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The Story of Kelly's 45lb Transformation!

Before DSC I did what so many of us do: I’d join a box gym excited to start a new routine. I’d go a couple times a week with no real direction, spend a half hour or so on a piece of cardio equipment and then I would leave. 

I didn’t know anyone there and I felt intimidated asking for help with anything, particularly since some of the equipment had pictures of how I should be using it to so I should be able to figure out how to do that on my own. 

Co-workers had joined the noon time class at DSC, and my boss at the time approached me about joining. I immediately had reservations. 

I was overweight and out of shape, and the idea of working out with peers that would be aware of how out of shape I was terrified me. All of these were the reasons why I said no. 

A few months later I had noticed I was winded going up the stairs in my condo and I was feeling older getting out of bed in the morning. I was only 37 and worried about what things would be like once I was over 40.

I decided I would join DSC in the hopes of feeling stronger, but really having no idea how I’d measure that or what that would look like. 

My first class was so intimidating! I was worried about so many things going into it, like what to wear so that people wouldn’t see how out of shape I was. I knew that it was a class-based gym, which was different from anything I had ever done so I didn’t know what to expect. 

I met with Matt when I went in and he explained how the hour would work and that he’d be checking in with me regularly. He also introduced me to Renee, who is still one of the single most inspiring people I’ve met. I instantly loved both of these people, and at that moment I decided that Renee became my arm goals, something I still continue to strive towards. 

The first class was a met con class and it was tough. The warm up seemed so difficult!  I was winded and sweating, my face bright red, and I worried that I’d hold everyone back in this class. 

I was so grateful when we got water after the warm up because other members came up to me to tell me about their first time at DSC, to tell me I did great, to reassure me that the warm ups were definitely tough and to hang in there because it would get easier. I never got that anywhere else, and I could tell that it would be something I’d continue to receive if I stayed.

The hour actually went by quicker than I expected. Matt and Renee checked in with me regularly and made sure I was doing the exercises correctly. They advised on form and reinforced when I did things correctly, and their approach to doing this was exactly what I needed because I never felt talked down to but rather that they cared about me. 

They encouraged me the whole way through. At the end of the workout I definitely felt things; I was completely sweating, my muscles felt a bit taxed, but more than anything I felt an overwhelming sense of accomplishment that I had hung in there and actually found success in these exercises. 

I signed up for DSC starting out with met con classes. The idea of doing strength classes intimidated me at first, and I still subscribed to a mindset that more cardio or even classes based on some level of cardio was how I would achieve my goals. 

After almost a year of attending only met con classes, I realized that I was not where I wanted to be as far as my goals. I felt a little bit stronger, but my body still had roughly the same outside appearance more or less.

I decided to go full time at DSC and add strength classes, and a couple of months later when Matt posted on Facebook that they were going to start a Nutrition Program I signed up immediately. 

I was so intimidated by the idea of the Nutrition Program. I was once again worried about perception and the idea of a nutrition coach seeing what I was eating was really scary. I knew that diet was a very large reason that I wasn’t progressing as much as I wanted to, and now someone was going to see what I was doing wrong and they would critique it. 

I couldn’t have been more wrong. 

The Nutrition Program has truly been a coaching experience. It wasn’t a diet, and I wasn’t told what to eat at what times and in what quantities. 

Instead I had a goal to focus on each week that would make small, approachable, and meaningful changes to what I was already doing. Nothing felt overwhelming or difficult to integrate, and because it was just one thing to work on each week it was certainly easier to focus on. Each week I built on what I had already changed from the week before and added a new small item to focus on.

I have now been a member at DSC for 4.5 years and I have lost 45 pounds (and counting) and 4 dress sizes.

My blood pressure is now 108/62, down from 118/76, and my resting heart rate is 56 bpm. 

When I do certain exercises at DSC, I often reflect on the weights I used when I first started and how much heavier they are now. I am regularly reminded of how much better I feel now than when I first started. 

After being at DSC for a year I ran my first Spartan race at Fenway in 2016, something I never in my lifetime thought I’d ever do. A couple of years ago I decided to set a goal of doing a Spartan Trifecta, where you complete a Sprint (3+ miles), Super (8+miles) and Beast (13+ miles) in one year. I’ve now run 13 Spartan races and completed two trifectas in 2019, including a 16-mile race with 3500 feet of elevation. I’ve even done the majority of these races by myself, something I never thought I’d be able to do alone. 

With these races have come some setbacks and I’ve found myself working through injuries many times. I’ve been so grateful for the coaches at DSC. 

The coaches have been committed to helping me heal in motion while I work through my injuries and I truly think that’s helped me recover faster. They’ve helped to modify workouts around the injuries I have so I can continue working towards my goals, often substituting exercises that help to strengthen other muscles to aid in my healing. 

But the success I’ve had goes beyond the weight that I’ve lost at DSC because my mindset has completely changed. 

I truly am the most confident about myself than I’ve ever been and without a doubt the happiest!

Before my first class at DSC I would doubt whether I could do certain things and talk myself out of them. Now I am confident that not only can I do things but that I’ll also be successful at those things. 

My favorite part about DSC has been the sense of community that exists here. 

The atmosphere in DSC is like nothing else you’ve likely experienced. Members at DSC are without a doubt some of the most caring people you’ll ever hope to find. They’ll welcome you, encourage you, and celebrate your achievements just as much as you do and they’ll likely be the first to notice that it’s a huge milestone for you. 

For those who are interested in making a change in their life and considering joining DSC I would tell you to take a leap and try it. It will likely be completely outside of your comfort zone, but that is where growth happens. If you continue to stay in your comfort zone, you’ll continue to achieve the same results in life. 

And for those who are newly signed up, keep showing up for yourself. 

It’s easy to make excuses not to do something. I know this because I always had excuses for why I couldn’t do something, and ultimately it boiled down to excuses for why I wasn’t a priority in my own life. The reason I’ve had the success that I’ve had is that I keep showing up for myself. 

Some days are harder than others, and it would be really easy to just go home or drive past the gym, but my goals will not be achieved through excuses. As much as I might be motivated to want to lose weight or to be healthier, the only way to achieve that is through dedication. 

Regardless of what your goals are, at DSC you’ll find a team of coaches who are invested in helping you achieve those goals.

- Kelly

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