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5 Reasons Why DSC is the #1 Gym in N.H!

We have some exciting news! 😀

DSC was just voted the #1 gym in New Hampshire for the 2nd time this year! (Union Leader and Hippo Magazine) 🥇

We cannot thank you all enough!

We are so incredibly proud of our growing community here at DSC. 

So, what makes Dynamic Strength and Conditioning so unique?

Why have we been voted the #1 gym in N.H for several years in a row?

How have our members, many of which with no exercise background, come to DSC and completely transformed?

Today, we're going to take you through what makes DSC different and cover the 5 reasons why we're the #1 gym in N.H.

1| Support

Unfortunately when most of us think about getting into workout routine and improving our fitness a few thoughts come to mind:

  • Confusion
  • Anxiety
  • Competition
  • Embarrassment 
  • Frustration

We completely understand the feelings, anxiety, and worry that surround starting something new, especially a workout routine. 

"Am I going to look silly?"

"Am I going to be the most out of shape person there?"

"Will my current level of fitness hold me or others back in the class?"

We're on a MISSION here at DSC to change the gym experience forever.

We're here to remove those negative feelings and to create the most supportive and fun workout environment imaginable!

Over the years we've built quite a niche for helping people who are either brand new to exercise or those who haven't worked out in quite some time, get into a consistent workout routine and absolutely thrive!

We do that through incredible amounts of support from our coaches and community. 

You no longer need to do this on your own. 

The evidence is very clear. 

It is much easier to succeed when you have the comfort and support of people with similar goals.

There is a deep desire by our members to encourage each other to improve and celebrate even the smallest of victories.

We all have those days where we just aren't feeling it. 

Maybe it's tough to get to the gym or push through that last set. 

A solid support system does wonders to keep you accountable, consistent and committed, making reaching your goals much easier than going at it alone. This is one of the major reasons our members have such great success. 

Research has shown time after time that joining a group class or working out with a friend or spouse drastically increases your level of commitment, effort, and results. 

Not only is this support system going to increase your consistency but it is also a great way to make your workouts more fun and enjoyable!

2| Guidance

Here's a typical gym experience for a new member:

They sign-up. 

The employee gives them a tour of the gym and then they're left on their own.

Now what?

Excitement drops and confusion sets in. 

They're left alone to figure it out. 

The member probably hops on the treadmill, maybe lifts a few weights from a routine they saw in a magazine then calls it a day.

Two weeks later, their routine is boring and willpower runs out.

They're not sure what else to do at the gym and are now completely unmotivated and give up.

At DSC, you can think of our coaches as your health and fitness tour guides.

Before you even come in, your workout is all ready for you.

Our coaches are here and ready to guide you through every single step of your workout. 

Never done anything like our program before? Perfect!

Most of our members are brand new to our workouts.

Our coaches will slow things down, get you comfortable, and show step-by-step how to complete each movement.

You just follow along and have FUN!

Have some injuries or aches and pains you're worried about? Bad knees? Bad back or shoulder?

You're not alone! Most of our new members come to us with some kind of present or past injury.

Your tour guide coaches will help you work around that injury so you can still get a fantastic workout and progress toward your goals!

3| Environment

One thing you'll consistently hear DSC members talk about is our high-energy environment. 

A few months back we put out an article on improving your workout consistency and why most people struggle here.

The #1 reason they are inconsistent is they aren't having fun with their workouts.

When they aren't something people look forward too, it becomes easier and easier to skip.

Yes, your workouts can and should be FUN! 

Here at DSC we place such a big emphasis on our environment and creating a fun, welcoming, and extremely positive place for our member to come to.

We want our members to look forward to coming here.

Walk into DSC and our high-energy environment is something you can feel right away.

The music.

The laughter.

The smiles.

The support and effort.

The high-fives.

We have FUN! 

We believe your gym experience should be nothing short of having a blast!

4| Innovation

The worlds of health, nutrition, and fitness are ever changing. 

Science and research are constantly pushing the envelope to discover the best practices to help people improve their health and see results.

This is great news for our members as our coaches work very hard to stay on top of the not only the latest practices, but the best. 

We have invested heavily to bring our members the best tools for them to succeed at DSC.

This means we are constantly working to stay in the forefront of the latest nutritional science, technology, equipment, workouts, and coaching.

You can see this the very minute you walk into DSC as you'll notice a very different gym set-up. 

You won't see crowded rows of endless treadmills, bikes, and strength machines.

Instead, you'll see large open spaces great for allowing our members to move in a variety of directions.

We use a variety of equipment specifically designed to keep our members workouts fun/fresh and help them get stronger, shred fat, and feel their best.

5| Results

When your fitness experience combines support, guidance, a high-energy environment, and innovation you get INCREDIBLE RESULTS!

Before we get into the inspiring transformations below, it's important to note that most of these individuals had no prior fitness background or gym membership. 

They too were frustrated.

They were confused and unsupported.

The thought of joining a new gym made them extremely anxious and they were nervous their first day.

But, they stepped out of their comfort zone and trusted our team to guide and support them in reaching their health and fitness goals. 

Meet Dawn (down 88lbs!)

Meet Jeremy (down 100lbs!)

Meet Cheryl (down 45lbs!)

Meet Sara (down 50lbs!)

Meet Jeff (down 40lbs!)

Meet Deb (down 90lbs!)

Meet Kim (down 45lbs!)

Meet Colleen (down 40lbs!)

Meet Tim (down 31lbs!)

Meet Shelley (down 65lbs!)

Meet Donna (down 31lbs!)

Meet Christie (down 22lbs!)

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