have a variety of choices when it comes to their health and fitness routine.

That is why we are offering a FREE 14-day trial here at DSC. No commitment. 

After a long, stressful few years, you deserve the right amount of time to see if DSC is the right fit for you in helping you reach your goals and live your healthiest and happiest life possible.

To get you started, you can now try DSC and our award winning fitness classes, FREE for 14-days!

Ready for the support, guidance, and structure you need to get started seeing incredible results?

Ready to see what DSC (the #1 gym in NH) is all about?

To give you more insight into our trial, we asked people who've joined our 14-day trial about their experience, including:

  1. Their goals in joining our 14-day trial

  2. How they felt coming in for their first class and how their first class went

  3. Their overall experience at DSC


Meet John: "Trying DSC was the best decision I've made in years!"

After a hard few months of weight gain, enough was enough. I knew I needed to make a change but didn't know where to start.

A friend told me that DSC was offering a 14-day trial so I thought, "hey, it can't hurt", and signed up for my first class. I was worried about the fact that I hadn't worked out in years. Would I look silly? Could I even do it?

I was blown away by the amount of check-ins and coaching I got. I made it through the entire class with the help of DSC's coaches. 

If you're like me and ready to lose weight and get consistent, come to DSC! Trying DSC was the best decision I've made in years! 

Meet Suzanne: "The coaches at DSC are AMAZING!!"

My current fitness goals are to be healthy and be consistent with my workouts; I’m 56 years old and want to be able to keep going and be active! I liked the idea of a group class and the 14 day free trial period was a great opportunity to check it out!

I felt great coming in for the first class and the staff is amazing!  I had no concerns at all!

The coaches at DSC are AMAZING! They're always there to give modification suggestions. Their level of support and attention is just right.

Thinking of trying DSC's 14-day trial? DO IT!!!! It will challenge you!!!!

Meet Karen: "I was really nervous because it's been a long time since I had worked out! I now can't wait to go back!"

I was really nervous about joining Dynamic because it’s been a long time since I had worked out. 

I was surprised at how attentive the coaches were and how I was able to do the entire class despite being pretty out of shape. It was great having that support and I felt like I got a great workout in. 

Even more shocking is the fact that I now can’t wait to go back! I have also struggled with getting into a consistent routine and staying motivated so that's a great sign!

Also, I can't believe how clean the gym is and all of the measures they have taken to keep everyone safe! I really appreciate it!

Meet Martha: "The coaches were enormously helpful in guiding the best way for me, as a beginner, to get the most out of the workout without over doing it!"

Before joining DSC, I was in the worst shape of my life. I have always been an athlete but after having two kids, I had stopped focusing on myself. When I finally decided that it was time to do something, I started running and swimming, but there was still a huge gap in my fitness routine. I needed strength training, and I needed the guidance and support of others. I am less motivated when working out by myself. I need and thrive having others around, and I especially need the guidance of experienced coaches. They can put together a great and effective workout, so I don’t have to worry about what to do, just making it through and getting stronger.

I decided to try DSC because I had heard good things. I knew that they were much more engaged with people during each work out. They also offer such a flexible schedule that works well with my life. My goal during the first class was to see if I liked the environment, the workout itself, and try to determine if this was something I could commit to doing long term.

I was nervous coming in for the first class. Like I said, I am not in the best shape. I was worried the place was going to be full of fit and fabulous pros. I worried about judgement or if I would be able to keep up with the workout. My fears were quickly alleviated. I saw people of every stripe. I was personally welcomed. Everyone was so positive. And I was immediately reassured that this was not a test. I did not have to be perfect. The first accomplishment was just showing up and the coaches would help me through the rest. 

Not going to lie, the first class was hard. I still had the mindset of someone who used to work out - that I could do everything without restriction. I quickly, and with the coach’s gentle advice, realized that I needed to slow down and really focus on the moves, and do the workout effectively and safely. The coaches were enormously helpful in guiding the best way for me, as a beginner, to get the most out of the workout without over doing it. They warned me I would be sore, and I was. But it was a great way to get started, feel like progress had been made, while also avoiding injury. I left knowing I would be back for a second class.

