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The 4 Best Drills for Better Shoulder Mobility [step-by step instructions]

Ask most people to describe how their shoulders and neck feel and you'll get answers like, "stiff", "tight", and/or "painful".

This isn't good, especially because our shoulders are built for motion. 

They don't come equipped with a lot of natural strength and stability. 

In fact, many physical therapists and orthopedic surgeons will refer to them as a "golf ball on a tee". 

Your shoulders are known as a ball and socket joint. 

The tee is your shoulder "socket" and the "ball" is the head of your humerus. 

As you can see, the socket, who's main role is providing stability, is very small compared to the ball of the shoulder. The strength of your shoulder comes mainly from its supporting muscles of the rotator cuff. 

Over time, our shoulders loose this motion. 

Because of lack of activity and motion, static postures like sitting, our big muscles around our shoulders like our pecs, lats, traps, and necks stiffen and tack down our shoulders.

We loose the ability to raise our arms overhead and rotate through our shoulders.

Our posture starts to shift and our shoulders begin to roll forward. 

This changes the position of our shoulder joint and causes it to stiffen and lose its natural mobility. 

Cue the pain and stiffness feeling around our shoulders and neck!

We have good news though..

With the right dedicated exercises, we can drastically improve our mobility and posture, reducing that "stiff/painful" feeling. 

These exercises are specifically created to strengthen the commonly weak muscles around your shoulders, loosen and lengthen the overly tight muscles, promote blood flow to your shoulders and get you feeling GREAT!

Today, we cover the 4 best drills for increasing shoulder mobility and posture!

Hit these everyday and see the difference!

Enjoy! :)

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