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How-To [The Kettlebell Swing]

Welcome to your kettlebell (KB) swing how-to guide!

If you’re new to the kettlebell swing or looking for tips to improve your performance, this article is for you!

The KB swing is an absolute favorite amongst our members and I think you’re going love it too!

Today we’re going to break down the swing and cover:

  • The set-up and start

  • The execution

  • The finish

  • Advanced tips to take your swing to the next level

  • The most common mistakes for you to avoid

Before we get into that it’s important to note why the swing should be a big part of your workout routine:

1| Fitness & Fat-Loss

What you’ll notice about the KB swing is how fast-paced it is. 

Fast-paced movements like the swing, done for an extended period of time, are a fantastic way to get your heart-rate up, improve your overall fitness, burn calories, and shred fat.

2| Strength

The KB swing is what’s know as a compound movement as it involves many joints of the body.

The swing builds tremendous amounts of strength across your upper back, shoulders, core, hamstrings, glutes, forearms, and grip!

3| Fun & Variety

What our members at DSC love most about the swing is how fun it is.

Once you get into the groove and master its technique, the swing is not only going to drastically increase the enjoyment of your workouts, but add a great deal of variety to them.

Use them in strength circuits. Use them as an extended portion of your warm-ups. Use them as an a**kicking cardio finisher!

It’s time to spice up those boring old workouts and KB swings are here to help!

4| Joint Friendly 

Bad knees?

Bad ankles?

Bad hips or shoulders?

No problem!

The KB swing avoids the impact of traditional cardio exercises like running and jumps.

It actually works to strengthen crucial areas of your body that protect your joints, like your hamstring, glutes, and core!

So, are you ready to get started with mastering your kettlebell swing?

Checkout your how-to videos below! 

Any questions, please send me an email at:


Your Swing Set-Up and Hike

Your Swing Execution

Your Swing Finish

Most Common Swing Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Because Summer Bods are Made in the Spring!

It's time to look and feel your best!

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