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4 Steps To Avoid Low-Back Pain

Research shows that 80% of the adult population will suffer from low-back pain at some point in their lives.

At DSC we certainly understand this. The first question we ask new members is about their injury history. Almost all of them mention something do with their low back hurting or being stiff.

The great news is, whether you're dealing with back pain now or have in the past, you can take incredibly impactful steps to prevent and improve you back discomfort. 

In fact, this is exactly why we've created a 4 step plan for members to both prevent and improve low-back pain. These 4 steps allow members to continue to work toward their fitness goals and make incredible progress without making things worse.

See here at DSC, we believe injury should never hold you back from reaching your fitness goals.

So what causes low-back pain?

Many people come to us thinking that their low back is not strong enough and they need back strengthening exercises. For the majority of individuals with back issues, this could not be further from the truth. 

For most, it is not that the low back is weak. The problem is that their backs are always active and working too hard. This causes your low-back to stiffen and in many cases, be in pain. You back doesn't need more work, your back needs a break.


Most people have what's known as an extended posture. Due to a number of reasons like excessive sitting and stress, our hips become stiff and our abdominals/core weakens. This imbalance causes our pelvis or hips to tilt down, pushing our lower spine forward. The result is excessive strain and stiffness through our low-back.

The question then becomes how do we improve our posture and core strength to ultimately stop our low backs from working so hard?

It is the combination of expert coaching to ensure our members are exercising with great technique as well as the 4 steps below that allows our members to have great success both avoiding and reducing low back pain.


1| Loosen Your Hips

2| Maintain Great Posture

3| Properly Brace Your Abs

4| Build Your Core Strength

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