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How I lost 85lbs!

Prior to DSC I had a few points in life when I exercised regularly, but it was always the same routine. It consisted of the amount of time I could bear to walk on a treadmill (which wasn’t long), and some weight machines. I would get some results but in the end I’d quit.  When life got busy the boredom and monotony of that kind of workout just couldn’t keep me motivated. In June of last year I started taking some group exercise classes at a local chain gym and they were more interesting than the treadmill, but I knew that there was something lacking. I had already lost a decent amount of weight but I was at a major plateau and I didn’t know what to do about it. 

I have always been afraid to push myself, afraid of getting injured or of burning out and quitting. I had a friend who has been a DSC member for years so it was on my radar, but it seemed to be out of my league.  Before the new year I saw an ad for the Women’s Group starting in January and it seemed accessible, like just the thing I needed to boost me to the next level in my fitness/weight loss effort. Before I walked in the door I was really scared, but after just a few minutes, while I was waiting, I texted my husband something like “I love the atmosphere here!” When we got started Renee put me completely at ease.  The workout was a challenge but it was so fun that I couldn’t wait to come back.   After three months in the women’s group I moved to the adult group. Renee’s encouragement moved me out of my comfort zone and the results have exceeded my expectations. 

Over the course of my personal fitness journey and the DSC Women's Group Training, I have lost a total of 85lbs!  The results are evident throughout my every day.

I am sometimes shocked at how strong I am and the things I’m able to do. I LOVE working out. I look forward to it every day.  Instead of finding excuses not to exercise, we even try to schedule our vacations around my workouts.  My hard work at DSC also keeps me focused on eating right.  

Anyone thinking of joining DSC should really just give it a try. I won’t say it’s not difficult. Some workouts feel like the hardest thing I’ve ever done but that makes the accomplishment even sweeter! The trainers are skilled and so encouraging.  I’m completely hooked on the environment and the results. I now could never imagine not doing this! 

Our Next Women's Group Starts in July!

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