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How Kim Lost 80lbs at DSC!

Before joining DSC, my workout routine was non-existent. 

Sporadically I would try to walk, swim, or go to the gym, but most of my time was spent working or taking care of my family. 

I found out about DSC from friends that had joined and Matt came and spoke to my Rotary Club.

Then I saw the post for DSC's Women's Group on Facebook. I thought it would be fun and I liked the idea of a class with someone coaching and motivating you. 

I knew I had to get moving to lose weight and I needed someone to kick my butt. 

Coming in for my first class, I was nervous! It had been so long since I had been active I was afraid I could not do it, that I would look ridiculous, or that people would laugh. I was very self-conscious and afraid. 

Then I finished my first class and LOVED IT!

The coaches were fantastic! You could feel right away that they cared about helping you. They did not judge they only coached, cheered you on, and taught you the right way to do things. They were quick to notice if you needed help or needed an exercise modified to fit your ability. 

I LOVE DSC! Not just the coaches but the friends I have made since joining. 

Everyone here supports each other. 

DSC is such a different fitness experience than I've ever had. At other gyms, I never felt that the instructors really cared or took the time to support its members the way the DSC coaches do. 

It is such an awesome feeling to look around the room and see so many diverse body types that are all helping and cheering each other on without any judgement. 

Since joining DSC, I have lost 80lbs!

I also have muscles and tone that I thought I would never have. DSC has shown me that I absolutely can workout and build back some of that body tone and muscle I had lost over the years. 

My favorite part of DSC is all of it

DSC is what has helped me become the stronger, healthier person I am today! 

I know that as soon as I get there, the DSC crew will be there to motivate me and kick my butt. I also know that I will leave there every single time feeling tired but proud that I can do it and that I did do it! It may not always be pretty or perfect, but I CAN do it!

Are you thinking of joining DSC?

I say, try it! You will feel great, LOVE the staff and the support they give you and you will realize that everyone else there is simply there to accomplish their own goals without judging someone else's!

- Kim

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