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How Mike went from inconsistent to 24lbs down!

My DSC story – what an amazing ride so far - a combination of strength, conditioning and nutrition = Success! 

Prior to joining DSC, my definition of exercise consisted of the “weekend warrior” approach and playing over-50 soccer in the over the hill soccer league.  

Then waking up on Monday after a tough 30-40 minute segment of game feeling exhausted, sore with cramped muscles and injuries. 

Also, running on acquired treadmill/coat hanger/dust collector once or twice a month and maybe outside for a jog when I could. 

I've joined gyms and used multiple home videos with minimal results. 

Continuing to gain weight, getting more out of shape and making up any excuse to not workout; "too tired, I play soccer so I am 'in shape', have no time", the list is too long to continue. 

Finally convinced myself it was good enough.

I walked into DSC with my water bottle “half empty” on the first week of August 2017, after repeated requests from my wife Lynne who had been working out at DSC since Nov 2016, to give it a try. 

(After all, I watched Lynne’s amazing transformation happen right in front of me). 

Coach Luke, thank you for not laughing at me and slowing me down so I would not throw up on the first day…I was red faced and exhausted but fascinated. 

I was fascinated to see the coaches in action on my first day. The members were all engaged in multiple workout segments. 

There was a ton of motivation, intensity, attention to detail and support. 

I am now working out 5-6 days a week, utilizing the plethora of knowledge that the coaches provide and utilize in each strength and conditioning workout.

Matt, Chris, Kurtis, Luke, Renee and Tommy are extraordinary and always positive. 

They are 100% committed to your success and push you to your limits. 

The workouts are never boring, always challenging, very intense and the coaches will provide individual exercises if needed. What a great team, what a great program! 

I felt absolutely amazing! 

This fitness program was actually working…but then the next chapter of my story begins. 

I started at DSC weighing 228lbs and totally out of shape, winded and tired. 

I then decided to try the Nutrition Program in October. 

After 8 weeks of DSC's positive impact, high level fitness training, I started the nutrition program at 216.5 lbs.  

I had already lost 12lbs in eight weeks of strength and conditioning training. 

I thought to myself: "How can this get any better… but nutrition program here we go!"

When I started the Nutrition Program (again after seeing the results first hand with Lynne finishing the 8-week course previously) I jumped in full force to get the most of it.  

Well DSC and Nutrition Coaches Renee, Tommy, Beth and Erikur did not let me down. 

It included amazing live videos, the Facebook group, tracking food, recipes and one on one conversations and texts that have provided our family with “LIFE CHANGING” lessons. 

Eating and living the way I had for 50 years has been the wrong approach.  

How could I fix it after 50 years of bad food habits?

The new approach is easy to understand; the execution of nutrition balance, hydration, sleep and supplements is challenging however the Coaches are there to make it easy to navigate and succeed.

I just weighed in for my completion of the Nutrition program and have lost another 12 lbs for a total of 24 lbs down to a weight of 204lbs. My goal is to reach my college weight of 190 lbs. 

Good bye Weekend Warrior lifestyle!

The weight is not my major focus anymore. 

The focus is on total body fitness with continued workout buildup, nutrition and healthy living. My body feels stronger and I can do more of the interval training with additional weight and repetitions as time passes. 

I needed to go out and purchase new clothes since my waist size is down two sizes and I no longer wear XL shirts. 

After working out for only two months the end of my soccer season was much more enjoyable.  I played 90 minutes of soccer on Sunday not winded at all and woke up Monday morning with no muscle soreness.  

Enter the outstanding onsite Physical Therapy if needed….

Physical Therapy available onsite is an added bonus. Jamie Morse with her wealth of education, knowledge and cutting edge techniques has helped me work through a long time nagging knee issue with positive results to date. 

Stay with me because I'm almost done. I attempted to cut down the words but it's virtually impossible because I have so many great things to say….

I highly recommend DSC. 


It's very simple... the programs DSC offers work!

The diversity, family atmosphere, friendliness, attitude of the coaches and members plus the fun our group has during special events makes it number one in my book. 

No more excuses and no more wrong choices for me. 

Thank you to Matt and to all the coaches at DSC for everything you do for all the members of this club. 

It is truly a dynamic family here with very positive results to show all around!

- Mike

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