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The 7 Best Landmine Strength Exercises

The barbell often gets a bad rap.

It’s typically associated with more advanced, heavy and intense weight lifting.  

This can be a bit intimidating, especially if you are new to training.

Take those advanced barbell movements, add weight to them and add the fact that you may be new to them and your risk of injury significantly increases.

Enter the landmine.

Landmine training is when you use one end of the barbell while the other is placed in the landmine holder or placed in a corner of a wall or the center of a bumper plate.

By using only one end of the barbell, you aren’t able to use as much weight. This results in less loading on your spine and an overall decrease in injury, making landmine training the perfect alternative to traditional barbell exercise.

It's a fantastic tool for all levels and for:

  1. Improving the strength of your arms, shoulders, abs, and legs

  2. Improving your cardio and overall fitness

  3. Adding variety and fun to your workouts

  4. Avoiding the risk of injury with traditional barbell exercises

The unique, free-motion of the bar allows you to perform a variety of exercises in all planes of motion. This has a great effect on your total-body strength, core stability and cardio, making the landmine the perfect tool for building muscle and burning fat.

For these reason, the landmine is a big part of our DSC group workouts and our members love them!

Ready to get started with the landmine?

Today DSC performance coach, Elizabeth Pastor is taking you through our 7 favorite landmine exercises. 


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