The best part of the whole first day was that I felt personally welcomed and important for being there. There were 39 other people working out at the same time, and it seemed that, somehow, each person got individual attention and support from the coaches. I know that I got extra attention as the coaches walked me through the exercises and made sure I was working at an appropriate level for a beginner. The other thing that really stood out was the lack of judgement or negativity. People seemed to really enjoy being there regardless of ability or physicality. There was a sense of camaraderie and community. The coaches were always supportive and really helped make the experience great.

Don’t be afraid to take the step of trying. There is nothing to lose and, who knows, this might be the exact right thing at the exact right time that you need to really get moving and motivated. 

Meet Will: "If you're serious about a lifestyle change and putting in the work to get fit, DSC is the place!" 

Coming into DSC I was very impressed with the safety protocols. 

My first class was great! DSC is definitely the type of gym my wife and I were looking for. 

All of the coaches were extremely helpful and friendly and we very much like that they take the time to get to know us, remember our names, and push us to do better. I'm very impressed that they remember so many names, so definitely keep that up! It helps give the class an even more personal feel.

Just like everything else in life: "You get what you pay for". If you say it's too expensive and you go with a cheap other gym, don't complain when you're not happy, you don't use your membership, and you don't see results. If you're serious about lifestyle changing and putting in the work to get fit, DSC is the place. 

Meet Erin: "The coaches work with you one on one there to ensure you are doing the exercises right. They are just awesome."

I was looking for a strength and conditioning program for my daughter and came across this offer.  I figured I could use it too and signed us up. Seemed to fit what we both needed and we can use each other as motivation. My mom wanted to try too and now we all go together!

I was a little nervous to start as we didn’t know what to expect. The staff was great to hold us back and help us through it. 

If I could keep up was my only concern. Being an athlete all my life until I had kids, I was hoping I could keep up and not hurt myself. 

I LOVE how DSC how handles the safety aspect!

The first class went really well. The coaches are awesome! My daughter loved it as well and actually asked to go back. 

The coaches work with you one on one there to ensure you are doing the exercises right. They are just awesome.  They know their stuff and push us when we need it but hold us back so we don’t hurt ourselves. They have done an incredible job with my mom who needs a bit more one on one right now. She just loves going too! 

Come and give it a try, you don’t have to be athletic to do this program. We just love it!

Meet Michelle: "You gain energy, confidence, and the motivation to keep going!"

Like many of us, we want to lose weight, right? That’s exactly what I would like to achieve but I know that it’s not all in exercising, it’s also a lifestyle change.

DSC has a 14-day free trial with a lot to offer. I decided to take advantage of that to see if this is a good fit for me & my daughter.

I honestly felt pretty comfortable coming in and didn’t have a lot of concerns. DSC seems to have a great safety and cleaning system in place with our current situation. I have to say that DSC has their stuff together with following the proper guidelines.

My first class felt pretty intense but they have coaches that are walking around to make sure that you are doing the exercise the proper way. They are also there motivating you through the class!

We love that the coaches are there for you, making sure that you are working within your limits!

Interested? Do it! See if this is for you! What do you have to lose? You gain energy, confidence, & the motivation to keep going.

Meet Katie: "The first thing I noticed was how caring the staff are. DSC is an amazing atmosphere to workout in!"

I decided to give DSC a try because during quarantine my activity level went way down and I wanted to get back in shape. I would see my mom come home from DSC, sweaty but feeling great and I wanted the same thing. 

I was nervous going in for my first class as I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t sure if I could keep up with the class or if I would be able to figure out how to do certain exercises. 

The first thing I noticed was how caring the staff are. They walked me through what the day was going to look like and made me feel right at home. I have never gone to a gym that felt this welcoming and personal and it helped calm my nerves. 

