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4 Benefits of Joining our Golf Performance Program

Kurtis West

Kurtis graduated from Lasell College in 2010 with a BS in Exercise Science...

Kurtis graduated from Lasell College in 2010 with a BS in Exercise Science...

Jun 28 5 minutes read

Ready to hit the ball further and straighter?

Ready to have your best golf season yet?

Join our Golf Performance Program today!

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There is a movement going on in the world of golf. 

Golfers everywhere are starting to see the benefits of taking care of their bodies in order to specifically improve their golf game and feel great both on and off the course. 

By improving your:

  • Posture
  • Flexibility
  • Hip and shoulder mobility and rotation 
  • Overall strength and power
  • Swing mechanics 
  • Fitness

you can drastically improve your golf game. 

Today we're going to get into the top 5 benefits of joining our Golf Performance Program!

Enjoy :) 

1| Individualization

No two individuals are the same. 

This is also true regarding the golf swing and it sets the foundation of how we design the training programs for each individual in our Golf Program. 

Some individuals come to us and they are very strong but overly stiff which restricts their ability to rotate and causes them to compensate through their swing. 

Some people come in overly flexible and need to improve their overall strength and power to hit the ball further. 

To find what each individual needs, we use the TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Golf Assessment.

This includes a series of screens which predict how well and efficiently you will hit the golf ball. 

We start our assessment by setting specific goals for your training and cover health and medical history. 

We then get into our screens that look at various mobility and flexibility restrictions and muscle imbalances that can negatively impact your golf swing, velocity and consistency.

Using this information, we then create an individualized training program that builds upon your strengths and attacks the areas that need work.

2| Distance and Consistency


Hitting a golf ball further and more consistently requires success in 4 main areas.

1) Mobility

Once we've completed your TPI screen it's time to get into your training. 

A main focus here will be improving your mobility. In other words, we are going to work on your ability to rotate, especially at your hips, upper back and shoulders.

Rotating well is crucial for not only hitting the ball further, but also straighter.

In your back swing, you need the right amount of hip and upper trunk dissociation. 

This means while your hips rotate one way, your truck rotates the other. 

This creates rotational torque which you will use to increase your club head speed. 

Without the ability to rotate well, you will be losing distance on your shots. 

2) Power

Power = force + velocity 

To improve the power of your swing, you need to both get stronger (force) and increase your explosiveness (velocity) in order to hit the ball further. 

To do this we start by improving strength with functional exercises like push-ups, planks, rows, squats and lunges.

We then train explosive power (how fast you can swing) with exercises like med ball rotational work and cable exercises. 

3) Repeatable swing mechanics 

Need help with your swing mechanics?

Constantly slicing?

Missing easy putts?

We have you covered. 

We have teamed up with Golf Pro and former PGA golfer, James Turner to provide golf swing analysis as part of our Golf Performance Program.

Working with James will help identify what areas of your swing you need work on, as well as what areas are your strengths, in order to maximize your potential as a golfer. 

4| Injury prevention (decrease in golf related aches an pains)

The golf swing is a very complex movement that requires the right amount of rotation, posture, strength, timing and mechanics.

Unfavorable changes to any of those areas can result in undue stress to one area of the body.

For example, having overly stiff hips can drastically decrease your ability to move through your hips during your swing.

If you cannot move through your hips, but need still need to rotate during your swing, the motion is going to come from somewhere and that somewhere is most likely going to come from your low back. 

This repeated twisting and shearing of your lower spine will result in pain and possible long-term injury. 

4| Fitness and Health

Our Golf Performance program is not only designed to improve your golf game... 

It is designed to improve your overall life. 

Our golfers are not only seeing lower scores on the course with our program, but also seeing:

  • Weight loss
  • Improvements in strength and flexibility
  • Increased energy levels
  • Decreased aches and pains
  • More endurance on the course

Join our Golf Performance Program today!

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Join our Golf Performance Program today!

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