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How I Lost 30lbs and Gained Serious Strength!

Before joining DSC, my workouts consisted of an hour of weight training with rest periods that were too long or a 3 mile run at the same pace.  

This resulted in only maintaining my weight but not improving my weight or fitness levels.

I was afraid to get started at Dynamic.

I thought I wouldn't stick with it, wouldn't be able to keep up with my peers in class and or get hurt.

My goals though outweighed my fears and I was tired of not getting the results I was after. 

I had inconsistent weight loss from my workouts, lack of noticeable results from my own training, my chronic back pain, my lack of fitness knowledge (beyond what one learns in the military and on their own)

I gave Dynamic a go with their Adult Group Training.

My first workout was very humbling and challenging! I LOVED it! 

I did a lot of exercises I've never done, used muscles I didn't know I had, and was motivated and pushed further than ever before! Much further than working out at home or at the traditional box gym.

My results: Beyond my most optimistic expectations! 

In six months I've lost 30lbs!

But I know I've gained some muscle weight. 

My overall body strength is as good as it's been since the military including areas I always neglected including legs (which i thought running took care of) and hips. 

Having toned up my legs and abs I learned that had significantly reduced my chronic lower back pain I've had the last few years due to being over weight. 

I stand and walk straighter and taller. 

I've had to replace all my pants twice since last august, my pullovers and sweatshirts are looser on me, and I feel my t-shirts differently now with my upper body being more solid and my abs and sides being flatter.

My advice:  show up! 

Your journey begins here. 

DSC doesn't offer a fad workout.

It offers a positive, fun,  and motivating experience facilitated by coaches who are educated, experienced, and helpful every moment you are here. 

Yes, it will feel very challenging, but only because the coaches and the functional-based exercises force your mind to convince your body that it can do more than it thinks. 

After only a few workouts you will start feeling better physically and mentally and will keep coming back knowing the progress doesn't stop. 

It pays to be a winner!

- Ross

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