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How I Lost 29LBS at DSC!

Meet Wilmer 

For years, Wilmer found himself spinning his wheels when it came to improving his health and fitness. 

"My fitness routine prior to joining DSC was like an off and on switch. I'd go for a few weeks or months then quit. It was like a rollercoaster."

The $10/month, do-it-yourself gym environment left Wilmer feeling both unsupported and unmotivated and in-turn, inconsistent. 

Wilmer wanted to lose weight, feel better, and gain strength, most importantly wanted the help he needed to stay consistent.

Then he tried his first DSC class and that's when everything changed for Wilmer.

Today we sat down to talk with Wilmer about her struggles with his fitness and weight loss before joining DSC and how she has now:

  1. Lost 29LBS and 6% body-fat! 🔥

  2. Dropped his pant size from a 40 to a 36! 👖

  3. Dropped his shirt size from a XL to a L! 👕

  4. Drastically improved his strength, fitness, and health! 💪

  5. Never felt more confident! 😀


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