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Your 3-Minute Golf Warm-Up

Kurtis West

Kurtis graduated from Lasell College in 2010 with a BS in Exercise Science...

Kurtis graduated from Lasell College in 2010 with a BS in Exercise Science...

Nov 17 4 minutes read

Our Golf Performance Groups will start May 29th!

Space is limited!

I am going to let you in on a little secret. 

I am also going to save you some money. 

There's a quick, extremely effective and free way to gain yardage and keep you swinging the club pain free. 

We are talking an additional 30-50yds on your next tee shot. 

It's not a new club, book or instructional video and it only takes 3 minutes before your next round. 

It is our Dynamic Strength and Conditioning golf specific warm-up. 

If you are a runner, you know how those first few miles feel. 

You put your running shoes on and hit the pavement. 

The first mile or 2 just plain hurts. You finally hit your stride a few miles in as your body is warm, loose and ready to rock. 

Now imagine you started your run feeling like you did on mile 2 or 3. 

Your golf game is no different. 

The right warm-up will allow you to start your round warm, loose and hitting the ball long and far from the beginning. 

Our golf specific exercises are geared to:

  • Increase core temperature 
  • Decrease hip and low-back pain & stiffness 
  • Increase hip and upper-back rotation
  • Increase rotational and club head velocity 
  • Decrease your risk of injury

Give this 3-minute golf warm-up a go before your next round. 

1| Club Pec Stretch

Your first warm-up drill is the club pec stretch, designed to open your chest, improve posture and increase the rotation in your shoulders. This will allow you to increase your shoulder and upper-back rotation allowing for more torque, club head speed and efficiency in your swing.

Key Points:

  • Start tall with left foot forward and left hand on end of club
  • Keep arms straight throughout 
  • Bring club up and across body so left arm finishes above head
  • You should feel stretch in left pec
  • Hold stretch for 2 seconds
  • Complete 6 reps on each side

2| Club Shoulder Stretch

The club shoulder stretch is another great shoulder opener used to open your chest, lats and upper-back. Being overly tight in those areas will limit your ability to rotate through your upper back, decreasing your club head speed and placing excessive stress on your low-back. 

Key Points:

  • Start tall with right hand on top of your club
  • Bend at the waist and bring left hand to club 6" below the right hand
  • Keep left arm straight
  • Lean body arm from club
  • You should feel stretch through back of left shoulder
  • Hold stretch for 5 deep breaths

3| Club Lunge to Rotation

The club lunge to rotation is a fantastic warm-up drill designed to increase range-of-motion at your hips and upper-back. This is great for getting your core temperature elevated and teaching you how to separate your upper and lower body during the swing. 

Key Points:

  • Start tall with hands on club, arms straight
  • Take a step back into a reverse lunge with right leg
  • Legs should finish lunge at 90 degrees
  • Bring club to chest height 
  • Rotate arms and torso left over left leg
  • Return to starting position and switch sides
  • Complete 5 reps on each side

4| Club Squat to Overhead Reach

The squat to overhead reach is one of the best warm-up drills as it loosens the entire body and is great for golfers. The squat increases range of motion at your hips, knees and ankles while the overhead press increase your upper back posture and extension. This movement is also great for challenging your core stretch which is huge for a powerful swing and injury prevention.

Key Points:

  • Start feet shoulder width with toes pointed out slightly
  • Arms should be wide apart and straight overhead, holding club
  • Start by bringing club down to shoulders
  • Sit back and down into squat, keeping heels down
  • Press club overhead and return up to starting position
  • Complete 6 reps

Improve your golf game with our Golf Performance Groups starting May 29th!

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