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A Sneak Peek Inside our Newest Class [DSC Recharge]

We are very excited to announce the revealing of our newest class being offered  -- DSC Recharge!

Before we get into what our Recharge class is, it's benefits, and the reasoning behind it's addition to our schedule, let's talk recovery.

When you think of the word "recovery" what do you think of?

Recovering from an illness or injury?

Well our bodies work in a similar nature once our workout ends.

Did you know that exercise, although a good stress, is still stress on our bodies?

It damages and stiffens areas like our muscles & joints, depletes energy from our bodies, and can dehydrate us. This can cause soreness and fatigue. 

If we do not take the appropriate steps to recovering from this stress of working out we can continue to damage our muscles and joints, decrease our energy, increase our overall fatigue, and greatly increase our chance of injury and/or burnout. 

This is why it's easy feel run down the days following a hard workout. 

It is actually the time AFTER our workouts that is the most crucial to you benefiting most from your workouts.

Yes, you heard that correctly: just as important as the workout itself is your ability to recover from your workouts.

Various areas like your nutrition, sleep, stress levels, hydration, and mobility work all determine your ability to rebound stronger and more fit than when you started. 

This is where DSC Recharge comes in.

A full class dedicated to improve your body's recovery from workouts, increase flexibility & posture, increase your workout performance and keep you stronger and healthier than ever!

Ready to get started?

Let's get into the 5 key components of DSC Recharge!

You're going to ❤️ it! 

1| Workout Recovery

Have you felt sore and/or run down after a workout?

During our workouts we break down our muscles in order to build them back stronger. 

They become damaged, stiff, and sore as a result.

Various techniques in DSC Recharge will be used to release tension and promote proper recovery and healing. 

This can help bring tissues back to their normal resting length and also allow nutrients to be absorbed by the muscles for better recovery. 

Quicker recovery means higher levels of performance from workout to workout.

2| Injury Prevention

The best defense is a good offense.

When it comes to injury prevention, you must be proactive.

Research shows a well balanced exercise program, including stretching and strengthening, is one of the best way to decrease injury as well as everyday aches and pains.

Our Recharge Class is going to target common areas of injury.

These areas include your knees, hips, low-backs, shoulders, elbows and neck.

We will be using specific exercises to strengthen commonly weak areas and increase range-of-motion at typically stiff areas.

This will better align and strength your joints, taking stress off these areas and making them more durable, which leads to a decreased risk of injury.

3| Joint Mobility

If you don’t use It, you lose It!

This is very true for our joint mobility or the range-of-motion we have. 

Our bodies adapt to the specific demands we place upon it. For example, if we spend most of our days sitting, our posture and overall stiffness are going to change based on that.

Our shoulders start to slouch forward and our low-backs and hips stiffen from being stuck in a static position. 

We lose range-of-motion at our ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, and neck. 

If we don’t force our bodies to explore new and full ranges of motion, we will start to lose access to those areas. 

We become limited movers and lose our ability to move efficiently and freely.

Flexible muscles alone are important, but being flexible through movement is the real goal.

Our bodies, muscles, joints, and brains LOVE movement! 

Not only does it unlock joint mobility but it makes you feel great!

4| Muscle Balance and Posture

As stated earlier, our bodies are ever adapting machines.

If you overeat, you're going to put on weight.

If you start a running program, your endurance is going to improve.

This is also true for our posture. 

When we don't move as much our tissues become overly stiff, tacked down, and dehydrated. 

This stiffness causes our joints to begin to shift. 

Picture the computer posture.

From prolonged sitting, our bodies begin to negatively shift and stiffen.

Our chest tightens and pulls our shoulder forward, while the muscles that support and move our shoulder blades lengthen and weaken.

Our neck muscles stiffen and they pull our head forward.

Our hips get locked in flexion, decreasing your ability to move through your hips and place excessive stress on your low-back.

Your glutes lengthen and weaken.

As you can see some muscles stiffen and shorten while some lengthen and weaken, having a negative impact on our posture and muscle balance. 

DSC Recharge uses targeted exercises and movements to lengthen and relax commonly stiff areas like your neck, shoulders, and low-back. 

We then strengthen specific weak areas like your upper-back, abs, and glutes.

This helps improve alignment and posture, allowing you to stand taller and decrease aches and pains. 

5| Movement Practice

One area that we are very excited to add to DSC Recharge is our movement skills section of our classes. 

This will have two main focuses. 

1. We will introduce and apply new movements in order to achieve optimal movement and function.

Our goal is to move efficiently and pain free for many years. 

This will help unlock better overall movement, leading to better workouts and better, pain-free movement during your daily activities.

We want you to feel great in and outside of the gym!

2. For those looking to improve certain movements in the gym, you're going to love this aspect of DSC Recharge.

The second section of our movement skills is going to be dedicated to helping you improve your technique, position and strength in various movements like the squat, push-up, plank, chin-up, deadlift, and overhead press. 

We will be breaking down these movements to help you complete them more effectively and more safely, leading to better results!

Keep an eye out for the announcement date of our first session later this month! 

Ready to get started?

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