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The Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss In 2021

If your 2021 fitness goals are centered around weight loss, then this is the article is for YOU!

Before we get into the exact steps to losing weight and burning fat, I have a secret for you.

This secret is the very key to 2021 fat-loss success.

It's not only the answer to your weight-loss frustration, it's also the most important piece to improving your energy, workout performance, and overall health.

So what is it?

It's simply improving your nutrition.

Yes, your fat-loss success this coming year all starts with the foods and the amount of those food you eat on a consistent basis.

After a long 2020 which for most of us consisted of stress and emotional eating, lots of takeout, and maybe a few too many adult beverages, it's time to turn things around. It's time to lose those quarantine pounds and the biggest opportunity to do so starts with your diet.

Let's start with why.

Energy Balance

The first concept that is crucial to understand for fat-loss is energy balance.

We've all heard the term calorie. Each food we eat comes with a certain amount of calories. They make up the food we eat and represent the energy the food offers.

Take a look at the table below:

Weight gain = calories eaten > calories burned

Weight maintenance = calories eaten = calories burned

Weight loss = calories eaten < calories burned

In order for us to lose weight in 2021, we need to put ourselves in what's known as a calorie deficit. 

This means we need to consistently burn more calories than we consume.

How do we burn calories? We actually burn the most calories during the day with our body's daily functions. They help us with various bodily functions that we have no control over like digesting food and breathing.

We can also burn more calories through physical activities like our workouts.

The KEY to understand though is that workouts alone are NOT a sustainable way to keep us in a calorie deficit.

Think you're burning 600-800 calories at your workouts? 

Here's the truth:

Research shows we typically overestimate how many calories we burn during a workout and underestimate how many calories we consume during the day (by over 500 calories). 

The truth is we typically burn somewhere between 200-400 calories per workout. That is the equivalent of a serving or 2 of peanut butter -- yikes! Yes, all it takes is a small snack to wipe out the calories you burned during your workout. 

Talk about a poor recipe for fat-loss. In fact, just focusing on working out to lose weight is a recipe for maintaining or gaining weight. 

The real ticket to sustainable fat-loss is using your nutrition to keep you in a small calorie deficit. 

Notice I said small deficit.

Cut calories too much or too quickly and here's what will happen:

Your workout performance will suffer due to a lack of fuel. You'll be chronically tired and irritable. You'll be hangry (hungry + angry). And most importantly, your fat-loss will plateau as you can't just keep lowering your calories.

This is why 80-90% who diet put the weight they lose back on and then some. 

You might see a quick drop in weight but that will halt overtime. Too little calories taken in will actually cause your body to go into starvation mode and hold onto fat for fuel. Not good if you want to make longterm changes.

Instead, the key is to start with a small deficit to keep your energy levels high, workout performance strong, and to see a gradual decrease in body-fat (1-2lbs per week).

Now it's time to get into how.

Welcome to DSC's Nutrition Coaching Program and your guide to 2021 weight-loss.

Your 2021 fat-loss blueprint and our Nutrition Coaching Program are based off 3 pillars: 1) Creating Lifelong Habits 2) Tracking Your Customized Macros 3) Having a Coach in Your Corner

Here's what we know about fat-loss: It's frustrating. It's confusing. It's hard.

We're here to remove all of those roadblocks between you and your healthiest and happiest year ever.

We're here to make fat-loss in 2021 easier.

Let's get into it!

Step 1: Create Lifelong Habits

Your 2021 weight-loss blueprint starts with building lifelong good nutritional habits.

Without this, sustainable fat-loss won't work.

The key is to learn, practice, and ingrain habits that will not only lead to fat-loss but will stick with you longterm.

Your life is made up of habits -- things you do without even thinking about it. In fact, 45-50% of the things we do are based off our habits.

Things like how you get ready in the morning, the coffee shop you go to before work or your evening workout, all make your habits.

Our program is what's known as a habit-based program.

Our coaches work to help you implement new and simple nutritional habits (while removing the bad nutritional habits) like meal prepping for the week, drinking more water, eating more vegetables, eating more mindfully (not because you're bored or stressed), and eating the right foods around your workouts. 

We do this by simply implementing one new habit at a time and work on ingraining that habit for an entire week before adding the next.

Step 2: Track Your Food Intake (Customized Macros)

Earlier we talked about needing to be in a slight calorie deficit to lose fat.

The question then becomes how do we know how many calories to eat and how do we keep track of it?

Did you know the average American underestimate the amount of calories they eat by up to 1,000 calories. So when you try to guess how much you're eating each day, you're likely eating much more than you think.

So how do you know how much to eat each day to lose weight?

That's where our coaches come in and the real magic happens.

We all have a baseline calorie level. This is the amount of calories needed for you to maintain your weight.

It's mainly calculated from your age, weight, height, and activity level.

Our coaches find that number for you, reduce the calorie number slightly to put you in a deficit, and then coach you on how to eat in a way that meets those numbers.

They will teach you how to track the foods you eat to see how many calories you've eaten each day.

They will make sure you're eating not only the right amount of calories, but also the right amounts of healthy macros (carbs, proteins, fats) to fuel for your day and your workouts and provide your body with the right nutritious foods.

As you can imagine it's crucial to not only eat the right amounts of foods to lose weight, but to also eat more nutritious foods to boost your health, disease prevention, and immune system. 

The guess work around eating for weight loss is GONE!

Step 3: Have a Coach in Your Corner

Our last and most important pillar is having the constant support and guidance of our coaches. 

Fat-loss isn't easy.

Being consistent is hard.

Willpower only lasts so long.

Imagine the changes you could make by having a coach by your side keeping you accountable.

Imagine having a coach to answer your questions.

And a coach to provide feedback each week on what you're doing well and what small changes you can make to improve.

Think about how your level of consistency would skyrocket knowing your coach is going to be checking in with you each week. A lot of people who join our program know what to do, they just need that coach accountability and support to keep them doing it.

How great would you feel and what types of changes could you make by doing really well with your nutrition 80-90% of the time, vs. where most of us do well about 30-40% of the time. 

Talk about a game-changer!

Our January Nutrition Challenge starts January 18th!

If you're ready to look and feel your best in 2021, this is the program for YOU!

Our challenge is available 100% online or here at DSC!

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Eat great. Lose Weight!

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