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The #1 Exercise for Beginners [with video demonstration]

So you're ready to get into a consistent exercise routine.

That is great news and we are here to help!

In getting started, there is one exercise that if mastered, will have the biggest impact on your fitness. 

That exercise is the squat. 

It will improve your daily activities like going up and down the stairs and walking, by building some serious lower-body and core strength.

It will reduce stiffness and increase mobility at your hips, knees, and ankles. 

It will build muscle, burn fat and leave you feeling great. 

Finally, learning how to squat and getting stronger with it, will open a variety of fitness windows for you. 

For us, that is the beautiful thing about the squat. 

It transfers to improved strength and performance with such a wide array of exercises, allowing you to continue to make progress and add variety to your workouts. 

Think of the squat as the foundation of your fitness house. 

The better you get at squatting, the better every other component of your fitness becomes like your overall strength and cardio. 

Yes, you read that correctly -- the better and stronger you get at squatting the better you will get with other exercises like walking, jogging, lunges, push-ups, etc. 

The squat can often get a bad rap because it can be problematic for bad knees and hips. 

This can actually become true when form isn't corrected, putting excessive stress on your joints and/or you skip over the steps we are going to cover in the videos below. 

If done correctly, the squat can greatly increase your overall mobility, movement, strength while decreasing stiffness. 

Let's get you mastering the squat!

Step 1| Assist your squat

Step 2| Challenge yourself against your own body-weight

Step 3| Add resistance and range-of-motion

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