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"I've lost 31lbs so far and feel AMAZING!"

In the past I would purchase the latest work out DVD’s that I'd then use on and off and had joined several gyms. I used the equipment I was familiar with, but didn’t feel confident to ask how to use the other machines. 

I would attend regularly for a month or so on and off and then cancel my membership when I eventually wasn’t going at all after a few months. 

I also did some summer boot camps with teacher friends, which I liked and was similar to DSC, but that always ended when the summer was over. 

It was this vicious cycle of excitement about trying something new in the beginning, but then I'd quit due to a lack of support and knowledge. The only thing I did regularly that I enjoyed was walk with my mom or running short distances. However, my mom and workout buddy passed away a few years ago and then I really fell into a habit of virtually no exercise at all.  

Before joining DSC, I will admit I was a mess physically and mentally, but ready to make a change! 

I had gained more weight than I’d imagined. 

Sleeping was a challenge and I had little energy. 

I was exhausted at the end of the work day.

My niece, Meghan, was sort of the driving force to get me into DSC. I had seen her success and thought maybe I could do it too. After months of her talking about how great it was, I took the leap.  

My main objective when joining DSC was to lose weight, but I also just wanted to have more energy throughout the day.  

I’m a teacher and just sitting on the floor with kids had become a challenge. 

I also wanted to be a positive role model to my own children. I wanted them to see the benefits of exercise and a healthy diet. 

At first, I was petrified to join DSC. I hadn’t really worked out in years and I was unsure that I could keep up or even know what I was doing, but I knew I had to make a change!

If I’m being honest, my first class was tough! However, the staff was amazing. Every coach introduced themselves with a smile and Coach K stayed with me the whole time. He modified exercises and gave breaks. 

I was worried people would be staring at me, but I quickly realized there were people just like me and everyone was focused on the same goals, but at different levels.  

What a difference from previous gym experiences! 

The staff was knowledgable, energetic, supportive, and kind! I knew this was a place I could come back to consistently! 

I love the positive energy, loud and fun music, and variety of the workouts. I always feel challenged. I especially like that the staff is always looking to help you with your form and pushing you!

It’s been just over a year since I joined DSC.

I’ve lost 31 pounds so far and feel amazing!

I’m not in the physical shape I want to be in yet, but I know it takes consistency and perseverance and I’m committed to keep going!

I feel so strong and confident and in a place where I can be 110% available to take care of myself and my family.  

DSC has changed my mind on fitness! I now love coming to the gym to workout and I NEVER thought I would say that! The support and positivity from the staff is like none other!

If you’re on the fence about joining, just do it! It doesn’t matter what your fitness ability is, YOU CAN with DSC!

- Beth

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