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I have shed 40 pounds!

Joining Dynamic Strength and Conditioning was a life-altering experience. 

Last summer, on my first day at Dynamic, I was overweight and out of shape. 

The box gyms (you know – the ones where you get a membership on January 1st for $20 a month and never use again after January 15th ) had utterly failed me. (In fact, one of the cookie cutter gyms actually hands out pizza and Tootsie rolls as you leave! Complete Lunacy!) 

During my first workout I couldn’t manage to do a single burpee (an exercise where you jump down into a push-up position and jump back up again). 

Worse yet, I remember getting winded just climbing out of my truck and changing into my gym cloths. Yikes!!

Despite my athletic shortcomings no one laughed or was in any way critical or judgmental.

In fact, quite the opposite occurred. 

With the help of the amazing coaches and the group dynamic of the workout, the initial struggles gave way to profound achievements. 

Over the course of the year I have already shed 40 pounds!

I then successfully completed a Spartan Trifecta and experienced a metamorphosis I never dreamed possible. 

Just as amazing as the physical results are the friendships and bonds you will inevitably make. 

During my first month at Dynamic I met my training partner turned best friend. We just completed a series of Spartan races and now we are gearing up to conquer our first triathlon! 

Candidly if someone told me last year that I would be competing in a triathlon I would have told them my odds of winning Powerball were significantly greater.

I’ve come to discover that my gym routine prior to Dynamic was a complete waste of time. 

Like many of us, I attended one of those small “mill” gyms. (Think Rocky Balboa punching a giant slab of meat). 

While for a middle aged guy I could lift some heavy weights ultimately my workouts were unstructured and uninspiring. 

I “worked out” alone and lacked the positive influence of strength coaches and friends. 

No one was around to encourage me to push myself. I was lazy. 

On most days I would arrive at the gym, improperly lift some heavy dumbbells and stammer aimlessly around said gym for a grand total of 20-30 minutes. Following the completely lackluster “workout” I would inevitably point my truck in the direction of the nearest Dunkin Donuts where chaos would ensue. 

While technically “going to the gym” the routine was a fruitless endeavor. Years of attending cookie cutter gyms left me substantially overweight and looking similar to the stay puff marshmallow man from Ghostbusters. 

I lacked energy, vitality and a certain sense of self-confidence. 

Medically, I was on the brink of being diagnosed with diabetes. 

I was depressed and unhappy with my appearance.

Everything changed when I set foot in Dynamic. 

The workouts are challenging yet fun. And let me add this proviso: by “challenging” I don’t mean to conjure up the image of the drill sergeant from the movie full metal jacket screaming manically at a recruit. Rather, the challenge comes from the realization that the only person you’re competing with is yourself. 

The coaches (all of whom are amazing) and everyone in your group will encourage you to reach your goals and transform into the best version of yourself. 

The best piece of advice? Take the leap. 

Give Dynamic a week, a month, a year. Everyone at Dynamic is on their own transformative personal journey towards a healthier self. 

From your first workout you will become stronger, healthier and happier – all occurring in a supportive non-threatening environment. As your body changes you’ll rediscover your swagger and self-confidence!!

- Justin

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