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The BEST Workouts for Fat-Loss! (and how to do them) 🔥

So, it's fat-loss you're after? 

Well, you came to the right place.

You've probably seen the incredible fat-loss results from our inspiring members.

Like Tim who is down 55lbs since starting with us!

Shelby who has lost 67lbs!

And Dawn who has lost over 100lbs!

So what is the best workout for fat-loss? What areas do our members and biggest transformations focus on when they're working out in our group classes here at DSC?

You might be surprised.

We have been led to believe that cardio, cardio, and more cardio is answer. We have been told that running endless miles on the treadmill or strapping yourself into that spin bike for an hour is the answer.

Although various forms of cardio should be a big part of your exercise regimen, it should NOT be the only part. 

And the research agrees.

Countless studies have shown that when it comes to exercise and fat-loss, cardio training alone is not enough. Even when we see early progress in fat-loss with cardio training, results quickly plateau due to our bodies' incredible efficiency. 

In other words, the more we run or cycle, the better we get at it and the less calories we then burn doing it.

Not only is completing only cardio training bad for long-term fat-loss results, it doesn't give us that toned look and feel many desire because it can actually decrease our muscle as it uses it for fuel. 

This is bad news as the more muscle we have, the more calories we burn throughout the day, keeping us lean.

On top of that, too much cardio can drastically increase our risk of injury, especially overuse injuries and pain at our hips, knees, ankles and feet.

The best results and improvements in fat-loss come from the combination of cardio and strength training.

This is the very foundation of our group workouts here at DSC and a key component to our member's incredible success.

We call it metabolic resistance training. That is a fancy way of saying we strength train or lift weights while keeping our heart-rates elevated, mainly in circuit-training formats. These style of workouts actually burn more calories throughout them than traditional cardio and keep you burning calories during the day.

As you'll see in the sample fat-loss workouts below, we structure our workouts in a circuit format. This means we complete our exercises in order with minimal rest. This keeps us moving, sweating, improving our cardio, and burning calories. Then we add resistance to our exercises in the form of equipment like kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls, and even our own body. This takes our workouts to a whole new level and intensity, helping us build muscle and strength, and shred even more fat!

What's important to note though is that the benefits of metabolic resistance training go well beyond fat-loss.

1st -- It builds core and total-body strength. 

This is crucial for improving your overall performance and injury prevention in and out of the gym.

2nd -- It improves flexibility, posture, and imbalances. 

Getting stronger in the right areas will help you work areas that are typically neglected during traditional cardio exercises. These are areas like your abs, the muscles that pull your shoulder back and improve your posture, and your glutes.

3rd -- It's FUN! 

This is one of the most beneficial aspects of metabolic resistance training. The variety, the workouts and how you construct them, and the equipment you can use is endless. Imagine actually looking forward to and enjoying your workouts. Metabolic resistance training allows you to keep things fun and fresh, improving your consistency and in-turn your fat-loss results.

Bye-bye treadmill, hello results!

Let's get into your fat-loss workouts! Have FUN! 

1| Beginners Fat-Loss Workout

Are you new to working out? We have the PERFECT starting point for you with our beginners fat-loss workout.

This circuit combines some of our foundational kettlebell, body-weight and medicine ball exercises.

Take your time and ease yourself into the movements. Aim to get a little better every time you complete this workout.

Here's how it works:

Set a clock for :20 of work and :40 of rest. This means you will complete each exercise for :20 at your own pace and rest for :40 before moving to the next exercise in order. Complete 2-4 rounds and rest 1-2 minutes between rounds.

Start with a 8-15lb kettlebell and 8lb medicine ball.

Your Beginners Fat-Loss Workout:

1| Med Ball Slam
2| Kettlebell Goblet Squat
3| Kettlebell 1-Arm Split Stance Row (right)
4| Kettlebell 1-Arm Split Stance Row (right)
5| Kneeling Push-Up
6| Elevated Burpee

2| Kettlebell Fat-Loss Workout

The kettlebell is one of our favorite pieces of fitness equipment. Their shape and handle allow for an endless variety of exercises that are fantastic for burning fat.

Here's how it works:

This workout is a countdown. Set a clock for 10-15 minutes. Start on the right side and complete 12 reps of each exercise. Once you've completed each exercise, do the same on the left side. Once you've finished both sides, move to 10 reps of each exercise and again complete both sides, then move to 8 reps and so on. See how low you can get in the countdown before the time runs out.

Your Kettlebell Fat-Loss Workout:

1| 1-Arm Kettlebell Swing (right)
2| 1-Arm Kettlebell Floor Clean (right)
3| 1-Arm Kettlebell Push Press (right)
4| Kettlebell Wideout Squat
5| Kettlebell Drag Through
* repeat on left side

3| Landmine Fat-Loss Workout

The landmine attachment is one of our favorite fat-loss workout tools. It is a movable piece that you put one end of a barbell into. The attachment piece allows the barbell to move freely, giving you an unlimited variety of fat-loss and strength exercises to choose from. The landmine is a fantastic way to shred fat and add variety and fun to your workouts.

Here's how it works:

Set a clock for 10-15 minutes. Each landmine exercise will stay at 6 reps. Complete each exercise in order and then complete :30 of your lateral bounds. Once you finish your lateral bounds, start back at the top and see how many rounds you can complete. Also, look to add a bit more weight to the bar each round.

Your Landmine Fat-Loss Workout:

1| Landmine Squat to Press
2| Landmine Alternating Reverse Lunges
3| Landmine Deadlift
4| Landmine Split Stance 1-Arm Press (right and left)
5| Lateral Bounds

4| Body-Weight Fat-Loss Workout

No access to equipment? No problem. All you need is some space and a water. We are going to work through a series of exercises using just your body-weight. Get ready to sweat! 

Here's how it works:

Set a clock for 10-15 minutes. Complete each exercise in order for 10 reps. Once you finish each exercise, that is 1 round. See how many rounds you can complete before your time runs out. 

Your Body-Weight Fat-Loss Workout:

1| Body-Weight Squat 1.5
2| T Push-Up
3| Plyo Reverse Lunge (left)
4| Plyo Reverse Lunge (right)
5| Straight Leg Sit-Up
6| Burpee

5| Medicine Ball Fat-Loss Workout

Time to burn some fat and spice up that workout routine with the medicine ball! These exercises are designed to challenge your your entire body and core, allowing you to really get that heart rate up.

Here's how it works:

Set a timer for 10-15 minutes. Your goal is to get as low as you can on the countdown. You will start with 12 reps of each exercise. Once you complete each exercise in order, start back over with 10 reps of each exercise, and so on. See how much of the countdown you can complete before the time runs out.

Your Med Ball Fat-Loss Workout:

1| Med Ball Wall Ball
2| Med Ball Overhead Step Through Lunges (right leg)
3| Med Ball Overhead Step Through Lunges (left leg)
4| Med Ball Push-Ups (right arm)
5| Med Ball Push-Ups (left arm)
6| Straight Leg Sit-Ups

Get healthy. Be Happy!

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