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What Parents Are Saying About DSC Fall Camps

On September 14th we are kicking off our Fall Youth Performance Camps (ages 10-13 and 14+) here at DSC.

After a long quarantine and with sports and activities being cancelled, it is our mission to help our youth get active this fall.

Our camps are specifically designed for all levels and work to:

  • Increase our youth's activity levels
  • Increase athletic speed, agility, strength, and endurance
  • Decrease sport related injuries
  • Improve overall health and fitness
  • Have FUN! 

Are you thinking of having your child or children join us this fall?

To give you a bit more insight into our programs we asked a variety of parents about their child's experience with our Performance Camps, including what they thought about the new safety guidelines we have put in place.

Here's what they said:

Meet Cristin - "Safety is paramount at DSC!"

Both girls needed to get into shape for upcoming soccer season. They both play on multiple teams and we have HS tryouts coming up.  There was  way too much electronic time during our covid quarantine. We have a hard time getting them motivated to work out at home.  So the structure of coming to the gym with trainers giving them direction and guidance was key. 

Safety is paramount at DSC! My kid’s felt comfortable and coaches consistently checked in with them. There was plenty of communication from DSC, sanitizing stations, exercise quadrants, social distancing, installation of touchless faucets etc.

Both girls enjoyed meeting new friends, challenging themselves physically and getting stronger(especially due to growth spurts/puberty). Older daughter moved up to the HS camp this year and bragged about her wall sits and the conditioning that she was working on. She keeps telling me that she is stronger than I am. They are very proud of themselves and what they can do. Little one walks around flexing her biceps.

This was our 2nd year of camp and both girls enjoy coming and we will plan on doing it again next summer. All positive experience. They like all the coaches. 

This is good for any kids (whether they are athletes or not). It is never too early to teach kids good habits around exercise and staying physically fit. I want to be a good role model for them to want to continue exercising throughout their lives.

Meet Lynne - "If you are looking for a safe and fun environment for your child to improve their athletic performance then DSC is the place!"

Marissa’s goal at DSC this summer was to become stronger and more physically fit for the upcoming soccer season and DSC did just that. At first she was hesitant to try but committed to 2days/week. After the first week she decided to do 4days/week. Not only did the camp make her feel better physically but more importantly it helped  mentally.

The coaches focus on each child’s ability. DSC has taken every step to keep the children safe during this time and conform to many safety guidelines. 

If you are looking for a safe and fun environment for your child to improve their athletic performance then DSC is the place!

Meet Lesley - "The results were amazing!"

We signed our twins Connor and Rylee up when they were 10 years old. They were part of a group which included close friends. As they are about to turn 14 years old, they have continued at DSC for 90% of the year at least once a week. They have moved to individual  training that changes every 4 weeks based on the recommendations of Matt, Renee and Luke and staff based on the sport they are focused on as they play multiple sports. Both of mine are multi sports athletes playing both town and club levels during the same seasons and they are also both top Northeast ski racers. Dad is an orthopedic surgeon. He was adamant given the sports schedule they refused to wane off on that flexibility, agility and strength exercises were paramount to even practices some weeks. They were mandatory to prevent injury.  All were found at DSC. 

They walk in and receive hellos and high fives. They get changed in awesome locker rooms with privacy and begin their stretching. They move on to their workouts with 2-4 trainers checking in with them constantly. Fun, popular music is playing. Trainers are not only watching them closely to make sure the exercises are performed safely but effectively. The trainers are also talking shop with them about the latest Patriots game or some current event. They are constantly cheering them on during activities, cracking jokes, and making the kids work hard without the kids knowing so. 

Mom's favorite part of the program are the results and the flexibility the schedule provides. The results are there. Mine are very strong for their body type and height. Results across all sports especially lacrosse and ski racing are ridiculous. My daughter also plays soccer. She does not play as much as the club level given her other sports as her peers but holds her own. I also attest to this kind of training. The twins favorite parts are the staff. They can tell they all played sports before. They trust them. The staff is also nice and friendly and keeps serious workouts fun. And they like the music. Oh and the flavored water by Tommy... 

