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How Strength Training Made All The Difference for Diane!

Before I joined DSC, I had been injured for a while.

I had been running long distances but not doing any strength training so eventually I developed chronic injuries that kept me from running at all, leading me to do nothing in the way of exercise.

I needed to make a change.

I have numerous running friends who have belonged to DSC and spoken highly of the program. 

My friend Jen, who I run with regularly, had joined a few months before and felt she was getting a lot out of the workouts so I decided it was time to give it a try.

My biggest hope was that joining DSC and committing to a regular schedule of strength workouts would enable me to get back to running distance again despite the chronic injuries I’d been struggling with. 

I hoped to lose the weight I’d gained while unable to run, and improve my strength overall.

I was nervous about being able to follow the workouts and perform some of the exercises.

I had done similar workouts before but in a very small class and it had been several years ago. 

I also thought I would have trouble with some exercises because of my injuries. 

Then it was time for my first class... I was nervous!

I had no idea how I was going to keep up or follow along but I showed up. 

At my first class, DSC's Coach Renee took charge. 

She pointed me in the right direction so I didn’t get lost changing stations or exercises and helped me modify any of the moves that were problematic with the pain I was still having at the time. 

At the end of the class, I had a great sense of accomplishment.

My experience with the DSC program has been great!

I love the diversity and the challenge of the workouts. I love that the coaches are always there with advice, guidance, support or to answer questions. 

So far, I’ve lost over 30lbs!

I’m wearing clothes I haven’t been able to wear in a couple years.

I can see great improvement in my energy, endurance and attitude.

I LOVE the group workout format, where I feel so much more motivated to turn up and to push myself alongside everyone else who is doing the same. 

I really like that the coaches keep an eye on us and offer tips for proper form and execution of the exercises.

They encourage us to push ourselves but I also feel encouraged to listen to my body and back things down a little if that’s what I need to do that day.

Thinking of joining DSC? Definitely, go for it. 

The group support, the coach support, the variety in the daily workouts and the weekly cycles make it so easy to get into and maintain a consistent workout routine. 

Don’t be afraid that you’re not in good enough shape to start working out.

The coaches at DSC make it possible for anyone at any level to get started!

- Diane

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