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A Look Inside Our Summer Youth Camps

Over the years, we've built quite a niche for helping our youth campers not only improve their health, fitness, and athleticism, but get excited about doing so.

Here at Dynamic Strength and Conditioning, it is our mission to provide the most fun, supportive, and safe workout environment imaginable. 

Right now that is more important than ever. 

In just a few weeks we will be kicking off our Summer Youth Performance Camps.

These camps are dedicated to to helping our campers:

  • Get active this summer

  • Improve their athleticism 

  • Decrease the risk of sport-related injuries

  • Improve their health and fitness

  • Boost their confidence

  • Have fun this summer

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have taken substantial measures to improve the safety of our campers and members here at DSC. 

Let's get into the updates we've made here at DSC as well as how our camps will work. 


Our campers safety starts well before they enter the gym at DSC. Because we are taking extra precautions for their safety, we are limiting the occupancy inside DSC well below the state guideline of 50%. This is to promote the ultimate level of safety, comfort, and social distancing. 

We ask that all campers arrive at DSC at least 10 minutes before their scheduled class time. During this time, your DSC staff will be hard at work cleaning their personal workout pods and equipment in preparation for their arrival.

Once you arrive, we ask that our campers line up with along the building. Campers should arrive ready to rock in their workout clothes and with their water bottle. Once camps start, we will guide our campers in one-by-one to keep social distance and get them directly to their personal workout pod.

This 5x7' pod is where our campers will complete their workouts. It will be equipped with everything they need to rock their class with that session's equipment. Between each workout pod will be an additional 6 feet of space. 

Here are some additional safety updates we've made to DSC:

  • All members and campers will use hand sanitizer upon entering the gym

  • Double the hours of professional restroom deep cleaning

  • Full cleaning of equipment after each class

  • Two full cleanings of gym each day

  • Cleaning of all high touch areas of gym multiple times per day

  • New touch free bottle fillers

  • New touch free faucets

  • Door foot openers

  • Hand sanitizer throughout the facility

  • Regular turf steam cleanings and rubber floor machine washings

  • Consulted with doctors, nurses, local police, disease prevention specialists, and the top fitness business consultant in the country

You can read our full DSC Safe and Strong Guide, HERE.


Once our campers are in, it's time to have some fun.

Each session will be led by our DSC Performance Coaches from start to finish.

They will lead and coach them through our class warm-ups, speed & agility exercises, core and total body strength movements, and conditioning. 

Our goal as performance coaches is to make our summer campers better athletes.

We do this in a variety of ways like improving our athletes speed, power, agility, reaction time, total-body & core strength and endurance. 

They will leave our camps running faster, jumping higher and getting to the ball quicker, all with less fatigue. 

This will leave them able to play as hard and fast in the first quarter as they will be in the last. 

One thing we love most about our summer camps is seeing the progress our campers make. Over the course of the 8-weeks they are going to make incredible strides to improve their health, fitness, and confidence.


As a parent of 3, I know how kids can be picky eaters. I also know about the poor nutritional habits that could be so easily picked up during quarantine. 

We also know how much they will benefit from learning and instilling better choices and habits when it comes to their nutrition. 

And that is exactly our goal.

Like fitness, instilling better nutritional habits when our children are young, has been shown to drastically increase their healthy habits as adults.  

Over the course of the summer we will be teaching our campers:

  • How to start their day with a healthy breakfast

  • How to make protein smoothies

  • How to properly hydrate

  • How to limit sugars and other junk foods

  • How to properly fuel before workouts, games and practices 


We know from research that if a kid enjoys physical activity at a young age, they are more likely to continue to lead an active and healthy life later on. 

Our goal is to ensure that every athlete has a great experience at DSC! 

After months of quarantine, it's time to get our kids active, moving, and having FUN!

We use a positive, high energy, and fun environment to teach our athletes the fundamental movements, strength, speed and skills needed for a lifetime of achievement, fitness, and health.

We cannot wait to get started this summer! 

Our 8-Week Youth Summer Performance Camps Start
June 29th! (ages 10-13 and 14+)

Register before June 15th and SAVE 10%

Click HERE to register!
(use promo code: Summer2020 at checkout)

Our Summer Performance Camps start June 29th!

Register before June 15th and SAVE 10%!

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