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The Beginner's Guide to Mastering the Push-Up

So, you're ready to get started and into a consistent workout routine?

Let's rock and roll!

To get you started, we are going to be using the next few weeks to take you step-by-step through some of the most important and foundational exercises for you to focus on.

Today we're going all in on the push-up. 

When it comes to building a better, leaner, and stronger upper-body, there are few exercises that beat the push-up. 

No matter what your fitness goals are -- weight-loss, strength, endurance, to look and feel better, or a combination of these, the push-up should be a big part of your routine. 

They are a fantastic way to:

  • Improve the strength and tone of your triceps, chest and shoulders

  • Increase core stability

  • Improve shoulder health and function

  • Shred fat

Push-ups are a great foundation for many other exercises.

Being able to complete multiple, perfect push-ups is not only going to help you improve the fitness qualities mentioned above, but because they involve your entire body and require a lot of strength, they are also going to allow you to improve your strength and efficiency with a variety of other exercises like planks, rows, presses, burpees, and more!

Simply put, the better you get at push-ups, the better you will get at a variety of other exercises and the more advanced your fitness level will become. 

Think of the push-up as one of the key foundational movements when it comes to your fitness.

Here's the thing though...

In order to reap all the great benefits of push-ups, your technique, posture and position must be spot on. For many of us, this means slowing our push-ups down and taking a step back to take multiple steps forward. 

This will not only allow you to display better strength and stamina during your push-ups (leading to better results), but it will also decrease your risk of injury (especially around your wrists, elbows and shoulders).

Welcome to The Beginner's Guide of Mastering the Push-Up

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