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How Ben Lost 55lbs at DSC!

Before joining DSC I really didn't work out at all. 

Maybe I'd go for a run once or twice a week totaling 3-4 miles a week. 

I was very overweight so I wasn't comfortable and running was starting to hurt my knees and hips because of that.

Before I joined DSC I was feeling sluggish and always tired or mopey. I wasn't very motivated to do anything and seeing how Amanda (my fiance who had joined DSC) was doing, it was even more depressing watching her lose weight, get in shape, and see a mood change too. I felt like she was leaving me behind in a way.

My goal when I first joined DSC was just to get back to a healthy weight where I could play a game of basketball or go for a run and nothing hurt me afterwards. 

Getting engaged also was a push to get me back to my "off-shore weight" when I used to work on the oil rigs and didn't have to workout to stay at a healthy weight. Coming to an on-shore position was a big lifestyle change for me and I know I needed a gym like DSC to get me to go and stay in shape.

I was a little nervous coming to my first class. I had done a charity workout once before with my fiance Amanda and luckily she was already a member when I joined so going with her calmed me a bit. Still though, all those people knowing the exercises and the flow of the classes is kind of intimidating at first.

To build off of my last answer it helped immensely that the coaches are so great with everyone. 

I distinctly remember my first class because there was an EMOM, which I had no idea what that was, and Chris pulled me aside to do some other exercises and walked me through them. 

The coaches are all so personable and easy to talk to. I also have a huge sense of humor so the little jokes and laughs throughout class are also welcomed for me as it keeps it light and easy to stay motivated. 

I'm glad I found a gym like DSC because I saw results quickly, the coaches are great, and it makes me want to go back and workout. It's easy for me or someone like me to get sucked in and it's to the point where if I go away on vacation or for work, I want to workout just to stay in shape to be able to do the classes when I get back.

For my overall results, I am down 55 pounds! 

I have had to spend a lot of money on new clothes as I went from a 36-38 waist  back down to a 32-34 waist and a large or an XL to Mediums for shirts. 

I have run a 15k, 10k, multiple 5k's, and am training for a half marathon this October.

The weight I've lost has helped build my confidence tremendously. 

This has helped especially being in a sales role where I am in front of a group from time to time and now I don't feel ashamed to take my shirt off at the beach (which Amanda and I spend a lot of time at) or at the pool at my own home. It's always a great feeling to get one more belt hole tighter too.

My favorite part of DSC is that the culture there makes me want to workout. I feel bad when I can't go on the strength days I typically go on or if I miss a 5-6 day stretch. That feeling sucks but at the same time I'm happy I feel that way now. 

I miss the group workout environment, pushing sleds on teams or having to run a mile in a minute and a half. While I get that the times call for different measures I am a teamwork guy and that feeling of hitting that goal with others was always a great feeling. I can't wait until we can get back to that way of life.

DSC has changed my mindset to focus more on not just working out regularly but keeping to as much of a healthy lifestyle as I can outside the gym, too. Whether that's prepping meals for the week or taking a longer run on a Sunday just to see how far I can push myself. That confidence in learning my body and how/where I can push it has made a huge difference in my life.

It's tough to explain when people say "wow you look great how did you do it?" because DSC isn't just a gym, it's a lifestyle and a support system. 

The advice I would give someone is jump in with two feet. No matter what your preconceived notions about group workouts are or if you are intimidated by the exercises and things we do in class you will have a coach by your side or a new friend there to help you work through it. DSC was this big looming giant that Amanda would come home from and be exhausted and talk about all the different exercises and it sounded overwhelming but you learn them quickly and you feel great afterwards. 

That feeling of wanting to do it more quickly replaces the nervousness or intimidation and all of a sudden you are losing weight and loving it.

- Ben

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