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"I Could Not Believe My Results!"

Before joining the DSC Nutrition Program, I had tried pretty much every fad diet out there…the Whole 30, intermittent fasting, calorie deficit and lastly the Keto Diet. 

They didn't work.

I understood these diets were not sustainable and knew I needed help identifying where I was going wrong nutritionally in order to reach my fitness goals and have long term success. 

I felt like I ate relatively healthy, but my results were starting to plateau and needed help getting out of that rut.

When I joined the nutrition program, I had a few goals in mind. 

First, to commit for the entire program.

My second goal was to lose a pound a week for a total of 8 pounds. 

The ultimate goal that I hoped the program would help me reach was to identify a healthy nutritional lifestyle (not a diet) that I could follow even after the program ended.

I had several fears coming into this program! 

I was nervous this would be another failed diet program.

After yo-yo dieting and experimenting with calorie deficits, my next fear struck when I was given my first week’s calorie goals.

I thought “How on earth am I going to lose weight when I’m supposed to eat more calories than I normally do?” 

This fear was soon put to rest as I was consistently dropping weight while eating so much more food than I was used to!

That's when the real changes started happening. 

The coaches opened my eyes to the fact that I was actually eating too little to lose weight. 

I wasn't fueling my body to burn fat.

The nutrition coaching program helped me reach my goals in so many ways!

The accountability to the coaches and myself is what pushed me the hardest to succeed in this program. 

I learned that it is not about the calories taken in but more so the composition of those calories and importance of macros. 

I found that by logging my food the night before for the next day I was able to meet my macro goals and not be tempted to stray off track. 

I learned how to be conscious of the foods I am eating without feeling deprived.

I loved DSC's Nutrition Coaching Program!

The weekly feedback from the coaches, personalized macro plans, encouragement and enthusiasm by Coach Sydney and Beth were off the charts. 

These ladies worked so hard to keep me motivated and support me throughout the program and continued to challenge me so that I could maximize my results.

I could not believe my results with DSC's Nutrition Coaching!

In 8-weeks, I lost a total of 13 pounds, 5 more pounds than my goal!! 

I lost 5% body-fat and put on muscle!

I even had to go buy new bathing suits, shorts, and jeans as they were all falling off my waist! 

My energy has been much higher than before the program and I have even noticed a significant difference in my workout performance and ability to continuously challenge myself at the gym. 

My favorite parts of the program would be what it has done for my self-esteem; I left the program feeling so empowered! 

I feel much more confident and comfortable in my own skin.

I cannot wait to continue this journey on my own and see how far this new nutritional lifestyle will take me!

For anyone thinking of joining the program, don’t even think twice!

This will 100% change your life regardless of your current fitness level!

There is so much to be learned from our coaches and you will not regret taking part in this incredible program!

- Sarah

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Our Nutrition Coaching Program starts September 16th!

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