During the workout, coaches came over and taught me how to do exercises and modified them so I would leave feeling good (but still a little sore of course!) I have gone back a few times now and the level of attention and support is still the same. I feel valued and appreciated when I go and I cannot speak higher about the coaches at DSC. 

If you are thinking about trying DSC, please do! I was nervous going into it but the coaches will walk you through everything you need to know. 

DSC is an amazing atmosphere to workout in and I’m sure you will feel right at home!

Meet Erica: "This was the best decision I've made!"

I rode the peloton 3-4x a week, tried Beachbody classes or Peloton app classes. While I still love the Peloton, I did find out I needed serious accountability and to leave my house to workout. I was taking short cuts or rescheduling my home workouts more than not.

A few friends of mine rave about DSC and I was curious what the hype was all about. My goals are to get stronger, in better shape, and finally do some real push-ups!

I was not nervous. Matt and Sara made me feel at home even from the email and telephone communications. Since I walked into the gym, I’ve never looked back. I feel like I’ve been there for years. Everyone is so friendly.

My first class went really well. A coach was there to modify and teach me the exercises one by one. I was welcomed by everyone. What stuck out was how every single coach has remembered my name and that makes me feel like I matter and my commitment and hard work are noticed.

Each of the coaches is welcoming and friendly. This is truly a no judgement zone. They check in on you more than once a class and I’ve even gotten follow up emails asking how I am feeling after a class. 

Do it! Leave all the fear at the door and you will never look back. You’ll wish you started yesterday! All levels of fitness are truly welcomed at this gym. This is the best decision I've made!

Meet Amanda: "It's completely normal to feel nervous trying something new, but you'll find DSC to be a super supportive environment and you'll love how you feel after your first class!"

I felt a little nervous but mostly excited coming in for my first class. Sara who runs the front desk was super friendly when I spoke to her about coming in, so that instantly put me at ease. The coaches I met over the first few days were welcoming and made sure I was comfortable with the workout. It's always challenging walking into a place where most people already know each other, but the coaches and members have been awesome!

Aside from feeling incredibly weak and out of shape, my first class was great! The workout was easy to understand and the coaches provided great instruction on each exercise. Coaches checked in frequently, provided tips and encouragement to help make it a great workout for me. Options for modifying exercises were provided, which was a great way to tailor the workout for different skill and fitness levels.

The coaches have been awesome. They're all friendly, upbeat and encouraging. I like how they float around the floor and check in regularly. They're available to answer questions, swap in different weights and provide instruction when needed. I love how great they are with remembering names and how they all seem to really enjoy working at DSC.

Thinking of trying DSC? Treat yo self! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying DSC! It's completely normal to feel nervous trying something new, but you'll find DSC to be a super supportive environment and you'll love how you feel after your first class.

Meet Jacki: "My first class was great! I signed up for a membership right after!"

My current fitness goals are losing fat, gaining muscle, getting stronger, looking and feeling better. I gave DSC a try after joining the online summer program during this shutdown. It seemed like a great way to push myself into a routine again!

I was nervous for my first class but the coaches helped me feel more comfortable pretty fast. I saw others in the class doing modifications too and that helped too!

My first class was great! I actually signed up for a membership right after! It was definitely tough, not being familiar with some exercises and being out of shape, but the atmosphere somehow makes the workout fun and helps keep you feeling motivated to try your best. 

The coaches are all awesome! Their level of help support and attention is spot on! From the amount they spent with me the first weeks to tapering it off if but they still see if I need guidance on an exercise and always help. 

My advice would be JUST TRY IT! There’s no way you’ll regret it!  You’ll be hooked from the first class just like me! :)

Meet Maddi: "The environment every coach has built in their classes is something I’ve never seen before. DSC is like a dream gym!"

My current fitness goals are centered around overall feeling healthy and feeling like an athlete again. 

