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I'm at a 30lb loss and feeling really good!

I joined Dynamic Strength & Conditioning (DSC) in 2013 while I was “training” for my first (and only up to now) half marathon.  I was looking for a more total-body exercise routine other than just running every day.  I’ll be absolutely candid. Before I started getting ready for that half marathon, I did the bare minimum in regards to exercise, including the 21 years spent in the Coast Guard.  I think the only exercise up to that point that I was any good at was the 16 oz curl.  Actually, I was an expert at it, and that was the biggest problem.

I never knew how to exercise for real.  I might have tried once or twice and failed at it because I can be my own worst enemy.

I asked my buddy, Steve Boule how he liked DSC, and if it would be worth my time.  He assured me that it would be, and he was correct! I wouldn’t say I had any fears going to my first class, I am after all somewhat of an extrovert.  However, the first day getting up at 4:15AM for the 5AM class was interesting.  I thought I was in decent shape at the time with all the running.  Boy was I wrong.  I left there feeling like a puddle of sweat, and the need to go for the next class.  And the next. And the next.

Make no mistake, like anything else you do in life, if you slack off, there are repercussions and it was no different for me.  I fell off a little (I was missing the 16 oz curls routine) and ballooned back up again to my worst weight (248 pounds).  I have dark days, I have light days.  But I know when I walk into DSC, that early morning crew is there, and they are supporting me, even though I'm complaining about push-ups an awful lot.  

Right now I’m at a 30 pound loss and feeling really good.  

I am stronger than I ever thought I would be!

Yeah there’s still a little muffin top going on, and I probably jiggle a little more than I still want, but it’s a work in progress.

Now to sap out: If it weren’t for the staff and patrons of DSC reaching out to me while “I was away” and breaking me out of my funk, I wouldn’t be as healthy as I am today. Thank you Matt, Kurtis, Chris and Renee as well as, Steve, Jaybird, Ed and the rest of the 5AM class for getting my ass back in gear.

Dynamic Strength and Conditioning isn’t a “gym”.  It’s not a place you go and take selfies by yourself in a mirror.  It’s a family picking each other up if someone falls down. It’s clapping and hooting when someone makes a breakthrough (hello burpees from the floor Karen!!!).  It’s some light hearted “ribbing” throughout an hour of whole body goodness where everyone has the same ultimate goal: to be a healthier person today than they were yesterday.

If you are looking for a place to really be serious about your health, Dynamics is the place to be.  If you are on the fence about joining, fall on over to the joining side.  You will not regret it. You might even get a laugh every 10 minutes with the rest of your new found “family”.  Just remember that whatever class you end up in has members with struggles of their own, so you are not alone in yours!

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