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Give this Travel Workout a Try!

Do you have some upcoming travel but still looking to keep your workout momentum rolling?

Short on time, space, and/or equipment?

We've got you covered!

This is one quick and effective workout guaranteed to help you stay on track, shred fat, build muscle, and get a great sweat on no matter where you are!

All you need is 1 dumbbell (DB) and a bench.

Here is your workout!

Here is your workout format:

  • Start with 12 reps of each exercise 
  • If it's a one sided exercise like the 1-arm DB bench press, complete both sides before moving onto the next exercise
  • Once you complete each exercise in order, move down to 10 reps of the exercises
  • After that round, complete 8 reps of each exercise
  • Work your way all the way down to 2 reps of each, as fast as possible
  • As your reps go down, challenge yourself with heavier DBs

Enjoy! 😀

Master your technique below!

1| DB Goblet Squat

The goblet squat is a fantastic exercise that builds serious lower-body strength at your quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

It is also fantastic for increasing range-of-motion and mobility at your ankles, knees, hips. This is especially important if you’ve been sitting for long periods of time during your travels.

Holding the dumbbell in the goblet position allows you to overload your squat with extra resistance and helps engage your abs, keeping your spine and posture in a better position throughout. 

Key Points:

  • Start tall with your feet just outside shoulder width, toes pointed out slightly 
  • Keep DB pulled into chest with shoulders pulled back throughout
  • Initiate squat by bending at the knees, pushing them out, and sitting back and down into squat 
  • Maintain upright posture throughout
  • Once you’ve gone as low as possible with good posture, push through your feet and return to starting position 
  • Finish tall with abs braced and butt squeezed

2| 1-Arm DB Bench Press

The 1-arm DB bench press is a fantastic exercise that challenges not just your pressing strength, but your entire body!

It is great for building strength and muscle around your shoulders, chest, triceps, and grip. 

By holding the DB in just one side, as you lower and press the weight your abs and hips are forced to work to keep your body from rotating. 

Key Points:

  • Lay on back on bench with DB in one hand
  • Start with DB in top position, arm straight, with DB held at 45 degree angle
  • Have feet shoulder width with feet planted on the ground directly under your knees
  • Keeping body still, slowly lower DB just above arm pit level
  • Exhale and press DB back to top position
  • Keep abs tight and feet planted firmly on the floor to prevent body movement throughout

3| 1-DB Off-Set RFESS

The split-squat is one of our favorite lower-body exercises.

Like the goblet squat, the split squat is great for challenging lower-body strength and improving lower body mobility, with the added bonus of improving balance. 

The mobility gained from the split-squat is especially great for travelers as it targets the hip flexors which get the most stiff from sitting for long periods of time.

Key Points:

  • Start with DB in right hand, just in front of right hip
  • Place your right foot up on the bench behind you with just your shoelaces down on the bench
  • Walk your left foot out about 2-3 feet away from the bench
  • Maintain upright posture throughout
  • Keeping weight in left foot, slowly lower into lunge position
  • Go as low as possible without losing posture
  • Push through the front foot to return to starting positiong

4| 1-Arm DB Plank Row

The 1-arm DB plank row comes with all the benefits the as 1-arm press.

It is fantastic for challenging your core. 

It works your arms, shoulders, and grip as well.

It is also great for improving posture and balancing out the press as it works your very important upper-back and shoulder stabilizers with the row. 

Key Points:

  • Start in push-up position with feet slightly wider than hip width
  • Have 1 DB under one hand
  • Make sure hands are directly under your shoulders
  • Keep glutes squeezed and abs braced throughout
  • Without letting body (especially hips) move, row DB towards rib cage
  • Pull shoulder blade back toward your spine as you row
  • Stop when your upper arm is in-line with your torso and return to starting position

5| Straight Leg Sit-Up

You're going to love this ab exercise!

We like having the legs straight to take stress off your hips and place it directly onto your abs.

Embrace the soreness! 

Key Points:

  • Start on your back with your toes pulled to the ceiling
  • Have your arms straight with your finger tips reaching high
  • Think of driving your heels into the floor to keep feet still
  • Initiate movement by contracting abs and sitting up
  • Finish as tall as possible with arms straight overhead
  • Control movement down by using abs to slowly lower to starting position

6| Wideout Squat

Now it's time to really get that heart-rate up!

The wideout squat is a fast-paced exercise designed to get you moving a bit faster, burn some serious calories and shred some fat.

Remember that the reps on the wideout squat are x2. This means if you are on round 1 (12 reps) you are going to do 24 wideout squats. 

Key Points:

  • Start tall with feet under your hips
  • In one motion split feet just outside shoulder width as you drop into squat
  • Keep posture upright and feet flat
  • Quickly reverse motion by coming out of squat as quick as possible and brining legs back in

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