Connor by far is the athlete that loves sports but needs to work so hard to be as good as he wants to be. He wants to be one of the top left attacks on the lax field for his team. And this ski season, he wanted to make the last possible event in the Northeast for U14 ski racing that he could. 1-2 kids make it out of his ski team. He has achieved both goals. He NEVER would have made either with out DSC. He asked us to drop middle school soccer this fall. We were hesitant. He promised to go to DSC twice a week instead. And he did. The results were so amazing. He was so much stronger in ski racing and winter lax then ever before. And by far he has come off his best spring lacrosse with the NH Tomahawks. He made U14 Easterns for ski racing and with out the power and agility training with DSC that would have been more challenging to accomplish. He finished this spring with his best club lacrosse season ever. 

Rylee is a natural athlete yet her body frame is naturally thin. DSC by far has provided her the strength and power over the years to be more developed as a player and ski racer  over girls who look stronger than she is. Rylee is a strong lacrosse player. She is also top 20 in North America for ski racing for her age. She also hangs with her elite club soccer team yet not having the time with the necessary hours. She is not a soccer starter but she can get in the game and hang. In today's world  to play 3 sports at her age is all we wanted. We wanted to get her to a place to choose which sport is most important. And we have achieved that goal. DSC got her to this place. Strong for her body frame. Agile. Flexible. And surrounded by trainers always in her corner. 

Thinking of joining?

Join, join, join! We started for injury prevention. And for both agility and strength have come to them easily with cool trainers, safe environment, fun music, and Tommy flavored water. 

Meet Jen - "DSC has gone above and beyond with their safety measures"

My son joined DSC's Performance Camps to establish a safe and age appropriate routine to increase strength and speed.

DSC has gone above and beyond with their safety measures and what they needed to do. My son feels very safe!

Since joining his confidence has improved! This was a great decision and he’s been going for 2 years. He has built strength safely and has had fun doing it! He’s on the small side so increasing his strength has helped him a lot with his confidence and performance. 

They have peaked his interest in personal training as a profession - that’s the extent of the impression they’ve made!

Highly recommend DSC's Performance Camps. It is beyond anything else offered in the area - and so important for them to learn them how to build strength in a safe way for their age! 

Meet Amy - "I have seen his self confidence explode!"

My son started taking part in the DSC youth camps three years ago.  This summer will be his fourth summer. When he started he was a shy boy who had very little self awareness about his abilities and no idea how important making fitness a part of his life was. My initial goal was for him to see that exercise could be a fun thing to incorporate in your life and also to help him see that stepping outside your comfort zone was a good thing to do. He had never done anything like this before and I knew that once he went he would enjoy it and see that you can have fun while taking care of your body.  

He was nervous at first because he had never done anything like it before.  He had been on sports teams when he was younger but had never been involved in an exercise program. He went into it thinking that he would not have fun and that it would be too hard but he had a friend doing it so he was willing to try it.

After the first week of the camp he could not wait to get back the next week.  His friend was not able to go the first week so I thought for sure that he would back out and not want to go.  But he didn't. He was so excited and had so much fun. His favorite part of the program was finding out that he was capable of doing new things and that working out was fun.  He also loved the end of the class when they played games. My favorite part of the camp was watching him over that first summer come home and be excited about what he was learning and watching his self confidence grow and grow.   By the end of the first summer he was completely hooked.  He signed up to stay during the school year and is now going on his fourth year of attending DSC.  I love that DSC gets children involved in taking care of their bodies and showing them how important fitness is and how fun it can be at such a young age.  

I have seen his self confidence explode!  He was a shy kid who would not try new things and never went outside his comfort zone.  Being a part of the DSC youth camps has really shown him how strong he is and that working out can be fun.  He is a much faster runner and more flexible and agile. 

I highly recommend this program to anyone thinking about signing up their child.  My youngest son just turned 10 in January and I could not wait to sign him up for his first session this summer.  It is honestly some of the best money I have spent on my kids.  This is one thing that my son never wants to miss.  He actually hates when the session ends and he has to wait a few weeks for the new one to start. Seeing him aware of how important it is to work out and take care of your body is pretty great at the age of 13.  These are life long habits that he will continue because DSC makes it so fun for them and something they look forward to attending. Excellent program!

Meet Erin - "Her strength has increased significantly!"

