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How Jen shred fat by eating MORE!

DSC has been a piece of my life since Matt opened the doors years ago. 

I remember Matt and Renee being super supportive and the classes were challenging but achievable. 

Unfortunately, I was already a member of a local gym, less than 5 minutes from my house. 

I had two young kids at home and was functioning on little sleep, coffee and anything I could find to eat. 

Once my kids got older, I realized I was able to attend classes at my studio gym with minimal effort. My friend and workout partner, Julia felt the same.  

Throughout the years, we would stop in for a class at DSC here and there and we always loved the challenge. 

We talked about joining DSC for months and then finally took the plunge in October 2017. 

I have no regrets- well maybe that I didn’t join sooner! 

I quickly became a 5AM-er.  The energy and commitment of the 5am group is inspiring. 

After 3 months of progress around increasing weights and perfecting the evil burpee, I wasn’t seeing the payoff from all my hard work in the gym.  

I thought, “I eat healthy. I workout 6 days a week. I meal prep. Why hasn’t my body changed?

I talked with Matt about the nutrition program and he explained how it would be a great addition to my DSC workouts. 

He was right! 

In general, I learned I was a perpetual under-eater. 

Years ago, when I wanted to drop pounds, I would simply eat less and see a change on the scale. 

But that no longer worked. 

I wasn’t properly fueling my body for the daily workouts at DCS or recovering with nutrition and I wasn’t working out as hard as I could.  

I was also constantly letting go of my goals on the weekends.  

Once the Nutrition Group began, Beth and I worked together to create goals specific to my needs. 

Within the first few weeks, Beth gave clear feedback about what I was eating and how to adjust my nutrition to meet my goals. 

The hardest part was including more food- it was a big shift mentally for me. 

Not only did I eat more food, but more high-quality foods. 

We’re always told, eat less and you will lose weight. 

My nutrition coach Beth explained as I tried to lower and lower my calorie intake, my body literally went into starvation mode. 

My metabolism slowed down and I started holding on to fat. 

At the same time my workouts were suffering. 

I first wasn't getting enough food or the right foods to both give me the energy to workout as hard as I wanted to and improve my strength.

By eating the right foods and improving my workouts, I was actually able to burn more calories during and after my workouts. 

Secondly, I wasn't properly refueling to recover from my workouts and get ready for the next.

Once I started eating more through the guidance of Beth, I started fueling my body to burn fat, build muscle and improve my workouts.

Finally I started reducing my body fat and maximizing my daily workouts and I had let go of relying on the scale.  

Although I was a healthy eater, I changed many parts of my nutrition makeup using the nutrition program. 

Fueling my body before and after workouts has pushed me to places I never thought I could be! 

Working with nutrition coaches and all the gym trainers, I was able to reach my goal.  

I’ve lost over 2% body fat and gained over 2% muscle mass over the 8 week Nutrition Program. 

The weekly food logs, videos and emails were great support and a piece of accountability that I needed in order to be successful.  

I’m so grateful I took the leap and joined DSC and their Nutrition Program. 

It was one of the best decisions of my life!

I can’t wait to continue with the program and learn even more.  

Thank you DSC!

- Jen

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