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I completed DSC's Nutrition Coaching Program. Here's what happened!

"I am now 20lbs lighter and smaller by 11.6" overall; 5.6" across my hips alone!" - Leah

My journey started when I was a teenager. 

I was taller and bigger than many of my friends and never really felt confident with my body. 

I had never had really good eating habits, but had experienced temporary shining moments of weight loss with unhealthy Atkins diets and other fad diets. 

I had done Weight Watchers once or twice but always gained the weight back. 

Weight had always been an issue for me.

After my son was born 13 years ago, I was a stay at home mom, living in Munich Germany, and started running. 

I ran 4-5 miles a day and just got into a habit of it, but my nutrition wasn't there. I drank a lot of coffee and didn't eat breakfast or healthy, wholesome meals. But I did lose the weight, and then over the course of 11 years, gained it all back plus some. 

When I started at DSC almost two years ago, I found I had gained about 70lbs in 11 years, and I was feeling really bad about myself.

I had always belonged to a gym, but when I joined DSC, I found so much more than just a gym. 

There was a genuine support group, people I looked forward to seeing every day, who urged me through those pull-ups and encouraged me to choose the bigger kettbells. 

But still, after a year and a half, I was stronger and in better shape, but hadn't really been able to shed any pounds because my eating habits were terrible. 

Having just turned 44, I was concerned about my health as heart disease and diabetes run in my family. 

My blood pressure and blood sugar weren't high, but I had seen them go up slightly every year and decided it was now or never.

Before the nutrition program started I was so nervous - what if I didn't succeed?  

My goal was to lose 15lbs in 8-weeks and I wasn't sure I could do that. 

But with the excellent, supportive coaching of Tommy, Renee, Eirikur and Beth, I checked the Facebook page every day, saw what everyone else was doing to make changes in their lives, and started LOGGING MY FOOD! 

This was the biggest change for me, and the one I think made the program the most effective. 

Actually charting what I was eating every day, seeing how many calories, fat, protein and carbs were in the things I always thought were healthy, was a real eye opener! 

I dedicated myself to 4-5 days a week at the gym. 

I stopped eating out so much.  

I cut back on my alcohol consumption (wine!!!) and within a week I started to feel a difference in my body.

My 5 a.m. crew is what got me out of bed every day. A few of them checked on me daily to see how I was holding up, if I needed any help or had any questions (most had already done the Phase 1 Program). 

I talked one particular 5 a.m. friend into doing the program with me, and that was a HUGE motivator because we were experiencing the same things together, and could offer encouragement to each other every morning.

I refused to weigh myself during the program because I didn't want to focus on JUST the number on the scale. 

I wanted to be stronger, leaner, healthier. 

After 8 weeks, I can say I feel all of those -  I am now 20lbs lighter and smaller by 11.6" overall; 5.6" across my hips/butt alone! 

I'm down two jean sizes!

I'm already signed up for Phase 2. 

And even though I'm nowhere close to my final goal, I know I'll get there because I look at food differently now. 

I've changed my bad habits to good and I know if I ever slip, I have the staff and members of DSC to pick me up and dust me off and send me right back to it.  

For anyone thinking of doing this, but feel nervous or apprehensive, I can only say.. GO FOR IT! 

Use all the resources available and ask tons of questions. Take advantage of the support system and you will succeed!

- Leah

Are you ready to look your very best?

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Join Our Next Nutrition Coaching Program starting Oct. 16th!

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