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How DSC prepared me for D1 College Baseball

Dynamic provides a focused and constructive environment for me to improve upon my athleticism and become the best athlete I possibly can!

Prior to joining DSC, I had attended some baseball camps that incorporated some form of strength training. 

I soon recognized that in order to play baseball at the collegiate level, it was imperative for me to improve my strength. 

I dabbled with a membership at a local gym but I had no idea what I was doing and did not see any results after two months of attending regularly. 

Recognizing that I did not have the knowledge and there was a possibility of hurting myself, I joined DSC with a teammate. 

My goal was to become the best athlete I could possibly be in order to become the best baseball player I can be. 

My overall experience at DSC was constructive and interactive. 

I cannot speak highly enough of the coaches that I worked with!

They really work to establish a personal and working relationship with me. 

This helped me feel comfortable around the staff and able to communicate with them easier and more effectively when it came to my training. 

DSC recognized my needs as a baseball player and programmed specifically for my sport. 

This allowed me to develop my skills as a baseball player AND become a better athlete at the same time. 

My favorite part of the DSC is the environment created by the staff; there is never a dull moment at the gym. They are extremely welcoming and excited every time I walk in the door. 

The environment not only motivated me to workout there everyday, but also made it one of the better parts of my day. 

I have been training with DSC for over two years now and have seen dramatic results. 

I have gained a total of 23 pounds of muscle, while staying lean and athletic. 

What I am most excited about is the 8mph I've added to my fastball to hit 91mph!

I just finished my freshman season and was named to the Atlantic 10 Conference All-Rookie Team.

In my time at DSC, I have become more explosive and stronger in all facets of movement, improving my athleticism overall and baseball ability. 

My overall knowledge about how my body works and the preparation that needs to be done in order to compete at a high level has skyrocketed. 

Most importantly, DSC prepared me for the everyday grind of a College Baseball season. 

Playing a college sport at any level takes time and commitment, greater than what is required at a High School level. 

DSC not only physically and mentally prepared me for this challenge but also gave me the knowledge to be able to take care of my body, listen to it, and know when I need a off day. 

If you are an athlete there is no better place than Dynamic Strength and Conditioning to take your game to the next level, so why wait any longer?

- Joe 

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