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How To Get A Summer Body In 8-Weeks

This summer is going to be different.

...No more wishing you started in the spring

...No more wearing t-shirts at the beach

...No more feeling uncomfortable in those summer clothes

This is the summer you look and feel your best. And it starts NOW!

One thing we know is that getting into the best shape of your life isn't easy, especially when you do it alone. 

What should you be eating?

What kind of workouts should you be doing?

How do you even get started?

These questions and lack of direction are what keeps so many people from the results they're looking for. 

Our mission at DSC is to make it easy.

We're here to make it easy to get your fitness and nutrition plan started. We're here to take the guesswork out of what you should be eating and how to workout to see real change. We're here to keep you consistent.

To get you started, we're covering 4 simple steps to lose weight, tone up, and get that summer body ready in just 8-weeks.

Let's get into it!

Step 1: Improve Your Daily Habits

Your life is made up of habits. These are the things you do without even thinking about it. In fact, 45-50% of the things we do are based off our habits.

Things like how you get ready in the morning, the coffee shop you go to before work, or your late night snacking, all make up your habits.

They make up your daily behavior and either push you towards your goals or pull you away from them.  

If you want to change your body and health, change your habits and align those habits with your goals.

Why? Because our habits are what shape our consistency and the more consistent we are, the better our results are going to be.

If you're ready to make incredible changes for summer, start with your daily habits.

Imagine over the next 8-weeks, you:

  • Exercised daily
  • Drank more water 
  • Got 8+ hours of sleep per night
  • Planned your healthy meals in advance
  • Ate more vegetables
  • Stopped mindless snacking
  • Stopped eating takeout and fast food

Think about the changes you would make to your fat-loss, energy, health, and summer body.

No more wishing it would happen.

No more beating yourself up because it didn't happen.

It's time to make it happen!

With the help of DSC and our Summer Ready Nutrition Coaching Program, you can take incredibly simple, yet effective daily steps in the right direction.

Our 8-week program is dedicated to helping you instill the most powerful daily behaviors to transform your results.

Step 2: Track Your Customized Diet Plan

One concept that is crucial to understand for fat-loss is energy balance.

We've all heard the term calorie. Each food we eat comes with a certain amount of calories. They make up the food we eat and represent the energy the food offers.

Take a look at the table below:

Weight gain = calories in > calories burned

Weight maintenance = calories in = calories burned

Weight loss = calories in < calories burned

In order for us to get our summer body ready, we need to put ourselves in what's known as a calorie deficit to shed fat and tone up.

This means we need to consistently burn more calories than we consume.

How do we burn calories? We actually burn the most calories during the day with our body's daily functions. They help us with various bodily functions that we have no control over like digesting food and breathing.

We can also burn more calories through physical activities like our workouts.

The KEY to understand though is that workouts alone are NOT a sustainable way to keep us in a calorie deficit.

Think you're burning 600-800 calories at your workouts? 

Here's the truth:

Research shows we typically overestimate how many calories we burn during a workout and underestimate how many calories we consume during the day (by over 500 calories). 

The truth is we typically burn somewhere between 200-400 calories per workout. 

That is the equivalent of a serving or 2 of peanut butter -- yikes! Yes, all it takes is a small snack to wipe out the calories you burned during your workout. Talk about a poor recipe for fat-loss. 

In fact, just focusing on working out to loss weight is a recipe for maintaining or gaining weight. 

The real ticket to sustainable fat-loss is using your nutrition to keep you in a small calorie deficit. 

Notice I said small deficit.

Cut calories too much and too quickly, here's what will happen:

Your workout performance will suffer due to a lack of fuel. You'll be chronically tired and irritable. You'll be hangry (hungry + angry). 

And most importantly, your fat-loss will plateau. 

This is why 80-90% who diet put the weight they lose back on and then some. 

You might see a quick drop in weight but that will halt overtime. Too little calories taken in will actually cause your body to go into starvation mode and hold onto fat for fuel. Not good if you want to make longterm changes.

Instead, the key is to start with a small deficit to keep your energy levels high, workout performance strong, and to see a gradual decrease in body-fat (1-2lbs per week).

Now it's time to get into how.

The question then becomes how do we know how many calories to eat and how do we keep track of it?

That's where our coaches come in and the real magic happens.

We all have a baseline calorie level. This is the amount of calories needed for you to maintain your weight.

It's mainly calculated from your age, weight, height, and activity level.

Our coaches find that number for you, reduce the calorie number slightly to put you in a deficit, and then coach you on how to eat in a way that meets those numbers.

They will teach you how to track the foods you eat to see how many calories you've eaten each day. Food tracking has been shown to improve fat-loss by 50%!

They will make sure you're eating not only the right amount of calories, but also the right amounts of macros (carbs, proteins, fats) to fuel for your day and your workouts and provide your body with the right nutritious foods.

The guess work around eating for fat-loss is GONE!

Step 3: Have a Coach In Your Corner

Fat-loss isn't easy. Being consistent is hard. Will-power only lasts so long.

This summer, don't do it alone. 

Imagine the changes you could make by having a coach by your side.

A coach to answer your questions.

A coach to provide feedback each week on what you're doing well and what small changes you can make to improve.

Think about how your level of consistency would skyrocket knowing your coach is going to be checking in with you each week.

How great would you feel and what types of changes could you make by doing really well with your nutrition 80-90% of the time, vs. where most of us do well about 30-40% of the time. 

Talk about a game-changer!

Step 4: Crush Your Workouts

The final step of your 8-week summer body transformation is your workouts. 

If you want to look and feel your best this summer, consistent workouts must be big part of your routine.

You want a great mix of strength training exercises to build muscle tone and cardio to improve your overall fitness, burn calories, and shred fat.

New to working out? 

Unsure of where or how to get started?

We are here to help! Our workouts are designed to remove all thinking on your end.

When you join our Summer Ready Nutrition Program, you will have unlimited access to our coach-led workouts.

The first and most important step is how you schedule your classes at DSC. We have a class scheduling app that you will go in and schedule your class times and days. This books your workout like an appointment or meeting. Knowing when and where your workout will take place is a game changer for consistency. No more hoping you get your workout in or trying to find the motivation to do it. 

Once you arrive for your class, your workout and equipment is all ready for you.

Imagine not having to think about what do for a workout and how to do it. We take care of that for you.

New to working out or it's been a long time? Our coaches work directly with you to help you get comfortable, learn the exercises, answer questions, and help you work at your own pace. There is no competition or trying to keep up with anyone!

We work on exercises to build total-body strength, burn calories, and improve your endurance. You're going to LOVE how you feel after each class.

Online Classes:
Not ready to return to the gym or live too far away from DSC? We've got you covered!

The very classes that have made us the #1 gym in N.H are now available right from your living room. All you need to do is hit play and our coaches will guide you step-by-step through your entire workout. We will work on a variety of fitness areas like warm-ups, flexibility, core & total-body strength, and cardio. Get ready to sweat, shred fat, improve your fitness, and feel your best.

These workouts are perfect for all levels and require little to no equipment. We show the beginner, intermediate, and advanced version of each exercise and coach you how to work at your own pace. Do you have any past or current injuries, aches, or pains? We will also take you through the low-impact version of each movement and show you how to modify around areas like bad knees, backs, and or shoulders.

Our 8-Week Summer Ready Nutrition Program starts April 26th!

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It's time to eat great and lose weight -- just in time for summer!

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Our 8-Week Summer Ready Nutrition Coaching Program starts April 26th!

Register before April 5th and SAVE 10%!

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