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Walk into Dynamic Strength and Conditioning for the first time and one thing you will notice is how different it is from the traditional gym. 

And we love it that way.

You won't see rows and rows of endless cardio equipment like treadmills and ellipticals. 

You also won't see overcrowded and outdated areas of strength and ab machines. 

Instead you'll see large open spaces great for allowing our members and athletes room to do what they are designed to do -- move in a variety of directions. 

You'll also notice some equipment you've probably never seen. 

As coaches at DSC, we make it our mission to change and improve the workout experience forever. 

One way we do this is by staying in the forefront of latest and most effective methods of training, nutrition, physical therapy and exercise equipment. 

When it comes to exercise equipment, we search for the latest technology that will offer the most variety and results for our members. 

This keeps our workouts fresh and exciting for our members!

Today, we want to introduce our 4 newest pieces of equipment and why you're going to love them!

Let's get into it.

1| Skiergs

These are a DSC favorite amongst our members. 

If you've ever been cross-country skiing, you know how great of a workout it can be.

Now envision cross-country sprinting!

Enter the skierg, a wall-mounted cardio machine that is great for getting your heart rate up, shredding fat and really works your abs and arms. 

Another great benefit of the skierg is how joint-friendly it is. 

Have bad knees, back or hips? No problem! 

Key points:

  • Start tall about a foot from the machine
  • Grab handles and start with them overhead
  • In one motion, pull handles down and back as you sit into half squat position
  • Finish low with hands behind your hips and posture tall
  • Once you groove the technique, make your pulls as fast as possible
  • Start with :30 of work followed by :30 of rest for 6-10 rounds

2| Versaclimbers

We've nicknamed the Versaclimbers our "Unicorns" because they are so rare.

These are also a favorite here at DSC. 

They are another joint-friendly piece of cardio equipment that are awesome for your legs.

The great thing about the Versaclimber is their versatility!

You can lower the resistance, allowing you to sprint and really get your heart-rate up.

You can also crank the resistance up, making these one heck of a leg workout.

Key points:

  • For more of a sprint workout, keep resistance low
  • For more a of strength workout, keep resistance high
  • Step into foot pedal straps and grab handles
  • Alternate pushing down with one foot to get climber moving
  • Keep motion small and sharp and core tight
  • Start with :30 of work followed by :30 of rest for 6-10 rounds

3| Curved Treadmills (self propelled)

When it comes to treadmill running, there is no better treadmill than the curved, self propelled treadmill. 

We are excited to see these popping up more and more in gyms. 

There are a couple reasons we prefer these over a traditional treadmill. 

First,  they have no motor. You have to be the one to get it moving and you dictate your speed making these great for all levels.

Because traditional treadmill belts move by themselves, they do not replicate real jogging and sprinting. In fact, they make it easier. 

If you're a runner using a treadmill during the winter months, this can be a problem as traditional treadmills do not mimic the demands of outdoor running where you have to be the one to propel yourself forward. 

The second reason we love these is the curved shape of the treadmill. 

By having the curve at the top of the treadmill, you experience less impact forces on each step, making the curved treadmill much more joint-friendly than a traditional treadmill and outdoor running/walking.

This is great news for those with knee pain. 

In fact, we have members everyday run for the first time in years with our treadmills and feel great!

The final reason we love the curved treadmill is it's high-speed capabilities.

In other words, you can sprint as fast as you possibly on our treadmills.

This is perfect for our athletes working to improve their speed and our members looking to burn fat and improve their conditioning. 

Key Points:

  • Stay tall throughout
  • Try to stay to front of treadmill
  • Keep hands on railings if needed
  • Focus on getting knees up 
  • Start with :20 sprint, jog or fast-paced walk followed by :40 walk for 6-10 rounds. 

4| Keiser Cable System

Quite possibly the most versatile pieces of equipment are our Keiser cable systems.

The reason we love Keiser is that it's resistance is compressed air vs. the traditional weight stack.

This keeps the resistance and speed of your exercise the same throughout. 

With a traditional weight stack, you cannot pull on the cables very fast or they will crash down or make the motion very jerky.

This makes them only beneficial for slow-paced strength exercises.

The Keiser machines allow you to crank the resistance up and work on strength or lighten it and complete the exercise as fast as possible, making the Kesier system perfect for all fitness qualities. 

You can complete almost any exercise on the cable system, adding an incredible amount of variety to your workouts.

Rows, presses, ab work, lunges, squats, pressdowns, curls, the list goes on and on. 

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