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The Ultimate Low-Back Stretch

Low-back pain has become an epidemic amongst Americans.

Over 80% of the population will suffer from low-back pain at some point. 

The tricky thing is though, as the amount of people with low-back pain continue to rise, so does the amount of people with no clear diagnosis. 

With low-back pain, there isn't one solution or problem that exists.

To make matters worse, imaging like X-Rays and even MRIs do not tell the whole story. 

In fact, if you took an MRI of 10 random people, 8 of them would show some type of disc bulge or herniation. 

To complicate things even more, a good portion of these people showing disc issues will probably tell you they've never experienced back-pain. 

So, what gives?

At Dynamic, we train people with every health, fitness and medical background you can think of. 

We have people starting with us everyday with zero fitness background and people coming off their latest marathon. 

A good portion of these people come in with chronic low-back pain but start feeling a lot better after training with us for a few weeks. 

What do these people have in common? 

We typically see our new members have, extended posture, strength imbalances and restricted range-of-motion or flexibility, especially around their hips and core. 

This is commonly due to both being inactive or sitting too much during the day, causing stiffness (especially around the hips) and core weakness (especially with the abs). 

The combination of restricted hip motion and weak abdominals is a recipe for low-back overload. 

Yes, that low-back pain isn't due to low-back weakness, it is due to the fact that you use your back too much and your abs and hips not enough. 

When your hips and abs don't do their jobs, you end up using your low back for everything.

You use it to twist, bend, lean and lift instead of your bigger, stronger muscles.

It gets overused, tired and sore. 

Today, we are going to teach you the BEST low-back exercise to increase your hip flexibility, improve abdominal strength and take tension off that low-back. 

Enjoy! :) 

The 90/90 Hip Lift

Every training session at DSC starts with a positional breathing drill.  

Our favorite is the 90/90 hip lift. 

This exercise is specifically designed to relax your low back while improving the posture, flexibility and position of your hips and spine. 

The combination of proper position and exaggerated exhales works like a massage to calm your stiff and overworked low back, neck, shoulders and hips. 

Unlike traditional low-back stretches that typically torque and irritate sensitive low-back areas like your nerves, discs and ligaments, the 90/90 hip lift works to calm the low-back and release tension.

Give this a go everyday. 

Key Points:

  • Lay on back with thighs and shins at 90 degrees, feet on wall
  • Feet should be shoulder width, with knees close together
  • Have a light object like a small pillow or rolled up towel between knees
  • Keep low back in contact with floor (think of melting into the floor)
  • Keeping shoulders and neck relaxed, inhale easily through nose
  • Exhale through pursed lips
  • Make exhale as long and drawn out as possible
  • Hold breath for 2 seconds and repeat for 10 breaths
  • Try to make each exhale longer than the last
  • Complete before and after workouts and before bed

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