I wanted to give DSC a try because I got to know so many people with very different fitness goals and fitness levels that raved about it. No matter who you are and what level you are at, you go there and rip it up with full support from both trainers and other participants. 

I was definitely scared of judgement from both the members and coaches at first (definitely thought I’d throw up), but when I got there I realized there was help from trainers that allowed newer people to participate to the fullest, with room to slow down without judgement, all while being BUILT UP just because we were new and had the courage to get in there. 

I really enjoyed the safety precautions taken by the gym. I wasn’t nervous at all to go because the team’s cleaning services make it extremely comfortable and safe for us in there. My first day was rowers and every time someone got off a rower, someone was there to clean it and prep it for the next person. Never half assed cleaning either. Full, purposeful, cleaning! Genuine care goes into it.

The coaches are amazing. Every one of them brings something new to the table which is wonderful. But one thing that never changes is the coaches integrity. Every single coach knows you have more in you. They try to push you out of your head to keep going to finish but they do it in a way where you feel like you can actually get there and get through it. They don’t put you down, they meet you where you’re at and clap for you regardless. 

The environment every coach has built in their classes is something I’ve never seen before. DSC is like a dream gym! 

You can still hang with the big boys even during an exercise modification. You are still respected when you take an extra minute to drink your water and breathe. There was even a point where I was pushing myself so hard, Renee and Matt told me they see the heart, they see how bad I want to go for it, but to hold back for now because I still need to ease myself into a routine. They genuinely cared about how I’d feel the next day.

I would tell someone thinking of trying a class to jump in and go for it. It’s not your typical gym environment. There’s an amazing support system and group of people that let you do what you can where you are at. No judgement. 

My first class I think I had 3 people come up to me and tell me I crushed it. I didn’t even know who they were. But that’s just the environment you’re in there. Everyone there roots for each other!

Meet Cait: "I'm so excited about my next workout!"

With COVID-19 and coming out of furlough and being laid off, I was feeling unmotivated and unhappy with my Corona weight gain. Coming to DSC gave me something to be accountable to and give some structure to my half-hearted attempts to work out when I was in quarantine and pre-corona. 

I was super nervous before my first class, I was worried that everyone would be 100x fitter than I was and I wouldn't be able to keep up.

My first class went well though! I had a ton of fun and I'm so excited about my next work out!

Everything felt super safe, I saw coaches sanitizing the equipment after use, and designated spaces allowed everyone to keep their distance from each other. 

Especially because I'm a bit competitive I appreciated the individual modifications that were given and the pacing Matt provided so I didn't feel like I was trying to keep up with more advanced members. 

Everyone was super aware and supportive and I was given corrections to my form when they were needed!

Just do it! Especially with the 14-day trial, there's really nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Meet Kaitlin: "Being a newbie it is great to have a coach right there to help with form and modifications. I didn’t have a second to wonder if I was doing something wrong before they helped me adjust."

Because of COVID I had stopped going to the gym, but before I would spend some time on the elliptical and try to complete a circuit workout. I didn’t really feel like I was getting anywhere or know if I was even doing the work outs right. Overall it just felt kind of boring. 

When my friend Melissa asked me if I wanted to check out DSC I was interested to see what is was like to do a more structured work out. Especially to have the benefit to have someone there to coach me on form or any modifications I should try. My goals overall are to feel healthy and active again. I spend a lot of my work day sitting down which causing my lower back to stiffen up. 

Definitely a mix of nerves of excitement. Wondering how I was going to do after not working out for so long. If I was just going to get overwhelmed and not be able to follow the circuits.

My first class flew by! I was so surprised to look at my watch and see it was almost time to go! So much more fun that a boring work out on the elliptical. 

Being a newbie it is great to have a coach right there to help with form and modifications. I didn’t have a second to wonder if I was doing something wrong before they helped me adjust. 

I’ve discovered that taking on a new challenges in life that attitude is everything. Doubting whether or not something is going to work before you even try it really puts you at a disadvantage. So jump into it with a positive attitude and know that everyone there was a newbie at one point too!

