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The Beginners Guide to Mastering the Kettlebell (Part 1: Your Grip)

Welcome to Your Beginners Guide to Mastering the Kettlebell!

In part 1 we are covering everything you need to know about correctly gripping your kettlebell.


There has been a fantastic movement going on in the world of fitness.

The days of endless cardio on the treadmill and machine-based exercises are becoming more and more obsolete.

People are seeing better results and having more fun with their workouts with a new, functional approach to exercise.

A functional exercise approach simply refers to a style of exercise that challenges you in a way that has great carryover to everyday life and activities.

These exercises allow your body to do what it is designed to do -- to move in a variety of ways.

Functional exercises does this with a variety of exercises like squats, push-ups, rows, planks, and lunges.

The movements challenge your core, muscles, and joints you use during everyday activities like walking, jogging, climbing stairs, picking up objects, doing yard work, etc.

Not only do you get better at these things but you learn to do them more safely with better strength, endurance, and technique.

Not only will changing to a more functional training approach improve your results and decrease your risk for injury, it's a more fun and dynamic workout. 

One piece of exercise equipment that is making its way into more exercise programs and is a staple in our training program is the kettlebell (KB). 

We use KBs with just about all of our members here at Dynamic Strength and Conditioning because the movements can be easily scaled to the level of the individual. 

When used correctly, they are a great tool to help you improve almost all fitness qualities like:

  • Improved overall movement

  • Mobility

  • Posture

  • Strength

  • Endurance

  • Fat-loss

  • Muscle gain

We believe the KB is one of the most important pieces of fitness equipment to learn.

The KB is one tool that once you master, will deliver the most bang for its buck.

It will unlock an endless variety of exercises you can do to keep your workouts fresh and fun. 

It will allow you to have a great workout no matter where you are like your next home workout or when you're traveling.

Ready to master the kettlebell?

Let's get started with mastering the kettlebell grip!


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