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How Jackie Lost 20LBS With DSC Nutrition Coaching

My fitness and health has been off and on over the past 5+ years. 

I've circled between strength training at a commercial gym, small group workouts at a boxing gym, home workouts following videos, and absolutely slacking / being completely inactive and gaining all the weight back.  

Right before I joined DSC a few months ago, I was back and forth between the home workouts and doing nothing at all.

I felt very crappy! 

When the quarantine started back in March, I started working 100% from home and had a really hard time adjusting. Half-assed home workouts, lots of snacking and grazing especially junk foods, spending more time than ever before just sitting down all day. 

I was having trouble adjusting to being home 24/7 versus barely at all, all of a sudden, no socialization and it became easier and easier to start filling my kitchen with snacks and treats. I feel like I blinked and suddenly I was 20 pounds heavier, feeling like total crap, and having a really hard time resetting that unhealthy cycle I had gotten used to.

Not only had I gained 20 pounds, I felt so sluggish and unmotivated. It was really hard to break that bad cycle.

My goal in joining DSC was to get back into better shape and stay consistent this time. No more slacking off and gaining the weight back after I've worked it off. I wanted to feel and look better. I wanted to get stronger.

I read through DSC's website and watched their Instagram before coming in. It shared so much that I had a pretty good idea of what I was walking into. This really helped me feel comfortable learning a lot about DSC before I reached out about joining.

I was very nervous for my first class, but mostly excited. It felt like a fresh start!

My first class was awesome. DSC's coaches stuck with me and showed me modifications for an injury and adapted the workout specifically for my fitness level. 

I felt so good about that first class that I didn't even finish my 14-day trial. I signed up for a membership that first day!

DSC has the best coaches on the planet!  They are so funny and motivating. Walking into a class with the whole workout designed already is a gigantic help to push yourself harder than when you just walk into a commercial gym on your own. Plus with so many others working out alongside you, you feel even more motivated to keep working hard. Even when I'm doing a modification that's different than those around me, I am motivated by every single person in the gym working so hard.

Now I look forward to my DSC class workout every morning. It feels incredible to start my mornings with a tough workout that leaves me feeling great physically and mentally and ready to start my work day.  

The next step was to improve my nutrition.

I've struggled with staying consistent with a healthy diet with the right portions and an exercise routine for the past 10 years or so. 

I either go way too strict in a way that's not sustainable and I'll get the weight off but it doesn't last long. Once I eventually start slacking, all the weight comes back and more! Or I'll just keep waffling back and forth between a few weeks of good nutrition, then a huge backslide, back and forth, back and forth. 

I have a wicked sweet tooth - when I eat junk, I. EAT. JUNK!

It's really difficult for me to want to eat healthy and enjoy eating healthy - until I get over the hump and see the scale and my body start to change and notice how much better my body is feeling, and then that motivation starts to keep it going.

I work so hard in the daily classes at DSC that I knew I had to fix my nutrition too if I wanted to see big changes. I figured if the workout classes were so great, I bet the nutrition program is too. My goals were to lose 10 pounds over the 8 weeks and successfully start being consistent with the nutrition goals necessary for weight loss: planning meals ahead of time, tracking calories and macros, being a lot more thoughtful about what I eat. And sticking with it, no more flip-flopping!

Having my daily calories and macro ratios figured out for me is a huge help. All I need to do is plug them into MyFitnessPal and then plan meals around meeting those goals.

Biggest part is the accountability of the weekly check in with Coach Ashley. This is what kept me on track. I felt super proud when I could see that the good choices I was making led to the scale moving.

My experience with the Nutrition Coaching Program was positive and motivating. It was just what I needed to kick my butt into gear and gave me the restart I needed! 

Ashley is a great nutrition coach. She provided the education in a way that was easy to understand and easy to start applying right away. She is supportive and has great advice on what to try differently each week.

I'm still learning, a work in progress, but I'm doing 1000% better with figuring out how to keep myself satisfied with food that still supports my goals. I am learning how to keep this going for real-life living, not just the short-term.

With Coach Ashley's guidance and if you put the work in, you're going feel and look great

Since joining DSC and the Nutrition Coaching Program, I am down 20LBS!

And I am more consistent and motivated than ever!

I've also noticed I am sleeping so much better too.

Getting stronger definitely helps with feeling more confident, in the gym but also just overall. It feels really good, like an accomplishment to think I started a few months ago with a 10kg kettlebell and am now up to a 14kg one and hope to keep going.

My favorite part of DSC is the friendly coaches!

And my favorite part of the workouts is the variety. I'll never get bored with the DSC workouts. It's something different every day, walking into a surprise. I especially like how we repeat some of the same types of movements so I can get better at them but mixed in with brand new things too, like this week's narrow squats on the plate! Or when I walk in and there's barbells or the rowers put out in the pods.  

It's always a work in progress but I'm moving mountains these days compared to the quarantine days before I joined.

My morning 8am DSC class is so much a part of my regular day now, just like my work day. I can't and don't want to imagine not going!

For me, the biggest thing was the incredible combination of the DSC workouts and nutrition program. It has given me back my physical and mental health.

Join DSC and their Nutrition Program --- there's ZERO chance you won't fall in love with it!

- Jackie

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