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4 Fitness and Health Tips for Busy Men!

Exciting news here at DSC!

In just a few weeks, we are kicking off our 30-Day Jumpstart Program for Men.

We've taken our group workouts and online nutrition coaching program and have created one awesome program to help men get into a consistent workout routine, improve their energy, build muscle, and burn fat.

This the the very program that has helped men at DSC make their fitness and health a priority for the first time, get in the best shape of their lives and even help them feel like they're back in their 20's!

Members like Jeremy who started at DSC after a scare from the doctor to get his health under control. He was a busy business owner and father that never made time for himself.

He is now down over 100lbs since joining DSC.

And Tony who found it hard to motivate himself and make time to get healthy with a crazy busy work schedule.

He's now down 35lbs and 9 pant sizes and works out at DSC multiple times per week. 

And Kevin who tried to workout and lose weight on his own but couldn't stay consistent. 

He is now down 55lbs since joining DSC.

And Tim who because of his busy schedule of family and work, hadn't worked out in years. He started to put weight on and knew he needed to make his health a priority to have the energy to keep up with his kids and set a great example of health and fitness for them.

He is now working out multiple times per week at DSC and is down 25lbs!

You can probably relate to these men.

Busy schedules.




You name it.

These success stories and the hundreds and hundreds of men that workout at DSC started in the same place.

They hadn't worked out in a long time or maybe ever. 

Years went by and their weight went up, especially around their stomaches. 

Aches and pains increased. 

Muscle mass and strength decreased.

Their energy started to plummet.

Then they made a change.

Today I am going to share 5 incredibly helpful tips that have allowed our men at DSC to break the cycle and get into the best shape of their lives, even with the busiest of schedules!

1| Start Small

One of our biggest tips for men starting at DSC is to ease in to things.

Fitting health and fitness in an already jam-packed schedule can be tricky at first. 

Most of the new members who join DSC start with just a few times per week for that very reason.

It allows you to get started, not be overwhelmed and build a foundation to work off of.

Think about it. A few workouts a week is only 2-3 hours out of the 168 hour week. Seems pretty manageable.

Going from doing no workouts each week to trying to workout every day isn't going to be sustainable. 

Starting with just a couple workouts per week is how you get the ball rolling and start to build some great momentum.

Don't aim for perfection. Aim for progress. That is exactly what our biggest transformations did.

Start small with a few workouts that you schedule into your week. 

Before work. On your lunch break. After work. At home before the kids get up. It can even be 20 minutes to start.

Over time, these workouts become a habit and natural part of your week.

As your fitness improves and your body can handle a little more, you can slowly begin to add workout days.

2| Master the Foundational Exercises

One of the most crucial components to fitness success is learning and mastering the foundational exercises.

These are the core movements that we will cover in detail in the videos below. 

Having these movements dialed in will provide you a host of benefits.

First, it will provide structure to your workouts.

These are the movements that will make up the bulk of your workouts. Knowing them will help you structure your workouts like the one I am providing below. 

Once you know them, you can start to add variety to your workouts by changing things like the order of your exercises, the speed at which you do them, how many reps you do, and the equipment you use to do them with (ie - body-weight, kettlebell, dumbbell, etc.)

This will also allow you to exercise no matter where you are. At the gym, in the basement, while traveling, you name it!

Secondly, these are the foundational exercises that deliver the most bang-for-your-buck.

Unlike exercises like bicep curls, the basic movements build the most muscle and burn the most fat because they involve your entire body.

Don't have a ton of time to be in the gym? Don't waste your time with isolation exercises that focus on one body part.

Get the most out of your time and workouts with the exercises below. 

The Goblet Squat, Push-Up, 1-Arm Row, Plank, and Reverse Lunges.

Here's your sample workout:

Set a timer for 15-20 minutes.

Complete as many rounds as possible.

1) x10 Goblet Squats
2) x10 Push-Ups
3) x5/side 1-Arm Kettlebell or Dumbbell Row
4) :20 Plank (front and both sides)
5) x5/side Goblet Reverse Lunges

Learn how to complete each exercise below!

3| Focus on Building Strength

For aging men, muscle is the fountain of youth.

Muscle keeps you strong.

Muscle helps you workout harder.

Muscle helps you burn fat.

Muscle keeps males testosterone high, which starts to decline around the age of 40 and is the most important male hormone for health, longevity, and performance.

One mistake I see quite a bit is males shifting their workouts to only cardio based -- running, cycling, swimming, etc.

Although, cardio should make a up a good portion of your workouts, cardio-only training makes you better at cardio but that's about it!

Your body will actually start to burn it's own muscle for fuel to keep up. This a recipe for a weak, skinny-fat, dad-bod.

Focus half of your workouts on getting stronger with the exercises highlighted above.

Here are a few tips:

Keep the reps of each set somewhere between 5 and 15 reps. Anything more becomes muscular endurance.

Keep the weights heavy enough where you really feel the last few reps of each set. For example, if you are doing a set of 10 on the bench press, aim for a weight that you could get about 12 reps and no more. If you do a set of 10 reps but could have done 20, your weight is too light.

Aim to increase your weights a bit each week to continually get stronger and build muscle. This is one of the biggest mistakes men make is using the same weights over and over in their workouts. This won't add up to changes or progress. Keep pushing!

4| Improve Your Nutrition

"Exercise is king. Nutrition is queen. Put them together and you have a kingdom" - Jack LaLanne

One thing you've probably heard is that it's easier for men to lose weight than women.

I am not sure on the science behind how true that is, but the concept of losing weight isn't incredibly complicated when you boil it down.

To lose weight, we need to burn more calories than we take in through our nutrition.

So, we've started to move more. We are ready to rock and roll with a few workouts per week.

Now the next step is simple nutritional habits that will lead to not over or under-eating and making some incredible changes.

I am not going to say you need to eat salads at every meal because no one wants to do that.

With our Jumpstart Program we take a different approach.

Our job is to build simple daily habits that will help you ultimately eat less of the junk and more of the good, muscle-building, fat burning foods.

We work on areas like:

Planning your breakfasts and lunches, and snacks for the day

Drinking more water (and a little less alcohol)

What foods to eat before your workouts so you can get the most out of every exercises

What foods naturally increase testosterone

It's not some fad diet, because those don't work.

You're going to look better.

You're going to feel better.

And that is crucial for not only you but for those loved ones around you!

Are you ready to get started?

Our 30-Day Jumpstart Program for Men starts November 4th!

We only have 30 spots available so don't delay!

Click below to register! ⬇️

Join our 30-Day Jumpstart Program for Men!

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