Meet Alison! "My first class was so FUN! I would have never imagined that I would have fun exercising. I loved the music, the energy from the trainers, and how kind everyone was to me."

I was in a workout slump. In the past I had gone to Best Fitness but I never knew what to do when I walked in. I never really felt like I had a routine down. I have a Peloton bike but I wasn't using it as often as I should. I have not been feeling good. I was/am overweight and soft (like no muscles).

I had been wanting to join for years, I would drive by and read the sign with the motivating words and think....I should...I should. My friend Jami Morse had been asking me to join. I finally took the plunge and joined my friend Jen for my first class. My goal was quite simple: Find an exercise routine I actually enjoyed and to stick with it.

I was nervous but also excited to start. My concerns were that it would be too hard for me and I would feel like throwing up. I was also worried that everyone else would be these incredible athletes that were killing each class and that I couldn't keep up. I also worried they would all be friends already and I wouldn't feel like I fit in.

My first class was so FUN! I would have never imagined that I would have fun exercising. I loved the music, the energy from the trainers and how kind everyone was to me. I got smiles welcoming me from many members. 

DSC coaches stayed with me my entire first class. He checked on me, modified and adjusted. He encouraged me and I felt taken care of and safe.

It went by so quickly because I was having fun and because of the way the exercises change so frequently. You don't have time to get sick of a move with all the switching it up. It really fits my style of moving quickly and always asking "what's next?

The coaches were great! I felt like they were really happy I was there. I loved the emails and call asking me how I was feeling the first day. I love how they show you the exercises and modify each one for you. 

I would say that you can do it. Anyone can do it. There are modifications so that any human can do it.

It goes by quickly and people are so supportive and kind. You will walk out feeling like you faced a fear and accomplished something.

I started last week and have already attended 5 classes. I just love that I show up and it is all planned out for me. I don't have to think about anything. I just enjoy the friendly people, trainers, music and workout.

Meet Melissa: "Give it a shot! I am so happy I did and I am hooked!"

Years ago my sister and I were big into running 5k which we loved, but over time it began to aggravate a old knee injury so I had to stop for awhile and give my knee a chance to settle. After stopping running, I really didn't have a set routine. In the summer time I would go for hikes every so often or would walk around my neighborhood (would try to get in at least 3 miles.)  Then this past summer I broke my fibula which required major surgery with hardware to repair.  I lost a lot of my strength in my leg due from non weight bearing for 6+ months after surgery. This then put a halt to any working out until I was out of physical therapy ( I basically had to learn how to walk/balance again on that leg). This then lead to weight gain which began to effect my mood/personality. I wasn't happy with how I was looking/feeling and was ready to change and get back to my old self.  

I had been seeing online your advertising and started following along on social media. I learned that a mutual friend was a member and she posted how her weight loss journey and I saw her awesome weight loss results. I am a type of person that needs structure and accountability and I have a hard time following a routine on my own. With enrolling in DSC, I feel confident they will help me get to my goal of weight loss, strength and rehab of my leg after the injury and finally feeling good in my own skin.  

First class I was so excited with a side of nerves! I enjoyed every minute of the class and it went by so fast!! Before I knew it we were done! I did have a concern on how my leg was going to handle the workouts but held up like a champ! 

First class was amazing, definitely got my sweat on. The instructions were clear and easy to understand, everything I needed for the workout was right in my pod. The music/energy of the room really helped keep my energy up and helped me pushed though. The next couple of days I was definitely sore but it went away each day and I feel great. Bring on the next class! 

The coaches are AMAZING. Really helped me feel right at home and a comfortable "newbie". Kept eyes on me the whole time and helped me modify as needed each work out to accommodate my leg so I was able to do the full workout circuit with out risking injury.   

Do it! Give it a shot! I am so happy I did and I am hooked!  I excited for my fitness journey and achieving my goals. :)  

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