My daughters name is Bailey and she is 14.  We signed her up for strength and conditioning camp at dynamic to help her build her stamina, become stronger, and develop her fine motor skills to use when playing basketball.

She was nervous before her first class last summer but she quickly adapted to her training.

She enjoyed the group training.  It gave her a bit of a mental boost during training sessions to see other kids in her age bracket training alongside her.

She has more self confidence when playing.  

She developed a leadership role on the court.  

Her strength increased significantly and she had more stamina to stay on the court longer.

I would tell other parents to figure out their own child’s strengths and weaknesses and speak to the trainers at dynamic about tailoring or joining a program that works for them and the sport they are looking to improve in.

Meet Karin - "He had a fabulous experience!"

My son is 13 years old and going into the 8th grade.  He does well in school, enjoys being with friends, is very athletic, and enjoys his Xbox (don't they all!).

He likes to perform his best when playing sports, and he wanted to join the gym to improve his athletic performance and his strength.  We were very supportive of this because if he is strong, there will be less chance of injury.

The only thing he was nervous about when joining the camp was that he didn't have any friends with him. But he quickly made friends and the coaches made him feel very comfortable.  Other than that, he was excited to start!

He had a fabulous experience!  He enjoys the coaches and he enjoys everything they have him do.  He likes to be challenged when lifting.  When he left the gym, he told me everything he did during the ride home.  He never had a bad time!

Since joining DSC, I see that he has more confidence in his athletic abilities.  At the championship this past track season, he was the only 7th grader in the top 6 for the 400 meter race - and he placed third!  He is looking forward to starting tackle football this year and is excited to be working at DSC to improve his performance for that.  He also makes better food decisions.  He understands proper nutrition for before and after a workout, and is very mindful of that.

The camps are a great and fun way to introduce your child to proper training.  They are great for keeping your child active.  Your child will be challenged and feel victorious when he/she reaches a goal they set for themselves.  And if your child does a sport, he/she will see the improvement in their performance and will be excited about it!

Meet David - "She was able to step right into college soccer with the guidance and expertise of the Dynamic coaches!"

Gretchen was a multi-sport athlete throughout high school and in her junior year discovered Dynamic, which helped her a lot. She just finished her freshman year at Middlebury College, where she played Varsity soccer and ran indoor and outdoor track. After the college recruiting process, she got a rather daunting summer workout program from her college soccer coach, which she shared with the great coaches at Dynamic. She worked a lot with Kurtis over the summer - several times a week. When she started college in late August as a Freshman, she was able to step right into the college soccer, which was fast and physical.  She would not have been able to make that transition without the considerable support, guidance and expertise of the Dynamic coaches!

I am not sure if Gretchen had any fears about joining Dynamic - maybe because her sister and father had also trained at Dynamic. Still, she was always very well conditioned, but I think she may have been unsure about whether she could develop strength. Whatever concerns she might have had in that regard were cast aside early on when she saw significant strength gains.

She has loved the student athlete development program.  In fact, when she was away at College and getting nostalgic, she told us more than once that she really missed her dog and Dynamic. Her mom and I didn't take it personally!  She really likes how friendly everyone is; how the coaches know her strengths and the things she needs to improve; and she likes that there are other serious high school and college student athletes training at Dynamic.

Her training has helped in several important ways.  First, she has gotten stronger, which has helped her stay strong on the ball.  Second, she has gotten faster from that extra strength, which helps her gain separation. Third, it has helped with injury prevention. She did sprain an ankle later in the soccer season, but that was not due to any lack of summer conditioning and preparation. Finally, she has gained confidence in her ability to compete at a higher level. She is back at Dynamic this summer to get ready for her sophomore year in college.

I would strongly recommend Dynamic to any student athletes who are looking for a fun, friendly, but serious strength and conditioning program. Get ready to sweat. Get ready to improve.

Meet Amy - "The safety guidelines at DSC have been excellent!"

My son joined DSC's performance camps to build strength and endurance.

I think the safety guidelines have been excellent.  I absolutely felt that my child was safe at DSC.  I was never concerned.

My son had a terrific wrestling season last winter, and I definitely think that his performance notably improved because of his participation in the camp at DSC.

His experience at DSC has been excellent! I want him to continue this year.

Not many places offer conditioning camps for middle school students, so it's been such a find!  

