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4 At-Home Ab Workouts You're going to LOVE!

So it's better looking, stronger abs you want?

We've got you covered today with 4 awesome ab workouts along with our 20 favorite ab exercises you can do right from home!

They involve little to no equipment and are dedicated to helping you build the abs of your dreams.

Before we get into your workouts and exercises, it's important to note the importance of abdominal strength.

Your abs includes the muscles that run from your rib cage to your spine and hips. Their main function is to resist movement. This means when they are strong, they work to stabilize and protect your spine from wear and tear as well as injury. So, although we all want better looking abs, strengthening them also has both a major function of injury prevention as well as improving the performance of your workouts. In other words, the stronger your abs are, the better your workouts and results will be, along with the more resistant you'll be to injury, especially at your low back.

Note: some exercises are shown using an exercise slider. You can substitute the slider for a towel or magazine on a surface like tile or hard wood or use a furniture mover on carpet. 

Let's get into your 20 at-home ab exercises:

Your At-Home Ab Workouts

Beginner's Ab Workout:

Complete each exercise for :20 and rest :40 before rotating to the next exercises. Complete each exercise in order and complete 3-4 rounds. 

  1. Front Plank (regular or kneeling)

  2. Side Plank (right side) (regular or kneeling)

  3. Side Plank (left side) (regular or kneeling)

  4. Crunches

Intermediate Ab Workout

Complete 10 reps of each exercise before moving right to the next exercise. Complete as many rounds of each exercise as possible in 8-12 minutes.

  1. Elbow Touches (each side)

  2. Side Plank Oblique (right) 

  3. Side Plank Oblique (left)

  4. Jack-Hammer

  5. Straight Leg Sit-Up

Advanced Ab Workout 1

Complete each exercise for :40 and rest :20 between exercises. Complete 3-5 rounds.

  1. In and Outs

  2. Plank Walk-Ups

  3. Seated Twist

  4. Leg Lowers

  5. Bear Crawl

Advanced Ab Workout 2

Complete each exercise for :40 and rest :20 between exercises. Complete 3-5 rounds.

  1. Plank Drag Through

  2. Atomics

  3. Heel Ups

  4. Flutter Kicks

  5. Superman Plank

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