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For all the moms out there [4 ways to make YOUR health a priority]

Today's post comes from DSC Nutrition Coach, Beth Rioux.

Enjoy :) 

Women are taught that they should always put other people’s needs first. 

As a mother of 3 I know wholeheartedly how this feels. 

We make sure the housework is done, dinner is made, the kids are driven where they need to be.

When and if everyone's needs are met, and if by miracle there is anytime left in the day, then maybe we might sit and enjoy a few moments of relaxation at the end of the day. 

This ‘need’ of ours to take care of everyone else has left little time to take care of us. 

For many, this has been going on for years and we have completely forgotten about our own needs.

But did you know this approach leaves your health and wellbeing at risk and actually takes away from your ability to do your job as a mother?

My goal is to change that mentality forever.

I want mothers to feel their very best.

I want mothers to be strong, healthy, mentally sharp and not feel guilty about making time for themselves. 

Once you start feeling better, you will see it's impact on everything and everyone around you!

Today we cover 4 ways to make you and your health a priority.

1. To better care for others, you must take better care of yourself.

We often think we need to always care for others first and then worry about ourselves after, but that isn't how it should be.

As the airplane safety video says, “Put your own oxygen mask on first.” You can’t take care of others if you’re running out of air yourself.

If we are stressed, tired, and just plain out of shape, we get run down, and are likely to get sick more often. 

The last thing any of us want or need is to be sick and not be able to keep up with our daily tasks. 

The more stressed we are from trying to do everything, tends to leave us grumpy and irritable which isn't good for anyone!

You need to be the best version of you so you can take the best care of them!

2. Stop saying tomorrow, start today.

One of the things many of us do is put our health on the back burner. 

It is at the very bottom of our to do list. We say ‘oh i’ll start tomorrow, next week or next month.’ 

But do we ever start? Before we know it, 10 years have gone by and we have an extra 50 pounds, a list of medical problems, and no energy or drive to do anything about it.

You need to start TODAY!

Decide what is important to you and what you want to make your priority. Start by setting aside some time each day for you and only you. Take that time and get some physical exercise in, plan a healthy dinner and just take a moment to breathe.

Putting a workout schedule in place is a great way to get you moving, whether its going to the gym, taking a walk or playing a sport, just make a set schedule and you will be more likely to do it!

Meal prepping and planning are great tools to help us be prepared. 

Plan out your meals according to your week’s schedule and you won’t find yourself coming in from your son’s practice at 5:30pm with no dinner made..... which of course then leads to something quick and convenient and most times not the healthiest option.

3. There’s always something.

If your life is anything like mine then you probably feel pulled in a million different directions every day.

My resume’ should read.... taxi service, laundromat, cleaning lady, chef, and personal assistant just to name a few!

Kids in multiple sports that play year round, (never an off season), or never ending piles of laundry (I swear they must change 5 times a day!), and why does it seem like its always meal time, don’t forget the weekly “I need posterboard, for tomorrow”.......ugh!

It never ends!

There will always be a job, laundry, cooking, cleaning, kid’s activities, school or anything else that keeps you busy to do and come before your needs. There will never be the ‘perfect’ time to start putting yourself as a priority.

Stop waiting for a time when you have ‘nothing’ going on to start working on your health because most likely that time will never come.

Put your health at the top of your to do list. Make your own time, the other stuff will still be there. Your health is just as important!

4. Give yourself permission to accept help.

Us as women are extremely proud of how much we do for our loved ones. It gives us satisfaction and a sense of purpose.

We love to feel needed.
But we also feel utterly exhausted.

Women that work and try to manage a household, find that time can often feel very short. There simply is not enough time in the day...

And it’s not just the actual housework, meal preparation or kid’s activities that’s the issue. It’s all the attention, planning, and thinking that goes into holding down what amounts to two jobs.

We think that we need to take it all on ourselves. While men are beginning to help more at home, it’s reported that moms still spend twice as much time with their children vs dads. 

Not to mention all the other stuff we do. And that’s not to say that they don’t offer to help and do more at home, we just have a hard time accepting help or letting go.

You need to give yourself permission to ask for and accept help! And not feel guilty about it....

Once you are willing to do that you will be able to enjoy more of those activities that once left you exhausted!

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