Meet Karen - "Her coaches were blow away by the strength and speed she gained!"

My daughter played soccer and was out for an extended period of time due to a concussion. I did not want her to lose conditioning and endurance so I enrolled her in the program.

My daughter is very shy and really did not want to participate in a program with other kids she did not know. The trainers were great in getting her involved and easing her fears. She loved her class.

She loved the class and enjoyed working with the trainers. I think her favorite part was the finisher and knowing she was almost done. 

When she returned to soccer and her team, her coaches were blown away by the strength and speed she had gained while being out. She was a better player than prior to her injury.

If your child is serious about being a standout on their sports team or getting onto a high school/college team, they MUST enroll in this program. They will become a stronger, faster and better player less prone to injuries. 

Meet Sandy - "He has greatly increase his confidence in his abilities!"

Our son is a kind and caring person who has a unique set of challenges because he is on the Autism spectrum. He excels when given clear, attainable goals that allow him to overcome the challenges he faces along the way. Related to this program: he wanted to improve strength and endurance, as well as staying in shape and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and building muscle.

Before starting the program, he had two main concerns: one social, one physical. He was afraid he might not be accepted by peers in the program or by the trainers; separately, he worried he would not be able to perform the required activities. Fortunately, these anxieties were unfounded. The staff worked with both our son and others in his classes to build strength and endurance and improve their ability to complete successively difficult routines.

His experience has been great! He looks forward to going every week and getting a good workout; it’s made him stronger and healthier. The experience also put him in a new social situation and he overcame his own fear of the unknown. He enjoys the socialization and all the instructors – especially Luke and Renee, who were the first trainers to work with him. All the trainers strike a great balance – they push participants to expand their physical limits while creating a positive, encouraging environment. They make the workouts fun and rewarding.

Changes and improvements since starting youth camps include a desire to stay fit and healthy and the tools to do so. He also has greatly increased confidence in his abilities – beyond the physical – and he is more open to trying new things. The program brought out a side of our son we didn’t know existed: He has transformed into a competitive powerlifter — participating (and winning or placing) at external events.

We would highly recommend the program for any teenager as it can help build self-esteem, confidence, increase strength and is a great way to get fit and incorporate healthier lifestyle habits they can take with them into adulthood.

Meet Jessica - "The coaches are the most genuine and supportive group of people that I’ve seen anywhere before!"

Meghan & Katelyn twin 14 year old girls. Tennis & Dynamic Lovers! At age 11, both girls were diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis with high degree curves; bracing was necessary to help slow the process down. Unfortunately, Katelyn’s curved progressed to 57 degrees which warranted surgery. Her thoracic spine is now fused along with titanium rods inserted to correct the curve. Meghan continues bracing, surgery is unknown for her right now. Very active in dance for 11 years, however, wanted to try something different that wasn’t a contact sport. Joining Dynamic at age 12, their goal was to engage in a structured workout/training regimen that was geared towards their specific needs/interests (more individualized). Despite some of the physical challenges they’ve endured over the past few years, they are both very driven to be “fit” and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Yes. Like most people, trying new things can me intimidating. It’s being afraid of the “unknown”. They wondered if they’d know anyone else in the youth camps, however, I told them they already had the advantage of being a twin!! At least they had each other!

“Our experience has been amazing. We’ve have met so many nice people and even developed friendships. The Trainers are willing to help us with our workouts and modify things for our injuries. Our favorite part of the program is the people we’ve met and the variety of workouts the trainers create for us. The coaches and other athletes create this incredible environment that is fun and fit”.

They are more confident about themselves. With some of the challenges they’ve faced, they realize how strong they actually are both physically & mentally. Even when they’re not at Dynamic, the girls are very active playing tennis, running, or doing work-outs at home. Less timid about trying new things; more focused on their well-being.

It’s a great program for anyone and can be tailored to your child’s needs. You don’t need to be the super-star jock to feel like you belong. It’s a positive environment; the coaches are the most genuine and supportive group of people that I’ve seen anywhere before! My daughters are more energized & happy when they’ve completed their workout.

Our Fall Youth Performance Camps start September 14th!

Register before September 1st and save 10%!

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Our Fall Youth Performance Camps start Sept. 14th!

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