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Learn How Karla Dropped 26lbs and 4 Pant Sizes!

I had a life event that forced me to change careers. 

I went from a very active career as a massage therapist to a sedentary desk job. 

Slowly my body started having all kinds of aches and pains. 

I could hardly get up out of a chair without horrible pain in my knees. 

I knew I had to start moving.

First I went to a local Crossfit class….epic fail. 

My first class I started hyperventilating and it was recommended that I “try another type of fitness”. 

Then I joined the whole big box gym thing at Best Fitness….I did the whole treadmill, elliptical and messed around with the machines. 

I had no clue what I was doing. No one ever offers to help, the vibe was so unfriendly so I stopped going. 

Next I joined Orange Theory….I made a bit of progress by losing a couple of pounds but I soon realized that I was not going to see the results I wanted without also greatly improving my strength.

After that experience I knew I wanted to find a group atmosphere. I was so ready to get my fitness routine going…I wanted to change the way I felt. 

I drive by DSC every day and one day noticed DSC's sign for a new Women's Group starting and signed up.

I was so incredibly nervous!

I was afraid I would not be able to keep up or I would hold the other members in the group back. 

My fears were immediately put to rest from day one. 

The coaches were right there with you every step of the way…challenging you, assisting you and cheering you on.

Knowing that I was new, the coaches gave me plenty of attention and support!

The members were so friendly…giving me “high fives”, “good job” and “welcome”. 

I felt like I belonged!   

After one month I moved over to the adult group and the rest is history.

Initially my goal was to move without pain and keep up with my grandsons and most of all feel good about myself.

I wanted DSC to help me age more gracefully. 

I did not want to turn 60 and be immobile. 

I wanted to keep my body as young as possible for as long as possible.  

I reached those goals and then some.  Not only have I changed physically but mentally as well. 

I have learned to be part of a team, not to be afraid to challenge myself, and most of all I feel healthy. 

If it were not for the coaches, members/friends I would have never been able to stick with this lifestyle change.

There is something very special about when you walk in the door at DSC. Sounds kinda corny but it really is family!

I will never go back to the state I was in in before starting DSC….NEVER!!!! Which means Matt will have to open a DSC where ever I decide to retire to! 😀

I started at DSC weighing 151…now I am 125. 

I have lost 26lbs!

I went from size 12 pants to size 4.

I am stronger than I have ever been and have so much more energy.  You would think that after a class I would feel exhausted but instead after every class I feel incredibly empowered.  

My absolute favorite part of the DSC workouts is the variety and right behind that is the support. 

You are never alone during your workouts. 

There is always a coach nearby to help if needed or to challenge you.

I would tell anyone thinking of joining….stop thinking about it and just do it. 

You have nothing to lose since the first week is free but you have everything to gain. 

If you want average… join another gym… if you want results… join DSC!

- Karla  

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