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How Jason Lost over 110 pounds and stopped counting!!

After 2005 I really let myself go, the only activity was coaching my kids’ sports teams. In 2013, I retired, and my only physical activity was from my post retirement job for an oil and propane company. I was on and off at a few gyms but nothing long term. Diet non-existent.

I knew needed to have some drastic changes to my life. I had reached 400 plus pounds and this trajectory was unacceptable. I started to feel the effects of my weight gain. I knew it was a matter of time before something serious could happen. I owed it to my kids to set the example and stop my unhealthy path. I drove by DSC every day since they moved to this location and had heard good things about the gym. I made a stand that day and stopped in, once inside the door they had me hooked after they welcomed me and said let’s start now!

I didn’t have any fears but more of self-doubt that I could regain some of my past fitness levels and the thought of how long this would take to lose even 25 pounds. I was more disappointed that I had let myself get to this point and knew this was not going to be easy.

The DCS family has been amazing. Each coach has unique personalities and skill sets that they each bring to make the experience that much better. They meld it together to bring a perfect atmosphere to thrive in. I don’t know how they do it? but manage to remember every member’s name! they make it very personable. Kudos!

The work outs for me are a perfect blend of strength and cardio. Each week you build upon the next and at the end of the month you really feel the gains.

Here I get actual coaching, I never had it at other gyms without paying extra. DCS has classes that I can fit around my schedule so for me it has been a pleasure.

In the first 4 months of joining, I had lost 63 pounds and about 6 pant sizes. I had noticed my overall health was moving in the right direction. My kids started to notice changes and made me feel great that I had made the right choices. So fast forward, 12 months later, I stopped counting after 110 pounds lost and down from size 54 pant to a 38. My overall strength and stamina are at a level that I have not seen in years.

For me every time I go, I’m welcomed and not forgotten, the coaches always keep giving me what I need to succeed. I have meant so many great people since I’ve joined, they always are encouraging each other to succeed. There are a few though, and you know who you are, that kept me engaged and had a profound influence on my journey! and for that I will be FOREVER  internally grateful.


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