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Stronger Legs with this 1 Exercise

Here at Dynamic we use a variety of single-leg exercises like lunges, step-ups and our favorite – the rear foot elevated split-squat 1.5 (RFESS 1.5). 

It's might sound fancy, but it's actually quite simple! 

These exercises are great for improving lower-body strength, balance, flexibility and building a great looking lower body.  

Because they tend to be higher in reps, they are a great weight loss tool.

In the video below, we cover one of the more challenging, but bang-for-your buck lower body exercises. 

Whether you are an athlete or someone looking to improve overall fitness the RFESS 1.5 is your go-to exercise. Enjoy!  

Key Points

  • Set-up in bottom position with back shoelace on bench

  • Keep 90% of your weight in front foot

  • Do not let front knee travel past toe

  • Stay tall as you lower into bottom position

  • Push through front foot to come up

  • Hold dumbells to make the exercises more challenging

Our philosophy at Dynamic Strength and Conditioning is that every individual—regardless of fitness level, age, gender, or goals—receives the best results from a comprehensive strength and conditioning program in a safe training environment coached by educated, experienced professionals. 

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