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5 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Golf Game in the Gym

Kurtis West

Kurtis graduated from Lasell College in 2010 with a BS in Exercise Science...

Kurtis graduated from Lasell College in 2010 with a BS in Exercise Science...

Nov 17 6 minutes read

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There's a movement going on in the world of golf. 

Golfers everywhere are starting to see the benefits of taking care of their bodies in order to improve their game and feel great on and off the course. 

What if we told you that there are specific exercises and workouts all geared towards helping you hit the ball straighter, further and more consistently?

By improving your posture, how well and fast you can rotate, your strength and power, you can drastically improve your club path and speed. 

Today, we're going to get into our top 5 ways to improve your golf game in the gym. 

Enjoy :) 

1) Mobility & Rotation

There are many parts to the golf swing that play a big role in your swing and accuracy. 

The most important though, and often overlooked is your mobility. 

This refers to your ability to rotate -- especially through your hips, shoulders and upper back or thoracic spine.

When you cannot rotate well due to a lack of joint mobility, compensation occurs.

You lose club speed and distance to your shots and inconsistency significantly increases as you're more likely to cut across or pull the ball.

Having adequate mobility in the right areas will allow for:

  • Better hip and shoulder separation during backswing
  • An increase in rotational power and club speed
  • A more consistent club path
  • A decrease in knee, low back and elbow pain

Here are a couple of our favorite stretches and mobility drills for golfers to unlock better hip and shoulder rotation:

1| World's greatest stretch

2| Lateral Squat 

2) Strength

Strength might be the most misunderstood fitness quality in the world of golf. 

Here, we are not talking about building big, bulky slabs of muscle that will slow your swing down and restrict your rotation. 

Here we are talking strength in terms of force production. 

This is important because your strength is going to be the main controller of the velocity you generate with your club. 

Simply put, the stronger you are, the further you can hit the ball.

The great news is, there are specific exercises, done at certain speeds, that are great for getting you stronger without restricting motion and making you bulky. 

They train more of the nervous system, or your brains ability to turn on certain muscles rather than making the muscle much larger. 

Here is a few of our favorite strength exercises for golfers:

1| Push-up

2| Goblet Squat


3) Core Stability

Your core, also known as your trunk refers to everything but your hips, legs, arms and head. 

Almost every exercise we do at Dynamic incorporates some or all parts of the core because it is so vital in improving performance and reducing your risk of injury. 

To do this, we work mainly to train your core to hold position or resist motion as this is the main purpose of your core. 

During the golf swing the core plays a crucial role in transferring energy. 

The swing starts from the ground up as your legs and hips start to create motion.

Your hips work through internal and external rotation to create torque for your swing. 

The energy is then transferred to your core where if you're strong, no energy will be lost and it will be transferred to your shoulders, arms, hands and into the club. 

Simply put, if you want to hit the ball well, you need a very strong core. 

Here are a couple of our favorite core stability exercises for golfers

1| Plank (front and side)

2| Pallof Press

4) Power

To improve your club head speed and hit the ball further, you need to improve your power -- most importantly, rotationally. 

Power refers to the speed in which you are able to generate force. 

To increase power it is important to improve your overall strength and explosiveness. 

Our favorite tool for increasing our golfer's power is medicine ball drills. 

These exercises are designed to teach golfers how to generate more power and velocity by getting into the right positions, improving mobility and most importantly help golfers learn how to generate sharp, explosive rotation.

Here is our favorite power exercise for golfers:

1| Medicine ball scoop toss

5) Fitness

Fitness might be the most underappreciated quality for golfers. 

Most of us don't correlate golf with great fitness and endurance levels but we are here to tell you that it will have a huge impact on your game and how you feel. 

The golf swing can be a violent action that takes quite a bit of energy to produce. 

Do that over and over and over, through your round and fatigue starts to set in -- both physically and mentally. 

Improving your fitness levels with the right conditioning program will:

  • Decrease fatigue on the course
  • Play more consistent golf from the first to last hole
  • Decrease your risk of injury (especially low back and elbow)
  • Perform better in the gym -- leading to more strength and power
  • Improve overall health markers 

Here is one of our favorite exercises to improve your fitness:

1| Sled push

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